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Summary of William Taylor Revolutionary War Pension File

Submitted by Joe W. Hardiman

October 26, 1832 - Rockcastle County, Kentucky
TAYLOR, William appeared before the Justices of the Court of Rockcastle County, age 74, this fall requests to benefit under the Act of Congress June 1832. He entered the service first in 1777 in Rockbridge State of Virginia where he joined the in the month of October as a private for three months in the company commanded by Capt Gray in the regiment of Col Bowyer. In this enlistment there was no regular battles but only some scrimmages. He marched in Virginia from Petersburg to Suffolk, then Jamestown thence to Richmond where he was discharged in 1778 by Captain Gray after serving out his time and has long since lost his discharge. He does not remember any regular officers except General CullenBrough under whose orders his regiment served.

In the year 1781 he was drafted in Rockbridge County, state of Virginia in the command of Capt Elliott in the line of Virginia in the regiment commanded by Col Fleming and Col Mafinit. He remembers that Mafinit lived in Augusta, VA and Fleming in Bolitoul Saimi state(?). William was marched from Rockbridge to Williamsburg and in to the siege of York and remained there until Lord Cornwallis was taken. After serving out his term of service for three months he was discharged by Capt Elliott at Williamsburg. He does remember General G Washington, General Lincoln and many others. He has no documentation that he knows of or person who can testify to his service.

William was born in Augusta County. He lived in Rockbridge County VA when he entered the service. He then lived in Augusta County again, back to Rockbridge, and then to Kentucky where has lived in Rockcastle County.

QUINN, John (An ordained preacher of the Gospel)

FISH, James - SMITH, William - COLYIN, John

All residents of Rockcastle County certify that we are well acquainted with William TAYLOR who has subscribed and sworn to the above declarations, that we believe him to be 74 year of age, and from his general good character as a man of truth we have no doubt he has been a solder of the Revolution and that his statement is true.

December 7, 1832 - Rockcastle County, Kentucky
TERRILL, James clerk of court of Rockcastle County certifies that court appearance for the pension request of William Taylor.

January 16, 1833 - Rockcastle County, Kentucky
TAYLOR, William certificate #4238 declaring him eligible for a pension of $20 per annum.

Arrears to 4 Sept 1830 $30 allowance ending 4 Mar 1833 $10

Total $40