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Obituary Images

Most of these image files are actual copies of the newspaper article.

Image Name Submitter
Anderson, Elbert Riley (Obit) Brenda Gail Rudd
Anderson, Elbert Riley (Memorium) Brenda Gail Rudd
Barnett, Charlie Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Charles Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Curt Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Dallas Ray Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Delphia Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Earl Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Farley Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Henry Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Jim Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Lee Roy Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Nellie Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Oscar Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Sherry Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Tom Jennifer Fish
Cameron, Preston Gary Thomas
Cornett, Neal Jennifer Fish
Cromer, Joseph Otto Linda J. Dykes
Cromer, Laura Virginia Linda J. Dykes
Cromer, Loucretia Linda J. Dykes
Cromer, Mona Beatric Linda J. Dykes
Cromer, Raymond Henry Linda J. Dykes
Denny, Sallie Jennifer Fish
Dixon, Rosaline Timmons Barbara Hutchens
Doan, Bob Linda J. Dykes
Doan, Hayes B. Linda J. Dykes
Halcomb, Charles Jr. Gary Thomas
Halcomb, Lewis Gary Thomas
Hamm, Ruby Brown Sharon Cato
Houston, Rose Belle Linda J. Dykes
Jordan, Charles H. Charles F. Seals
Jordan, Frank W. Charles F. Seals
Jordan, James A. Charles F. Seals
Kidwell, David Jennifer Fish
Maples, Casper Jennifer Fish
Maples, Sam Jennifer Fish
Martin, Lucille Charles F. Seals
Mink, Lissie Mae Linda J. Dykes
Mink, Sarah Barron Linda J. Dykes
Prather, Juanita Linda J. Dykes
Seals, Lafey Charles F. Seals
Seals, Maureen Charles F. Seals
Seals, William 'Bill' Charles F. Seals
Seals, William W. Charles F. Seals
Stone, Evalee Cromer Linda J. Dykes
Wolfe, James Henry Jennifer Fish