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Below are latitudes and longitudes for various communities in Rockcastle County, courtesy of the USGS.

Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Bee Lick 371943N 0843010W Woodstock
Billows 371015N 0841748W Billows
Bloss 371259N 0842136W Billows
Boone 373103N 0841900W Berea
Brodhead 372415N 0842450W Brodhead
Burr 372031N 0841818W Mount Vernon
Climax 372811N 0841330W Johnetta
Conway 372840N 0842004W Wildie
Cooksburg 372320N 0841107W Johnetta
Disputanta 372918N 0841527W Wildie
Flat Rock 372139N 0841616W Mount Vernon
Goochland 372609N 0841113W Johnetta
Gum Sulphur 372537N 0842734W Brodhead
Hansford 371611N 0842212W Mount Vernon
Hummel 372347N 0841708W Wildie
Johnetta 372456N 0841131W Johnetta
Lamero 371803N 0840938W Livingston
Level Green 371652N 0842534W Maretburg
Livingston 371752N 0841254W Livingston
Luner 371408N 0841632W Billows
Maretburg 372119N 0842314W Maretburg
Mount Vernon 372110N 0842026W Mount Vernon
Mullins 372042N 0841338W Livingston
Orlando 372222N 0841605W Mount Vernon
Ottawa 372142N 0842722W Maretburg
Pine Hill 371946N 0841548W Mount Vernon
Pongo 371321N 0841923W Billows
Quail 371938N 0842717W Maretburg
Renfro Valley 372316N 0841954W Wildie
Roundstone 372618N 0841853W Wildie
Sand Springs 371749N 0842133W Mount Vernon
Sinks 372004N 0841401W Livingston
Spiro 372033N 0842359W Maretburg
Wabd 371848N 0842323W Maretburg
Wellhope 371858N 0841906W Mount Vernon
Wildie 372524N 0841808W Wildie
Willailla 371816N 0842747W Maretburg