Bon Jellico Teachers

Row 1 (left to right): Carl Adkins, Grace Taylor Pemberton, Dora Lovitt Sharpe,
Nancy Brown Witt, Glenna Copeland Taylor
Row 2: Clifford Sharpe, Earl Lovitt, Minnie Chambers (hidden), E.N. Campbell, Raymond Lovitt
(Picture taken at the 1984 Bon Jellico Homecoming)

Bea Stiner West 1920  
J.B. Johnson, Sr. 1920  
Linny Gilreath Cornelius 1925  
Anna Laura Hogan 1926  
E.N. Campbell 1926  
Mary Calloway 1926  
L.M. Inman 1926  
Earl J. Lovitt 1926 $115.60
Flora J. Sullivan 1927  
McKinley Rains 1928  
Lillian Perkins 1928  
Stella F. Roaden 1929  
Minnie Lovitt 1929  
Virgil Lovitt 1931  
Ova Roaden    
Ethel Littrel 1931  
Alice Brandon 1931  
Myrtle Loudermilk 1932  
R.K. Perkins 1932  
Kathleen Van Winkle 1931 $54.51
Nancy Brown (Witt) 1935 $63.35
Raymond Lovett 1935 $72.55
Grace Taylor 1935 $67.30
Lavana Sharpe 1935 $61.10
Ruth H. Brown 1936 $65.85
Glenos Cox 1936 $58.00
Dora Lovett Sharpe 1936 $56.55
C.M. Sharpe 1937 $64.75
Darrel Jones 1938 $58.00
Carl Adkins 1940  
Clive Smith 1942  
Dessie Barton 1943  
Emma Moore 1943  
Elizabeth Jones    
Pleas Jones    
Thelma Chinn 1950  
Nannie Watson    
Flora Chambers 1960  
Lula Bolton    
R.W. (Bob) Croley    
A.A. Ridener    
Emylee Weaver Moore    
C.L. Fields    
Alice Harman    
Frank Davis    
Maude Foley    
Harrison Campbel    
Mary McCullah    
Joe McKeehan    
McGarvey Hill    
Rachael Tye    


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