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Hopkins County Death Records

While registration did not officially begin until 1911, there were a few
pre-1911 death certificates filed and they are included here.

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Record of ../deaths Compiled by Vergia Burton
Selected Death Certificates
Area Funeral Homes
Estate Administrations, 1826-1829
Search the SSDI at RootsWeb
Hopkins County KyGenWeb Archives
KyGenWeb state Archives

Kentucky Death Records
Search the entire, up-to-date Kentucky death database,
1911-2001 at RootsWeb userdb.

This one is searchable by many more fields. It has soundex and metaphone searching (if you've never tried metaphone, you should!) There is no maximum limit to the number of results. Search Hopkins county or entire state. This is the same records presented above.

Last Name
First Name
Place of Death

Kentucky Vital Records Project

The KYGenWeb Project's latest addition to our "Special Collections" of research references for those with Kentucky roots

What began as a "dream" of 3 of us involved with the KYGenWeb Project and the KYGenWeb Archives, a centralized collection of Kentucky birth, marriage and death records, is now available in the first stages for Kentucky researchers. Currently, the browsable index lists all of the ../deaths in the KY Death Index (1911-1999).

We are in the process of adding digital images and transcriptions of actual death certificates. These digital images and transcriptions will be linked to the browsable index as they are added to the collection. Records for this project will be a combination of researcher-contributed records and a coordinated extraction program so we can get them up as quickly as possible. We will begin adding birth records about 15 April 2004 and marriage records about 1 June 2004. As these records are added, they will also be linked to the index. (NOTE: Birth records will only be added for persons born before the year 1854, unless proof of death is provided. We want to ensure that the privacy and safety of living individuals is not compromised.)

The browsable index will be a great help to KY researchers by itself, as you'll be able to search for those "creative" spellings that all of us have been blessed (or cursed) with. Tens of thousands of corrections have already been made to the original index. Corrections from site visitors are encouraged. As corrected or additional information is received on any of the records, it will be incorporated into the index for the benefit of future site visitors. In addition to the browsable index, be sure to check out the site search engine, as it will pick up additional information in the transcriptions (most importantly, parents' and spouse's names, if given).

We invite everyone to stop in and check out this newest addition. Our hope is that you'll find some "treasures" here and that you'll then share your collections so that others can find theirs too.

The Browning Genealogy Database
in Evansville, Ind. From their homepage:

"The Browning Genealogy Database is the lifetime work of Charles Browning, who compiled the obituary records of Vanderburgh County and surrounding southwestern Indiana from the Evansville newspapers: The Evansville Courier, The Evansville Press, and now The Evansville Courier and Press.

Information on each deceased person listed in the database includes fifteen categories, encompassing age, date of death, survivors, funeral information, cemetery, occupation, and activities. This attention to detail provides a vital community resource and source for genealogical research."

This database includes numerous individuals with ties to Hopkins County. Be sure to check it out.

Vital Search

This is the same database that was taken offline some time back. Search KY Birth index (1911-2000), KY Death index (1911-2000) and KY Marriages (1973-2000). All of the databases for KY are free. The site does have several advertisements, including a prominent one for Net Detective, but membership in Net Detective is NOT required to access the info.

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