Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Timothy Faith

Viola B. Faith

George Allen Fallis

Berry Farmer

Laverne Faughn

Margaret L. Faulkner

Mrs. George Fawks

Morgan P. Fears

Clara Fergason

Ruth Fewell

Cecilia Fields

Lydia Fields

Mary Fields

Susie Fields

Tom Fields

Warren Fields, Jr.

Walter Figg

Martha Fink

Minnie Black Fink

Maggie W. Finley

Gladys Finn

Paris Finney

Ray Finney

Alex Fisher

Cecil Scott Fisher

Dottie Fisher

Dottie Marie Fisher

Edna Fisher

Gary Wayne Fisher

Helen Fisher

James B. Fisher

John Fisher, Jr.

Lula Fisher

Pearl Fisher

Norvin Fitzgerald

Julia Flannigan

Loyce M. Flood

Mary Flood

Charles H. Floyd

George Floyd

Murry Floyd

Ernest Flynn

Roberta Foley

John C. Foree, Sr.

Sarah B. Foree

Virginia Foree

John S. Forquer

Jesse Fourbush

Gladys Mae Ford

Lelia Kemper Ford

Melvin Thomas Ford

Stanton Ford

Mrs. Stanton Ford

Augusta Foree

Eddie M. Foree

Elizabeth Foree

Elizabeth Jane Foree

Elmer Foree

Jesse Foree

Joe Foree, Jr.

Joseph Foree

Marion Foree

Melvin Foree

Robert Foree

Willie Sam Foree

L. G. Forquer

Olie Forquer

Mrs. J. Clifton Fort

Phyllis Fortner

Millie C. Frankel

Ernest Francis

Aline Frazier

Anna M. Frazier

Eunice Frazier

Forrest Frazier, Sr.

Frances Bailey Frazier

Henry Frazier

Leonard Frazier

Luna Frazier

Mary Frazier

Owen Frazier

Regina Frazier

Walter Frazier

Robert Freeman

George Fremd, Sr.

Lydia K. Fremd

Virginia Fremd

Michael Fridley

Austin Frost

Herman Frost

Willena Frost


Charlie Franklin, Sr.

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