Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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James H. Halcomb

Fay Hale

Alpha Hall

Bailey Hall

Beatrice Frazier Hall

Carrie Shouse Hall

Dudley Hall

Florida Hall

Floyd Hall

Hartwell Hall

Henry C. Hall

Howard Hall

James Hall, Sr.

John Hall

Lillian Hall

Lois Elaine Stivers Hall

Lorene Hall

Lucy Rucker Hall

T. J. Hall

Warren Hall

Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall

Aileen M. Hamilton

Dawn Hamilton

Dorothy Hamilton

Harney Hamilton

Joseph Hamilton

Julia Hamilton

Ellen Hammond

G. W. Hammond

Harold Hammond

Jennie S. Hammond

Johnston Hammond

Lorena Hammond

Mary Hammond

W. L. Hammond

Cornelius Hammonds

Mary Hamp

Inez Hance

Ralph Hance, Sr.

Roger (Clemmie) Hance

Joyce Hancock

Larry Hancock

Richard J. Hancock

Betty Handy

Charles Hanley

Lena Hanlon

Robert Hansen

Darlena Hardaway

Bess Hardesty

Susie Hardesty

Berry Hardin

Cora Hardin

David Hardin

Edward Hardin

Ella Purvis Hardin

Harry Lee Hardin

Katye L. Hardin

Leslie Hardin

Lilly W. Hardin

Mary Hardin

Milton Hardin

Olivene Hardin

Mahaley Harford

Edgar L. Harlan

Mabel Harlan

James Harlow

Jessie T. Harlow, Sr.

Pfc. Luther Harlow

Mary Harlow

Forrest L. Harmon

Hazel Harmon

John Harp

Patricia Batts Harp

Pauline T. Harp

Rena Harp

Sallie (Peggy) Moore Harp

William Harrison Harp

Anna Mae Harper

Isaffena Harper

William (Bill) Harper

Ruby Harrell

Alonzo Harris

John S. Harris

Laura Harris

Marjorie Harris

Owen Harris, Sr.

Thomas Harris

Tom Harris

William Harris, Sr.

Clarence Harrison

Willanna Harrison

Christine Graves Harrod

Elizabeth Long Harrod

Evan Harrod

Horace G. Harrod

Mrs. James Harrod

Katherine Harrod

LeCompte Harrod

Maggie Gilbert Harrod

Margaret Harrod

Margaret Harrod

Raymond Harrod

Russell Harrod

May M. Hartford

Mrs. Ben Hartman

C. C. Hartman

Frank Hartman

Julia Hartman

Minnie Hartman

Mrs. Ollie Hartman

Sue Miller Hartman

Ada Mae Harvey

Herman Harvey

Robert Harvey

Aaron Hatton

Luther Hatton

T. T. Hatton

Anna Hawkins

Dannie Hawkins, Jr.

Elnora Hawkins

Etta Hawkins

George M. Hawkins

George Hawkins

Henry B. Hawkins

Joseph O. Hawkins

Mary Kelly Hawkins

Maurice Hawkins

Maurice Lee “Smooth” Hawkins

Nancy Hawkins

Raymond Hawkins

Steven Duane Hawkins

William A. Hawkins

Alma Hayden

Anna Lee Hayden

Anita Hayden

Burnice Hayden

Lawrence Hayden

Levy Hayden

Lilly Hayden

Ludie Hayden

Mary S. Hayden

Nancy Hayden

Virgil Hayden

Marshall Haydon

Mary Hayes

Lynne Morris “Morrie” Haymond

Mahala Hays

Paul Hazelwood

John S. Heady

Leona Tandy Heath

Eunice Heaton

Gilbert Heaton

Laurinda J. Heaton

Leah Heaton

T. D. Heaton

Donald Heckman

Lester Hedges

Frank Hehl

Doris Heightchew

Gayle Heightchew

Harve Heightchew

Lora Heightchew

Opal Heightchew

Walter Hubert Heightchew

Helen Heilman

Leonard Heilman

Marion Heilman

Nellie S. Heilman

Paul Heilman

Sue Heilman

Margaret Heinz

Owen Heitzman, Sr.

Rebecca Heitzman

Addie Henderson

B. W. Henderson

Bobby Henderson

Dora Henderson

Dora Henderson

Fannie L. Henderson

James Henderson, Sr.

John Thomas Henderson

Phillip Henderson

Sue Henderson

Willie Henderson

James Hensley

Mildred Hensley

Charles Henson

Mrs. Lafe Henson

Martha Henson

William P. Henson

Maria Hernandez

Elizabeth Herndon

Horace T. Herndon

Larry Herndon

Raymond Lewis Herndon, Jr.

Charldeen Herr

Bobby Herrin

John R. Hicks

Robert Hicks

Samuel Hicks, Sr.

Maude Hieatt

Sallie Vories Hieatt

B. F. Hill

Elzie Hill

Horace (Ed) Hill

Horace Hill

Horace Hill

Mrs. M. J. Hill

Mrs. M. J. Hill

Richard H. Hill

William Hill

Angie Hoagland

Annabel Hoagland

Jerry Penn Hoagland, Sr.

John A. Hoagland

Peggy Hoagland

Roy C. Hoagland, Jr.

Jack Hobing

Raymond Hockensmith

Mary Hoffman

Ray Holbrook

Gayle Holcomb

Avery M. Holland

C. S. E. Holland

Mrs. W. A. (Eliza J.) Holland

Myrtle Holland

Julian Holleman

Barbara Holman

Earl Holmes, Sr.

J. D. Holmes

Lacie (Clark) Holmes

Leonard Gayle Holmes

Marshall Holmes

Richard R. Hood

Mary Simms Hopkins

Nora Mason Hopkins

William Hopkins

Judge Lysander Hord

Daphnie Deannie Stivers Horn

Thomas Horn

Richard Horne

Susan Hortenbury

Hazel M. Horton

Myrtle Bell Horton

Cora Hoskins

Rufus W. Hoskins

William Hoskins (Uncle Billy)

William Hoskins

Lillian Elston Hosley

Mary D. Houser

John Howard

Linda S. Howard

Polly Ann Howard

W. D. Howard

Charles Howse

Ella Howse

Chester Baird Hudson

Margaret Hudson

Alfred Huff

Doris Huff

Marvin Huff

Elizabeth Huffington

Anna Hughes

Connie Hughes

James Hughes

John B. Hughes

Shelby Hughes

Vivian Hughes

George Hugley

George Hugley

Dorothy Huisinga

Sallie C. Hukill

W. E. Hukill, Sr.

Jennie T. Hull

Lillie Hull

Gayle Hundley

Gayle Hundley

Mrs. Janie Hundley

Louella R. Hundley

Pfc. Prentice Edward Hundley

Horace Hunt

Ben O. Hunter

Chester Hunter

Shirlene Hunter

William Hunter

David Husband

Thomas Husband

Linda Hutcherson