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VOL. 8   JAN/FEB 2008




It is believed that all of the photos of stones that have been taken thus far have been posted to Find-a-Grave. One of our photographers, LINDA PETERS has moved to Florida and MIKE DENIS is in the process of moving from Casey County to Boyle County but will still be available to help with the photography when he gets settled. In fact, he reports that his new home has a cemetery in his back yard!

 In the meantime MIKE DENIS has photographed and posted the May-Maxey Cemetery in Casey County.

 If anyone wishes to join a group of us for photographing more cemeteries in Casey County we will be doing this project from May 23-31. There are good and not so good reasons for choosing this week. The good is that most of the cemeteries are mowed due to Memorial Day and it is early enough to not have the snake problem and heat to deal with. The bad thing about this week is that many of the stones are covered with flowers, which makes them more difficult to photograph. If interested please contact:

 The approximate count of what we have done thus far is: 200 cemeteries, 17,000 photos and 32,000 persons added to FAG.

 The photographs are being renamed from picture number to the people’s names in preparation of donation of disks to the Casey County Library. This is time consuming. The complete database with of all the photos is also being compiled. Hopefully, the photography, disks and database will be completed by early fall.

 Earlier in 2007 I received a disk with photos of the Hustonville Cemetery stones taken by STEPHEN ANDREW MYERS as mentioned in previous newsletters. I held onto the disk needing to obtain permission from him or his family to use the photos on Find-a-Grave. I was very excited when this permission was finally obtained in August, 2007. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I learned that there were about 6 photos on the disk that were not his photos but those of ROBERTA TAYLOR JONES. She requested that they be removed from the Find a Grave site, which was done. I want to apologize to her for using her photos unintentionally. The good news is that the rest of the Hustonville cemetery that was not yet photographed by Stephen will be done this Spring.

 Several of us have begun the BIG project of taking all of the information we have from the stones, obits, death certificates, etc. and linking them together into a giant family tree. It is estimated that this project will take 1-2 years to complete. Many people have contributed GEDCOM files to me and I have been incorporating them into the master but this too is time consuming because each entry must be made individually.

 At this time, the tree is “private” which means that the general public cannot view our work. It is available for viewing only by invitation. People who have contributed have access to it right now. At the conclusion of the project, the “tree” will be available for “public” viewing but “living” individuals will not be seen. If you would are willing to contribute photographs or stories of your Casey County ancestors and/or your family tree your contribution will be most welcome.

 Due to the fact that we are not currently adding new photos to Find a Grave, the next newsletter will not likely be published until May. 


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