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Books/CDs For Sale

High Grass Publications

300 W. Smith Valley Rd.
Greenwood, IN 46142-3032

Prepaid orders only, check or money order. No COD
Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.
Books are mailed when check clears bank.
To speed delivery, send a certified check or money order.
** Indiana residents: Don't forget to add 5% sales tax.

Title/Description Price
Rockcastle County, KY Cemetery Records
Nearly 20,000 names; 400 cemetery inventories with directions to each location. Indexed. 856 pages. Limited supply.
Rockcastle County, KY Marriage Records, 1858-1900, revised
All known official court marriage records (193 pp.). Appendix with photocopies of many original records and all attached notes (139 pp.). Every name indexed. 416 pages.
Rockcastle County, KY Marriage Solomnized by the Reverend Martin Owens, 1805-1907
Rev. Owens' hand-written records photocopied and transcribed. Includes known court record locations, spelling and name differences. Every named indexed. 56 pages.
Rockcastle County, KY Guardian's Bonds, 1857-1899 - Believed to be the oldest official court records to have survived the courthouse fires; photocopies of all existing bonds & hand-written notes; typed transcripts of all bonds & notes. Every name indexed. Total - 198 pages.
Rockcastle County, KY State Vital Statistics and Federal Census Mortality Schedules, Official Records from the 1800's - Marriage, birth, and death records for 1852 - 1859, 1874 - 1878 collected by the State of KY, plus Federal Census mortality schedules for the calendar year preceding June 30th, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880. Transcription errors in original records are noted and corrections suggested (one page of records had 43 errors). Every name indexed. Total - 339 pages.
Rockcastle County, KY 1900 Federal Census, Twelfth Census of the United States - Schedule 1 - Population. 321 pages.
Rockcastle County, KY 1910 Federal Census, Thirteenth Census of the United States - Schedule 1 - Population. 335 pages

Betty L. Haley

3118 High Meadows Drive
Abilene, TX 79605
Check or Money Orders

Title/Description Price
The Fight at Big Springs Cave in Rockcastle County, Kentucky - (An Investigation of the Haley Murder Trials 1859-1866), written by Jill Adami, Sue Green and Betty Haley
Revolutionary War papers for Barnabas Haley - transcription

Tax Lists on CD

Jeff Renner

Digitized tax lists for Knox, Laurel, Lincoln, and Rockcastle Counties.

The following tax lists have been digitized and placed on CD in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) documents so you can access the data on your home computer:

Pulaski County, 1799-1875
Rockcastle County, 1811-1875
Laurel County, 1827-1863
Lincoln County, 1787-1805
Knox County, 1800-1840
Births, Marriages & Deaths primarily 1852-1859 and 1874-1878 for Powell, Pulaski, Robertson, and Rockcastle

The cost varies depending upon which lists are ordered (the Rockcaslte collection is $17.00).

If you are interested in purchasing the CDs or have any questions, please click here..

Eastern Kentucky Genealogy Books

By Viola Slone-Justice-Wright

1. "Pioneers on the Levisa" (The James Sloan Story)
2. "Tangled Roots" (The William Justice Family)
3. "The Joel Wright Family"
Books are $50.00 each & $6.00 S&H

E-Mail: Viola Wright