November 2003

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Volume 03 : Issue 179
Today's Topics:
	OBIT: James Roscoe DeWeese, 1976, Barren Co. & MO
	OBIT: Andrew T. Bartlett, 1966, Barren Co.
	OBIT: Annie Emmert, 1966, Barren & Monroe Co.
	OBIT: Cloteel Owen England, 1980, Barren Co.
	OBIT: Eloise Johnson, 1982, Barren Co. 
	OBIT: Eva Mae Greer, 1982, Barren Co. & FL
	OBIT: George Maggard, 1930, Barren Co. 
	OBIT: Harold Heying, 2003, Barren Co. & SD
	OBIT: Hattie Siddens, 1993, Barren Co. 
	OBIT: Jerry Bowman, 1982, Warren Co.
	OBIT: James M. Piercy, 1965, Barren Co. & IA
	OBIT: John Lewis Compton, 1976, Metcalfe Co.
	OBIT: John Smith, 1909, Barren Co.
	OBIT: Larry Gene Boucher, 1981, Metcalfe Co.
	OBIT: Lena Poynter Embry, 1981, Barren Co. 
	OBIT: Leonard Matthews, 1981, Barren Co. & IN
	OBIT: Letitia Mansfield, Barren Co. 
	OBIT: Louise Christie Toomey, 2002, Boyle & Warren Co.
	OBIT: Louise Christie Toomey, 2002, Boyle & Warren Co. & WV 
	OBIT: Louise Conatser Wilson, 2002, Lincoln & Woodford Co. 
	OBIT: Margaret Frances Bennett, 1981, Barren Co.
	OBIT: Matthew Blazejewski, 1981, Barren Co. & TN
	OBIT: Michael Dewey Steenbergen, 2003, Barren Co. & NC
	OBIT: Myrtie Davis, 1980, Monroe Co.

11/30/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 178 Today's Topics: OBIT: William Humphrey, 1981, Barren Co. & FL OBIT: William Johnson, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: William Oreal Withers, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: William Perry Vancil, 2002, Boyle Co. & IL OBIT: Viola Castile, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Violet W. Wells, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Virgil Lee Fields, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Wallace Glen Wilkinson,[Gov.] 2002, Casey & Fayette Co. OBIT: Walter E. Tisdale, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Grace Kinslow, 1982, Edmonson Co. OBIT: Unie Carder, 1980, Edmonson Co. OBIT: Violet Hornback, 1980, Edmonson Co. OBIT: Zula Opal Davis, 1982, Edmonson Co. OBIT: Albert Brewster, 2003, Barren & Cumberland Co. OBIT: Ralph Vernon Groce, 2003, Cumberland & Hart Co. OBIT: Regina Aaron Thompson, 2003, Cumberland & Monroe Co. DEED: Carter, Allen, Stone, Esken to Chilton, 1848, Cumberland Co.
11/29/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 177 Today's Topics: OBIT: Ina Phillips Watkins, 2002, Lincoln & Mercer Co. OBIT: J.W. Settle, 1914 Barren Co. OBIT: James C. Greene, 1981, Barren Co. & WA OBIT: James Vernon Wesley, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Jesse Jolly, 2003, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Lena Harpst, 1980, Barren Co. & TX OBIT: Jenny Murley, 1976, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Danny Rossetter, 1976, Metcalfe Co. & TN OBIT: Beulah Dillard, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Billy Ray Brown, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Billy Taylor, Metcalfe & Monroe Co. OBIT: C.L. Young, 1975, Barren Co. OBIT: C.M. Metcalfe, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Carl Nuckols, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Carmelita Turner, 2003, Barren Co. & TX OBIT: Carson Glen Capps, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Clara Mae Smith, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Clarence Hunt, 1982, Monroe Co. OBIT: Cloe Bradshaw, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Cora Mae Gill, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Edna Groce, 1975, Barren Co. OBIT: Wm. Earl Henry, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: William Edward Wilson 1982, Warren Co. OBIT: William Geralds, 1982, Metcalfe Co. & TX OBIT: William Green, 1976, Barren Co.
11/28/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 176 Today's Topics: OBIT: Hildegard Mathilde Wright, 2002, Mercer Co. DEED: Barlow to Bush, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Ester, ROberds & Morgan to Blankenship, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Marshall to Philpot, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Rogers and Chapline, 1814, Barren & Mercer Co. DEED: Winn to Snead, 1814, Barren Co. MARRIAGE: Harlow to Hawkins, 1909, Barren Co. OBIT: Charles Earl Whitis, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Alexander Hance, 1980, Monroe Co. OBIT: Alfred E. Smith, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Cheyanne Payne, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Betty E. Logsdon, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Beulah Aper, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Dicie Pedigo, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Edward Compton, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Edwin Waits, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Frances Alois Vanhook, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Frances Cox VanArsdale, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Fred Fentress, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: George Edward Withers, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Geneva McGlasson, 2003, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Hazel Francisco Vanover, 2002, Lincoln & Pike Co. OBIT: Helen Bastien, 1966, Barren Co. OBIT: Henry T. Tooley, 1980, Monroe Co.
11/28/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 175 Today's Topics: OBIT: Mary W. Goff, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Maxie Walden, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Murrel Grider, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Myrtie Thomas, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Neal Kendal Jewell, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Pearl Johnson, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Ray Francis, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Robert Eugene Thornton, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Robert Randall Frankum, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Roger M. Riddle, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Stanley S. Murray, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Terrell Coffey, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Thelma Lee Grider, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Willie Lewis Reed, 1976, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: Woodrow Coats, 1976, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: Wyman Gentry, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT:Grace Stallings Bell, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT:James D. Grinstead, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT:Jessie Ray Mansfield, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT:MItchell Sherfey, 1980, Barren Co. & FL OBIT:Sanford Barbour, Sr., 1978, Barren Co. & IN DEED: Woodson to Ritter, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Ora Riley Hatcher, 1974, Barren Co.
11/27/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 174 Today's Topics: OBIT: Laura W. Barbour, 1972, Barren & Hardin Co. OBIT: Leon Benedict, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Leona Smith, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Loppy Forbes, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lucille Story Peers, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary Virginia Compton, 1980, Barren Co.
11/26/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 173 Today's Topics: OBIT: J.S. Bohannon, 1897, Hart Co., IN & VA OBIT: Jesse Wilson Elliott, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: John H. Mattingly, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Josh Martin, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Matilda Bradley, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Robert Bostic, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Robert Brewer, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Roy C. Biggs, 2003, Hart Co. & IL OBIT: Ruby Belle Wilson, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Smith Barlow, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Stanley Beck, 1937, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT:Bonnie Tucker, 1980, Hart Co. DEED: Wade to Jones, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Young to Wood, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Corine Branstetter, 2003, Hart & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Isaac V. Gregory, 1897, Hardin & Monroe Co.
11/25/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 172 Today's Topics: OBIT: Verlon Robertson, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Homer Harland Stewart, 1976, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: George B. Steenbergen, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Milton C. Stumpf, 2002, Mercer Co. & OH OBIT: Pauline Welch Givins, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Jewell Harlan Jordan, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Mable Wilson, 2003, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Ruth Jones Campbell, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Margaret Slack Holman, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Flossie Wood, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Renfro, 1976, Barren Co. DEED: Riley to Maxey, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Shipley to Hains, 1814, Barren Co. DEATH CERT: Nancy Jo Ann Jewell, 1929, Hart & Monroe Co. NEWS: Tornado Damage, 1933, Bell Co. & TN OBIT: Ann Buford, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Dudley Bolton, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Carl Baske, 2002, Hart Co. & IN OBIT: Howard Browning, 2002, Hart Co. & WV OBIT: Hubert Monroe, 1976, Barren Co.
11/25/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 171 Today's Topics: NEWS: Wanted For Robbery; 1930 McCracken Co. OBIT: Herbert Burris, 2003, Adair & Metcalfe Co. DEED: Dickinson to Culp, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Foster to Brown, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Goodwin to Waggoner, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Clarage Froggett, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Donald Lee Bertram, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Dora Alma Edwards, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Edith Spencer, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Ella Jewell Hawks, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Ernest M. Smith, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Fleeta Shirley, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Ernest Porter Bush, 1980, Barren Co.
11/24/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 170 Today's Topics: DEATH CERT: Willburn W. Curry, 1917, Green Co. DEATH CERT:Robert W. Davis, 1918, Green Co. DEED: Buford to Jordan, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Chapman to Cook, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Cook to Fortner, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Bernice L. Stephenson, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Anna Mae Dalton, 1980, Barren & Daviess Co. OBIT: Chester Herbert Smith, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Charlie Thomas Emmitt, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Edna Marie Dodson, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Edwin Davidson, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Frebert Virgil Thompson, 2002, Fayette & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Hazel Frances Strevels, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Hazel Frances Strevels, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: James Brents, 1980, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Mildred Florence Stratton, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Joewel Campbell, 2003, Barren & Warren Co. OBIT: Dova Kinslow, 1976, Barren Co. DEED: Young to Pursley, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Joe McGuire, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Kenneth Sidwell, 2003, Barren Co. & TN OBIT: John Sam Cheatham, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Jessie Lester Hampton, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Stella Hurt, 2003, Barren Co.
11/23/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 169 Today's Topics: OBIT: Owen Springate, 2002, Jefferson & Mercer Co. OBIT: James Freeman Stamper, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: William F. Stearman, 2002, Boyle & Green Co.
11/22/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 168 Today's Topics: DEATH CERT: Rebecca Haseltine Judd, 1928, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Thomas W. Handy, 1911, Green Co. DEED: Allen, Wm to Allen, John 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Allen to Warren, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Bird to Chapman, 1814, Barren Co. DEED: Chapman to Adair, 1814, Barren & Warren Co. DEED: Hudson to Mayfield, 1814, Barren & Fayette Co. DEED: Newell to Bird, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Audrey Kenneth Claywell, 2003, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Audrey Kenneth Claywell, 2003, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Billy Joe Owens, 2003, Adair & Barren Co. OBIT: Carlie B. Thomas, 1976, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: David Thomas Anderson, 2003, Barren Co., AL & WV OBIT: Cary Powell, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Della Mae Akers, 1980, Barren Co. & FL BIO: Andrew Campbell, b. 1806, Whitley Co. OBIT: Edith Jane Money, 2002, Casey & Whitley Co. OBIT: Wallace Reid Roy, 2002, Casey & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Raymond M. Phillips, 2002, Boyle & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Raymond Morris Phillips, 2002, Boyle & Pulaski Co. OBIT: James Donald Smiley, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Bertha M. Smith, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Henry Clay Smith, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Elmer Delano Solomon 2002, Fayette & Kenton Co.
11/22/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 167 Today's Topics: Civil War Pension Application; Jonas R. Warner, 1890, Bath, Montgomery, Nicholas Co OBITS Nicholas Co., KY newspaper, 2003 OBIT; Romie D. Wyatt, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Willard Raymond Compton, 2003, Barren Co. DEED: Dooly to Wade, 1814, Barren & Woodford Co. DEED: Frank to Culp, 1814, Barren Co. OBIT: Leon Poore, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Barbara Brown Wood, 2003, Barren Co. & MS
11/18/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 166 Today's Topics: DEATH CERT: Rachel J. Judd, 1924, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Rachel Handy, 1912, Green Co. OBIT: Ann Dickson, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Daisy Norman, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Dossie Houchens, 2003, Barren Co. & TN OBIT: Herbert C. Bowles, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: James Raymond Pickett, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Jimmie B. Neal, 1980, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Joe Beasley, 1980, Jefferson & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lesley Ann Childers, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Flaunda Slinker, 1980, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: Mildred Moore, 1980, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Pallie Beckner, 1978, Barren & Warren Co. OBIT: Paul Clifton Elmore, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Matilda Young, 1977, Henderson & Whitley Co. OBIT: Reuben Bowles, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Reuben Bowles, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Zelma Hunt, 2003, Allen & Barren Co. OBIT: Runnell Shirley, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Vera Pedigo, 2003, Adair & Barren Co.
11/16/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 165 Today's Topics: DEATH CERT: James P. Brown, 1922, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Mary Wood Judd, 1925, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Susan Judd, 1925, Green Co. OBIT: Edward Clark, 1976, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Loppy Forbes, Metcalfe Co., 1980 OBIT: Jennie Christine Atkins, 1976, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Laura Perkins, 1896, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lizzie Sandidge, 2002, Boyle & Marion Co. OBIT: Jasper Jacob Schaible Jr., 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Tammy Wilson Schooling, 2002, Boyle & Casey Co. OBIT: Rosa Anna Scott, 2002, Boyle & Shelby Co. OBIT: Chester Allen Sebastian, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Mary Glenn McChord Shearer 2002, Boyle & Fayette Co. OBIT: James R. Sizemore, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Bertha M. Smith, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Lucy Jane Ausmus Smith, 2002, Rockcastle Co. OBIT: Elmer Delano Solomon, 2002, Fayette & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Owen Springate, 2002, Jefferson & Mercer Co. OBIT: William F. Stearman, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Ina Bea Phillps Watkins, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Rollin M. Wilson, 2002, Boone, Casey & Russell Co. OBIT: Hazel Della Turner, 2002, Garrard & Jackson Co. OBIT: Clarence Ellison, 1976, Whitley Co. NEWS: Miners Strike, 1894. Daviess Co. & TN
11/15/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 164 Today's Topics: OBIT: Lizzie Davis, 1981, Barren & Hart Co. & IN OBIT: Louise Jones Hulsey, 2003, Hart Co. & TN OBIT: Sheila Pennington, 1982, Hart Co. OBIT: Vashti Cottrell, 1982, Hart Co. OBIT: Virginia Clark, 1980, Hart Co. OBIT: Frank Wells Powell, 2002, Lincoln Co. & TN OBIT: Katherine Knight Nichols 2002, Boyle Co. & TN OBIT: Kathryn Price Quinn, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Ronald Cornell Raines, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Mary Brown Ramsey, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Holtzclaw Reeves, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Robert Reynolds 2002, Boyle & Washington Co. OBIT: Mayola Richardson, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Alvin Robison 2002, Adair, Mercer & Taylor Co. OBIT: Frances Brown Rowzee, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Geneva Sanders, 2002, Boyle Co. & France OBIT: Betty Rose Sanders, 2002, Casey & Russell Co. OBIT: James Donald Smiley, 2002, Boyle & Casey Co. OBIT: Ruby Mae Smith, 2002, Boyle & Mercer Co. BIBLE: Giles Family, 1885, Floyd Co. & OK OBIT: Charlotta Temple May, 1911, Floyd Co. & OK
11/14/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 163 Today's Topics: OBIT: 12Sep2003, Nicholas Co., KY OBIT: Alma Craine, 2003, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Betty Philpott, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: David Logsdon, 2003, Barren, Hart & Hardin Co. OBIT: Dorris Copas Mings, 2003, Allen, Hart & Monroe Co. OBIT: Elva Mae Waddle Smith, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: George Cahoe, 2003, Barren & Hart Co. OBIT: Jane Gragson, 2003, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Julia Ann Cross, 1981, Barren & Hart Co. & IN OBIT: Laura Lucinda Dorsey, 2003, Hart Co., AL & CA OBIT: Les Rutledge, 2003, Hart Co.
11/14/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 162 Today's Topics: OBITS: Sep 2003, Nicholas County., KY OBITS: Nov 2003 Nicholas Co., KY
11/14/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 161 Today's Topics: OBIT: Nov 2003.Nicholas Co., KY
11/14/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 160 Today's Topics: OBIT: Leland Carol Harrison, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Henry Albert York, 1974, Monroe Co. DEATH CERT: America Davenport, 1918, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Archie Brown, 1912, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Hunter Curry, 1916, Green Co. NEWS: Tidbits, 1896, Lee & Wolfe Co. OBIT: Allie M. Gray, 2003, Hart & Meade Co. OBIT: Alma Cleo Martin, 1976, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Denzil Compton, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Dolphus W. King, 2003, Jefferson & Monroe Co. OBIT: Edna R. Jennings, 2003, Jefferson & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Eugene E. Hale, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: James Hunley, 1896, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Louis Edward Free, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Roscoe Conkin Finley, 1968, Monroe Co. OBIT: Susie Nunn Harbison, 2003, Barren & Metcalfe Co.
11/12/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 159 Today's Topics: NEWS: Tidbits, 1895, Perry Co. OBIT: Isabelle Sandidge, 1976, Metcalfe Co. DEATH CERT: Mary J. Tucker, 1922, Breckinridge Co. DEATH CERT: Mary Jane Workman, 1914, Green Co. NEWS: Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hill 50th Anniversary, Warren Co. NEWS: Tidbits, 1891, Lee, Morgan & Wolfe Co. & MO NEWS: Tidbits, 1891, Perry Co. OBIT: Jerry Dale Vanzant, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Roy Ryan, 1924, Barren Co. OBIT: Samuel Alton Alexander, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Tip Cross, 1972, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Toye Mae White, 2003, Metcalfe & Monroe Co. OBIT: Wendell Renfro, 1979, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: William H. Magers, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: William T. Church, 1982, Barren Co.
11/11/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 158 Today's Topics: NEWS: John Hurst Accident, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Elbert A. Wilson, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Eulis J. Garrett, 1979, Adair & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Evie Matthews, 1976, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Flossie Robertson, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Grace Norman, 1982, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Louisa Ferguson, 1896, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Mrs. Bobby Decker, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Mrs. Dallas Lyons, 1976, Barren & Warren Co. OBIT: Nannie Garmon, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Roger F. Kingery, 1972, Barren Co. & CA OBIT: Rose Stilts, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Roy Owen Smith, 1979, Warren Co. DEATH CERT: Alex Curry, 1919, Green Co. DEATH CERT: Emily Davenport, 1914, Green Co. DEATH CERT: John Marshall Wright, 1913, Green Co. DEATH CERT: John Henry Kessler, 1945, Jefferson Co. DEATH CERT: Kate Adair, 1929, Hart Co. DEATH CERT: Mary Eliza Brown, 1916, Green Co. NEWS: Mr. & Mrs. Bedford Lewis 50th Anniversary, Unknown Co. NEWS: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Miller 50th Anniversary, 1907, Warren Co. NEWS: Tidbits, 1887, Breathitt & Wolfe Co. NEWS: Tidbits, 1895, Carter & Wolfe Co.
11/9/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 157 Today's Topics: OBIT: Bethany G. Mizell, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Beulah Barbour, 1976, Barren Co. OBIT: Christine Perry, 1979, Warren Co. & IN OBIT: Clarence F. Walker, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Dewey A. Rook, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Eddie Combs, 1979, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Edith Hood, 1976, Barren Co. DEATH: N.R. Harper, 1921, Jefferson Co. NEWS: Isaac Miller Pleads Guilty, 1921, Bell, Fayette & Franklin Co. NEWS: Night Rider Investigation, 1921, Bath & Fleming Co. OBIT: Charles L. Jones, 1976, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Edith Hood, 1979, Barren Co. DEATH: Allen D. Campbell, 1921, Jefferson Co. & PA OBIT: Hattie E. McCandless, 1972, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: Inez Wooten, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Jim Thomas, 1910, Allen & Barren Co. OBIT: Kathleen Ford, 2003, Jefferson & Monroe Co. OBIT: Laura A. Perkins, 1895, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lydia K. Tolle, 1910, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary Vie Vibbert Buchanan, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Maude Chadwell Reynolds, 1979, Barren Co. & FL OBIT: Mina Lee Clark, 1980, Metcalfe Co. NEWS: Carlisle Mercury,25 Sep 1913, Nicholas Co.
11/8/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 156 Today's Topics: PENSION: CivWar, Tandy Allen Warner, 1891, Clark Co. OBIT: Adelia Runner, Warren Co. & OH OBIT: Eliza Miller, Warren Co. OBIT: Priscilla Crabb, Warren Co. OBIT: Ella Everett, 1923, Barren Co. OBIT: Clarine Davidson, 1926, Barren Co. & FL OBIT: B.G. Everett, Jr., 1923, Barren Co. OBIT: Carol Kinnard, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: J.J. Ruddell, Barren Co. OBIT: Henry Maxwell, 1972, Barren & Warren Co. DEED: Piper to Perry, 1812, Barren Co. OBIT: Albert Garner, 1982, Barren Co. & NC OBIT: Barney Joel Harvey, 1979, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Barry D. Martin, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Bessie Mae Wheet, 2003, Monroe Co.
11/7/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 155 Today's Topics: OBIT: Mary Wanda Reynolds 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Ray W. Reynolds, 2002, Garrard & Jessamine Co. OBIT: Frances Brown Rowzee, 2002, Boyle & Washington Co. OBIT: Laura Catherine Wesley, 2002, Casey Co. & SC & TX OBIT: Edwin Waits, 2002, Boyle Co. DEATH CERT: Bruner, Annie Lee, 1940, Grayson Co OBIT: Frank T. Royse, 1896, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Fred Evan Pierce 2002, Boyle Co. & PA OBIT: Gertie Lucille Ford, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lucy E. Sandidge, 1898, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: James A. Witty, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Morris Pierce, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Mrs. Jep Nunnally, 1897, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Omie Chaffin, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Paul WIlliam Goad, 1981, Monroe Co. & AL OBIT: R.F. Barbour, 1971, Metcalfe & Monroe Co. OBIT: Samuel H. Franklin, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Stella Kinslow, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: William Melton, 2003, Barren Co. & IN
11/6/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 154 Today's Topics: CENSUS: 1870 Fleming Co. CENSUS: ED #63, 1900 Knox Co. OBIT: Kelly Meadows, 2002, Garrard & Whitley Co. NEWS: King Family, 1977, Whitley Co. NEWS: Moses Family Celebration, 1976, Whitley Co. NEWS: Moses Family Reunion, 1977, Whitley Co. OBIT: Ivan Lee Murphy, JR., 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Jamie Andrew Newland, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Katherine Knight Nichols 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Willard Herford Nikirk 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Benny Ray Parker, 2002, Franklin & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Phyllis Patterson, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Jean Pemberton, 2002, Boyle & Jessamine Co. OBIT: Elza Poff, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Reeves 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co.
11/6/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 153 Today's Topics: NEWS: Walter Hall on Trial in VA, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Bonnie Stephens, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Ella Mae Brown, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Jesse Britt, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Lena Walden, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Lera Depp McCoy, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Leslie Ann Childers, 2003, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Magdaline Holley, 1979, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: Mary Gentry, 1980, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Mattie Sarah Carder, 1976, Monroe Co. & IL OBIT: Roy Petty, 1972, Warren Co. OBIT: Ruth Ann Emmitt, 1980, Barren & Warren Co. OBIT: Warner Kinslow, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Virginia Miller, 1979, Warren Co. OBIT: William Spencer Compton, 1982, Metcalfe Co. CENSUS: 1850 Gallatin Co. LETTER: Fred Moses to family, 1977, Whitley Co. CENSUS: 1920, Whitley Co. NEWS: Gathering of the Moses Clan, 1978, Whitley Co. NEWS: Finley Huddleston, 1977, Whitley Co.
11/4/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 152 Today's Topics: NEWS: Sterling Lawson, Whitley Co. OBIT: Camillo Peter Costa, Jr., 2003, Monroe Co & MA NEWS: Train Service Disrupted, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Operation Performed on James Richie, 1909, Barren Co. NEWS: KY Moonshiners, Part 1 and 2, 1920, Bell & Whitley Co. DEATH CERTS: Images, Various Counties
11/3/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 151 Today's Topics: NEWS: Rufus Crast in Police Court, 1923, Bell Co. OBIT: Ancel Floyd Ferguson, 1972, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Cora Lee Landrum, 1980, Barren Co. & IN OBIT: David Allen Harris, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: George Carey, 1896, Monroe Co. OBIT: Hubert Crowe, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: James Hicks, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Joe Beasley, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Julia Riddle, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Julian Cox, 1895, Warren Co. OBIT: Julia Szur Albright, 2003, Monroe Co. & TN OBIT: Lillian McDaniel Cutliff, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT:Anna Mae Disman, 2003, Barren Co.
11/2/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 150 Today's Topics: OBIT: Christine Demunbrun, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Clara Ruth Young, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Fannie Combs, 1897, Warren Co. & KS OBIT: Hiram Harlan, 1898, Monroe Co. & FL OBIT: Millard F. Bunch, 2003, Metcalfe Co.
11/1/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 149 Today's Topics: OBIT: Mrs. William A. Trent, 1896, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: John Thomerson, 1965, Barren & Monroe Co. DEATH: John Noe, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Operation Performed on James Richie, 1909, Barren Co. NEWS: 5 Fined for not Sending Children to School, 1921, Mercer Co. NEWS: B.R. Brummett Robbed, 1921, Wayne Co. NEWS: Bairds visiting Smiths & Russells, 1923, Bell Co. NEWS: Charles Bingham Injured, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Jail Break Stopped, 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS: Trial of W.T. Winnes, 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS: W.T. Davis Testifies in Murder Trial, 1921,[see Winnes] Harlan Co. MARRIAGE: Ward to Nichols, 1897, Metcalfe Co. NEWS: Personals, 1921, Bell Co., TN & VA NEWS: Robert Frockt Dies Suddenly, 1921,Bell Co. OBIT: Amelia Groves, 1979, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: B.H. Hardin, 1898, Monroe Co. OBIT: Carmelia Jo Hammer, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Cecil Clemmons, 1981, Barren & Warren Co. OBIT: Charles Nunnally, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Chester Smith, 1980, Barren Co.
11/1/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 148 Today's Topics: DEATH: Evelyn Brown, 1921, Bell Co. MISC: Soap Making, 1921 OBIT: Aubrey Lee Hawks, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Brents Shipley, 1980, Barren Co. & TN OBIT: Bernell England, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Daisy Norman, Metcalfe Co., 1980 OBIT: Dora Alma Edwards, Metcalfe Co., 1980 OBIT: Dora Hood Costa, 2003, Monroe & Warren Co OBIT: Frances Lenora Birge, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Frances Lenora Birge, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: George Henry Hood, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Jessie McCowan, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Margaret Moran, 1980, Barren & Bullitt Co. & TN OBIT: Mary Franklin, 1931, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Ralph Bratton Price, 2003, Warren Co OBIT:Dollie Ruth Garmon, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. NEWS: Carlisle Mercury 18 Sep 1913 Nicholas Co.

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