Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Sherry Kaelin

Larry Wayne Kaltofen

Effie Kalusy

Mary Jane Kalusy

Dr. J. L. Karnes

Clara Young Karr

Dorothy Evelyn Douthitt Kavanaugh

Robert Kavanaugh

Glenda Kays

Landry Kays, Jr.

Martha Kays

Anna Keaton

Mack Keaton

Andrew J. Keenan

Edwin Keller, Jr.

Amster Kelley

Bobie Kelley

Charles Kelley

Dawayne Kelly

Dorothy Kelly

Estell Kelley

Eugene Shelby Kelley

Francis Kelly

George William Kelley

Glynn W. Kelley

James Kelley

Jonathan James Kelly

Laura T. Kelley

Lawrence Kelley

Leonard Kelley

Lester Kelley

Lucy Kelley

Agnes Kelly

Cantrall Kelly

Margaret Kelly

Mary Kelly

Maude T. Kelley

Nannie Kelley

Nellie Jean Kelly

Patricia Kelly

Sarah E. Kelly

Sylvia Kelley

Tressie Kelly

William H. Kelley

William Kelley

Charles Kemble, Jr.

Elizabeth Kemp

Larry Kemp

Lula Kemp

Ronald Kemp

William H. Kemp

Betty Kemper

Leonard Kemper

Lyle Kemper, Jr.

Obie Lee Kemper

Sallie “Mrs. Herman” Kemper

Virginia Kemper

William Kemper

Jane Kendall

Lenora Kener

Samuel G. Kennedy

Nick Kenney

Albert Kephart

Glenna Kephart

James L. “Jimmie” Kephart

Mary E. Kephart

Mary E. Kephart


Matthew Kephart

Mattie Johnston Kephart

Percy Kephart

Warren Thomas Kephart

Wylanna Kephart

Zola Kephart

Bobby Kidwell

Donald Kidwell

Ed Kidwell

Ed Kidwell

Ethel L. Kidwell

Jewell Kidwell

Joe Kidwell

Joe S. Kidwell, Jr.

Lewis Kidwell

Robert Kidwell

Ronnie G. Kidwell

Ronnie Glenn Kidwell

Ruby Kidwell

William Kidwell

Winnie Kidwell

Winnie Kidwell

Brenda Kiefer

Joshua Wesley Kimberlin

Mattie M. Kimbrough

Blanche N. Kincaid

Ellie Kincaid

Sue Coons Kindred

Albert Curtis King

Allie King

Birdie King

David King

Freda King

Harry King

Janna Lee King

Jerry King

Kelsey King

Mark King

Mary King

Robert King, Jr.

Susan King

Thomas King

Frank Kingston

Laura Kinley

Frances Kinser

Bobby Kinslow

Charles F. Kinslow

Rebecca Kirby

Lee Kirkpatrick

Rusty Kiser

Earl Kistner

Gertrude Kistner

Annie Kitson

Berry Kitson

N. J. Koenigstein

Martha Konfrst

Thomas Konfrst 

Hannah Knight

James Knight, Sr.

James W. Knight

Wesley Knight

Charles R. Knox

Adeline Knust

Robert Koch

William A. Kopp

Mabel Krahulec

Gladys Kranz

Lillie Krebs

Lawrence C. Kyle