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Letter to Pension Board From Descendants of Francis Ramsey and James Chasteen

Submitted by Joe W. Hardiman

"I found this two page letter in the Revolutionary War Pension file of, Nancy Chasteen, the widow of James Chasteen. Ancestors of James Chasteen and the Revolutionary War Soldier Francis Ramsey must have been chatting about their ancestors after a 4th of July Celebration in 1855. Ancestors of Francis Ramsey probably are not aware of this letter because it was filed with the records of James Chasteen. There was a very small notation in the archive records of Francis Ramsey referencing this letter.

"James Chasteen and Francis were privates. My first instinct was to chuckle at this request, but the request was based on real facts about the pension amounts of Calvary and Officers being higher than that of enlisted infantry. James Chasteen was a dragoon in the Calvary under Colonel Armand who reported to General Lafayette. James Chasteen began drawing his pension in 1818.

"Francis Ramsey was a 15 year old Drum Major under the command of Lighthorse Harry Lee. Lighthorse Lee had a very famous son named Robert E. Lee.

"The descendants of James Chasteen and Francis Ramsey never received the difference in the pay that could have been due their ancestors. Francis and James must not have known about the higher pay. These pension files had several interviews with these soldiers, but neither ever asked for anything other that the pension due an infantry private.

"Francis Ramsey was the brother of the Revolutionary War soldier Thomas Ramsey. Their brother James also served in the Revolutionary War. James Chasteen also had a brother in Rockcastle County, Jesse Shasteen, who served in the Revolutionary War. No pension file record has been found for Jesse.

"If anyone is able to better understand some of this script please feel free to identify where I made my mistakes."

File of Nancy Kennedy Chasteen:
(Page 1)

Honl Commissior of Mt Vernon, Rockcastle

Pensions, Washington DC County Ky 19 July 1855

Dear Sir

Francis Ramsey was a United States Revolutionary Pensionor in the County of Rockcastle and State of Kentucky at the rate of $100 per annum under act of Congress passed 15 May 1828. He died some time before 1842 when his widow was placed upon the pension list in the same county and at the same rate. His children only two now surviving states that Francis Ramsey was a Drum Major of infantry over two years. If that be the case him decd his widow was entitled to $108 per annum. If he belong to the Cavalry the pay was $124.50cts per annum thereby entitling the surviving heirs to the increase commencing 4th of March 1826 to the date the widow died. The heirs requested me to address you upon this subject, and should there be an increase due please give me the necessary information, the amount due, and how to proceed to recover for the heirs the amount due. You are referred to the appropriate Pn file in the Department. Your early reply to this will confer a favor upon the heirs and ???? me

. I Am Dear Sir

Very Respectfully, Alfred Smith


(Page 2)
Please inform me if a Drum Major is a Commissioned officer.

I am Dear Sir
Very Respectfully

Alfred Smith

Did Mrs Ramsey draw the same amount per annum her husband drew? If she did not is his children entitled to the ?residue? to make up the amount her husband drew togeather with the increase if there be any due.

James Chasteen was a pensioner of the United States under act of 18th March 1818 at $96 per annum in Rockcastle County Ky. His children thinks he was a Drum Major or an officer of some grade and they are thereby entitled to an increase of pension under act of 1828 and same 1832. Commencing the 4th March 1826 or the 4th March 1831. After the death of Chasteen which took place in Rockcastle County after 1836 and before 1842 possibly, his widow was placed upon the pension list while she resided in Rockcastle County Ky. You are respectfully referred to the papers on file in the department. Should you find an increase due the heirs or any money due them please state the amount due per annum and when the pay commenced and when it stopped. His widow died two or three years ago probably in 1849. Please give me full instructions

I am very much ?????? the heirs. Alfred Smith