Bon Jellico, KY Schools
1962-1963 Student Rollcall (Last School Year)

     Teachers: Nannie Watson & Flora Chambers

Harold Ball Maxine Combs Ottis Lovitt
George Barton Betty Cornelius Evelyn McCreary
Charles Bray Ethel Davis Carol Ann Morgan
Garratt Bray James Davis Gayle Morgan
Lewis Bray Joyce Davis Jim Morgan
Ruth Bray Larry Hamlin Roy Morgan
Donald Bunch Roger Hamlin Henry Perry
Dorothy Bunch Margie Lawson James Roberts
Gail Bunch Martha Lawson Mary Faye Smith
Kathy Bunch Oley Lawson Park Smith
Patty Bunch Betty Lay Carol Sue Stamper
Ronald Bunch Coleman Lay Judy Tindle
Ann Jo Carr David Lay Richie Tindle
Gene Roy Carr Joyce Lay Walter Tindle
Gary Lee Childress Neva Lay Brenda Vanover
Wayne Childress Harold Leetindle Jackie Vanover
Barbra Combs Sharon Leetinndle Larry Vanover
Thelma Combs Barbara Sue Lovitt Phyllis Vanover
Roger Combs James Lovitt  


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