September 2003

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Volume 03 : Issue 97
Today's Topics:    
    OBIT: Will Spencer, Barren Co.
    OBIT: Stephen SIMCOX, 2002, Mercer Co. & OH 
    OBIT: Will C. FORD, 1972, Monroe Co.
    OBIT: Wash CROWE, 1972, Monroe Co.
    OBIT: Virginia PRESTON, 2002, Boyle & Mercer Co. 
    OBIT: Fred Dolen, 2003, Unknown Co.
    OBIT: George E. CLOYD, 1967, Monroe Co.
    OBIT: Troy Simpson CREWS, 1972, Monroe Co.
    OBIT: Sarah McGlocklin, Barren Co.
    NEWS: Middlesboro Daily News, 29 Dec 1920, Bell Co.
    NEWS: Mrs. W.M. Archer, 1920, Bell Co.
    NEWS: First Woman's Jury In KY, 1921, Whitley Co. 
    NEWS: Wiley Smith Murder, 1921, Bell & Whitley Co.
    DEATH CERT: Mary Wood JUDD, 1925, Green Co
    DEATH CERT: Rebecca Haseltine Judd, 1928, Green Co
    DEATH CERT: Rachel J. Judd, 1924, Green Co.
    DEATH CERT: Mary Susan Judd, 1925, Green Co.

9/4/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 98 Today's Topics: OBIT: Carl Otis Ferguson, 1975, Monroe Co. OBIT: Ida Turner, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Jamie Lynn Walker, 1972, Monroe Co. OBIT: Joseph Lee Pennington, 1967, Monroe Co.
9/5/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 99 Today's Topics: OBIT: John Frank Tade, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mary V. Jackson, 1967, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mertie Ann Morgan, 1967, Monroe Co. OBIT: Sally Hourigan, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Rose Wethington, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Nina Lucy Gee, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Nancy Ellen Smith Walker, 1996, Monroe Co.
9/7/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 100 Today's Topics: OBIT: Tabitha Grissom, 1931, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Nellie Owen, 1982, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Mrs. Amanda Denham, 1909, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mrs. Pitcock, Monroe Co OBIT: Mrs. Texie Ann Crabtree, 1938, Monroe Co.
9/8/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 101 Today's Topics: OBIT: Kimberly J. Richardson, 2003, Pulaski Co. OBIT: Florence Souder, 2003, Pulaski Co. OBIT: Charles Aldridge, 2003, Boyle Co. OBIT: Curtis Tarter, 2003, Pulaski Co. OBIT: Leonard Dick, 2003, Pulaski Co. OBIT: Allan Harlow, 2003, Boyle Co. OBIT: Buford Wood Guerrant, 2003, Boyle Co. OBIT: Byrge, Neal, DEATH: E.M. Smith, 1905, Barren Co. DEATH: Elijah Paige, 1922, Whitley Co. DEATH: Jo Bob Gillock, 1906, Barren Co. DEATH: W.N. Bumpas, 1921, Daviess Co. NEWS: Coal Plant Destroyed, 1921, Harlan & Lee Co. NEWS: Rev. Bascum Walters, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Alta Clark, 1963, Green Co. OBIT: Arnie Lee Curry, 1969, Green & Jefferson Co. NEWS: Cy Davis Killed, 1922, Whitley Co. NEWS: Joe McCreary Held for Murder, 1921, Harlan Co. OBIT: Clara Peterson Curry, 1959, Green Co. OBIT: Eugene A. Jones, 1962, Green Co. OBIT: Finis Everett Curry, 1968, Adair & Green Co. OBIT: Leslie Ford, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary Sims, 1980, Monroe Co. OBIT: George Barnett Kidd, 1962, Green Co. News: Mrs. Dudley McJilton Arrested, 1921, Whitley Co. OBIT: Nannie Lorainne Hunter, 1981, Monroe Co.
9/9/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 102 Today's Topics: OBIT: Loyable Green Curry, 1968, Green Co. & IN OBIT: Alyne C. Barrix, 1982, Metcalfe Co. DEATH: John Littrell, 1911, Barren Co. OBIT: Roy Alton Curry, 1968, Green & Jefferson Co. News: Mr. & Mrs. William Cooper Traveling, 1922, Bell Co. OBIT: Nancy Graham, Warren Co. NEWS: Tidbits on Relics, Pre-1900, Boyle & Lincoln Co. NEWS: Six Brothers Who Died With Their Boots On, Boyle & Lincoln Co. DEATH: John Lewis, 1910, Barren Co. DEATH: Schuyler Preston, 1911, Barren & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Ada Lou Arterburn, 1968, Monroe Co. OBIT: Chlorene Isenberg, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Beulah Lane, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Clarence Emberton, 1934, Barren Co. OBIT: Burtis Lee Irwin, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Bryan Christopher Bradley, 2003, Barren & Warren Co.
9/10/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 103 Today's Topics: OBIT: Basil Abner, 2002, Clay & Mercer Co. OBIT: Mabel Wells Adams 2002, Johnson Co. & IN OBIT: Denny Allen, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Clyde Allen, 2002, Lincoln Co. & TN OBIT: Clara Ramsey Antle, 2002, Fayette & Garrard Co. OBIT: Jerry Darrell Bernard, 2002, Boyle & Casey Co. OBIT: Gladys Johnson Black, 2002, Mercer Co. & MN OBIT: Hugh Black, 2002, Mercer Co. & OH OBIT: Bernard Louis Bless 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Robert W. Blevins, 2002, Lincoln & Wayne Co. OBIT: Linnie M. Bodner, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: William Henry Bogie, 2002, Lincoln Co. & FL OBIT: Ada Lawrence, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Bernice Harp Reece, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Bully Norman 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Frank Bowles, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Garnett Elmore, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Kate Wilson, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lou Verdia Birge, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Ray Smith Clark, 1974, Green Co.
9/11/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 104 Today's Topics: OBIT: Erbie Farlee, 1981, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Dorothy Geneva Fudge, 2003, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Maxine Ward, 2003, Hart CO. OBIT: Hershel C. McGuire, 2003, Hart & Monroe Co. OBIT: Delbert Parker, 1981, Warren Co. OBIT: Lydia Curtis, 1968, Monroe Co. OBIT: Marla Logsdon, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary Bowling Clark, 1970, Green Co. OBIT: Sara Hiser Clark, 1957, Green Co. OBIT: Vernon Clay Curry, 1973, Green & Jefferson Co. OBIT: James Gentry, 1970, Monroe Co. OBIT: William Cain, 1967, Monroe Co. OBIT: Winston Browning, 1934, Barren Co. OBIT:William Clark Simmons, 1968, Monroe Co. OBIT: A.T. Kinslow, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Annie Eldridge, 1973, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Clayton Hodges, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Clyde Crenshaw, 1930, Barren Co. & IA OBIT: Dick McMillen, 1910, Monroe Co. OBIT: Estel Parsley, 1972, Grayson & Monroe Co.
9/12/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 105 Today's Topics: Death Certificate Images, Various Counties OBIT: C.C. Cornish,1961, Green Co. OBIT: Clayton Hodges, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Delcenia Stockton, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Della Depp, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Frank Furlong, 1973, Barren Co. OBIT: Paul Piercey, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Ruth McFarland Purdy, 1937, Barren Co. OBIT: Settie Doyle, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Emily Hurt, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: George Hale, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT:Ruby Hortense Jeffries, 1956, Green Co. OBIT: Cora Ellen Rigney, 1988, Barren Co. OBIT: W. Clayton Birge, 1972 Monroe Co.& IL OBIT: Terry Atwell, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Leonard Miles Coakley, 1961, Green Co. OBIT: Hester Allen, , 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Elsie L. Bartle, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Patricia Jane Kidd Blevins 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Lillie M. Bodner, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: William Henry "Bill" Bogie, 2002, Lincoln Co. & FL
9/12/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 106 Today's Topics: OBIT: Anna M. Bowden, 2002, Lincoln Co. & IN OBIT: Margaret Chambers, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Hazelle Wellersdieck, 2002, Boyle Co. & MI OBIT: Frank Rippetoe, 2002, Boyle & Fayette Co. & FL OBIT: Louise P. Rosel, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Marcel E. Couture, 2002, Boyle Co. & OH NEWS: Thompson and Men Take Beer and Still - 1924, Bell Co. OBIT: Mrs. Martha Brimm Dead, 1924, Bell Co. NEWS: Wesley Banks, Oldest Rural Teacher, 1924, Letcher Co. DEEDS: Stewart, 1822-1858, Greenup Co. OBIT: Doris Marlene Delk, 2002, Lincoln & Woodford Co. OBIT: Lilly Cook Shannon, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: William Kirkman, 2002, Boyle, Lincoln & McCreary Co. OBIT: Melvin C. Hatter, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Carol Ann Burdine, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Gladys Gruber, 2002, Lincoln Co.
9/13/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 107 Today's Topics: OBIT: Amy Luttrell, 2002, Casey & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Clonie Adwell, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: W. Emmett Davis, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: Wm. Bailey, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Lafayette Bogle, 1877, Hart Co. OBIT: Arthur Thomas Carroll, 2002, Edmonson & Hart Co. OBIT: B.C. Craddock, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Doris Jean Crain, 2003, Hart Co. MARRIAGES: Albert-Crowe & Potter-Wood, 1897, Hart Co. OBIT: Alex Edwards, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Oran Fults, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Everet R. Gentry, 1980, Hart Co. OBIT: Robert Gentry, 1982, Hart Co. OBIT: Doyle Howard, 1982, Hart Co. OBIT: Governor Ireland, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Willa Opal Jaggers, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Henry & Tom Mathis, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Mattie Mayfield, 1896, Hart Co. DEATHS: J.B. Mopin & C.E. McInteer, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Katie Robertson, 1972, Hart Co. OBIT: Mrs. Wm. Settles, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Olivia Sturgeon, 1898, Hart Co.
9/14/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 108 Today's Topics: OBIT: Sally Terry, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: Miriam Vaughan, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: I.T. Winn, 1897, Hart Co. OBIT: Mrs. Elmore Winn, 1875, Hart Co. OBIT: Dora Sturgeon Adams, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Paul Franklin Adcock, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Fred Anderson, 1974, Hart Co. OBIT: Shelby Shines, 2003, Hart Co.
9/15/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 109 Today's Topics: DEATH: Dora Jane Morehead Collins, 1964, Green Co. DEATH: Earl Chaudoin, 1977, Green Co. DEATH: Herbert Clay Logsdon, 1973, Barren Co. DEATH: Hershell Kinslow, 1938, Barren Co. DEATH: Laura Kinslow, 1932, Barren Co. DEATH: Pearlie Garrett, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Bertha Cowles, 1981, Warren Co. OBIT: Estes Wade Rich, 1972 Monroe Co. OBIT: George Welch, 1970, Monroe Co. OBIT: Glen Pete Isenberg, 1980, Monroe Co. OBIT: Nellie Bowles, 1982, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Ruth Isenberg Savage, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Verna Marrs, 1972 Monroe Co. DEATH CERT: A.D. McMahan, 1938, Green Go. DEATH: Emily Hurt, 1981, Metcalfe Co. DEATH CERT: Lonie Judd Berry, 1940, Green Go. DEATH: Joel Gillenwater, 1982, Barren Co. DEATH: Lallie Kinslow, 1939, Barren Co. OBIT: Wendell Borders, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Floyd Berry, 1982, Monroe Co. OBIT: Ina G. Ford, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mary D. Hammer, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Nora Boles, 1979, Barren Co.
9/16/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 110 Today's Topics: DEATH: J. Mitchell Ellis, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Jake Kinslow, 1939, Barren Co. DEATH: Leon Byrd, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Malissa Lewis, Barren Co. OBIT: Bettie Bybee, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Johnny McCue, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Guy Lawrence, 1981, Barren Co.
9/20/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 111 Today's Topics: DEATH CERT: George Melvin Arnett, 1941, Green Co. OBIT: Lillie Bridges, 1973, Barren & Hardin Co. DEATH: Morgan Kinslow, 1918, Barren Co. OBIT: Paul Piercey, 1982, Metcalfe & Hardin Co. DEATH: Robert Bailey, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Cora Bell Montgomery, 1982, Monroe Co. OBIT: Jim K. Thompson, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Leslie Bishop, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Pedigo, Stinson & Holman, 1971, Monroe Co. DEATH CERT: James Andy McMahan, 1939, Green Go. DEATH CERT: James Harold Babgy, 1939, Green Go. DEATH: Edna Coakley, 1960, Green Co. DEATH: George Crenshaw,1961, Green Co. OBIT: Ben Nabors, 1910, Barren Co. OBIT: Charles Wesley Froedge, 1938, Barren Co.
9/21/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 112 Today's Topics: OBIT: William Lewis Cooksey, 1982, Monroe Co. OBIT: Zula M. Jackson, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Robert Shirley, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Mr. & Mrs. Herman Matthews, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Susan Bell Smith, 1939, Barren Co.
9/21/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 113 Today's Topics: OBIT: Clare Alice Hurt, 1929, Barren Co. OBIT: Emily Brown, 1920, Barren Co. OBIT: Felix Bradford, 1934, Barren Co. OBIT: Lawrence L. Bagby, 11956, Green Co. OBIT: Valera Moran Clark, 1968, Green Co. OBIT: Verda Goswell, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Will H. Childress, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: William Adwell 1981, Barren Co. PROBATE: Victor.Samuel.B.1823-1829, Lewis County
9/22/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 114 Today's Topics: PROBATE: William Cottingham, 1815 - 1820 , Lewis County CENSUS: District 2, 1850 Boone Co. OBIT: Doris Marlene Delk, 2002, Lincoln & Woodford Co. OBIT: Frank Bertram Rippetoe, 2002, Boyle Co. & Fayette Co. OBIT: Louise P. Rosel, 2002, Boyle & Clay Co. OBIT: Ruth Walls Coyle, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Kathy Houlette, 2002, Casey & Pike Co. OBIT: Ruth Hays, 2002, Boyle Co. & IN OBIT: Margaret Russell, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Earl Frank Douglas, 2002, Boyle & Mercer Co. OBIT: Georgia Morgan, 2002, Casey, Fayette & Jessamine Co OBIT: Ortiz, Brothers, 2002, Boyle & Mercer Co. & Mexico
9/24/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 115 Today's Topics: OBIT: Barbara Vice Grimes, 2002, Nicholas Co. OBIT: Ruby Mae Smith, 2002, Boyle & Fayette Co. OBIT: Alonzo Saylor, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Vivian Wilmot Price, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: William Earl Richardson, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Betsy Lee Logue, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Georgia Henderson, 2002, Boyle & Marshall Co. OBIT: Ruby Zumbrook, 2002, Boyle, Mercer & Whitley Co. OBIT: Clifford Bradshaw, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Clovis E. Davis, 2002, Monroe Co. CENSUS: 1840 Russell Co. OBIT: Homer Taylor, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Flossie Strode, 1976, Monroe Co. OBIT: Dorcie Clarkston Biggers, 1976, Monroe Co. DEED: Brown to Dougherty, 1871, Hardin Co.
9-25-2003 Volume 03 : Issue 116 Today's Topics: OBIT: Nancy Breene, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Zella M. Brewer, 2002, Garrard Co. & OH OBIT: Mary lee Brickey, 2002, Garrard & Rockcastle Co. OBIT: Georgia Brown, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Grace Calhoun, 2002, Lincoln & Mercer Co. OBIT: Lewis Carrier, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Curtis Fletcher Coffman, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Charles E. Cox, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: John Thomas Cordier, 2002, Fayette & Lincoln Co.
9/26/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 117 Today's Topics: OBIT: Nancy Blackford Breene, 2002, Mercer Co. & VA OBIT: Hunter D. Burton, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Evelyn R. Brown, 2002, Boyle & Casey Co. OBIT: James H. Burns, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Edwin D. Carter, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Priscilla Goodin Carter, 2002, Boyle & McCreary Co. OBIT: Betty Cole, 2002, Boyle & Perry Co. OBIT: Douglas Collier, 2002, Boyle & Mercer Co. OBIT: William B. Combest, 2002, Lincoln & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Roy Lee Burrus, 2002, Fayette & Mercer Co. OBIT: Gussie Hall Cloyd 2002, Lincoln Co. & TN OBIT: Cora Alice Coffey, 2002, Garrard Co. DEATH CERT: George Brady, 1949, Jefferson Co DEATH CERT: Joseph Babgy, 1939, Green Go. DEATH CERT: Millie Francis Marr, 1940, Green Go. DEATH: Henry Chaudion, 1950, Green Co. OBIT: Lizzie Henderson, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Josephine Saunders Riggs, Barren Co. OBIT: Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Bradshaw, 1930, Barren Co. OBIT: Mattie Sanders Lessenberry 1931, Barren Co.
9/27/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 118 Today's Topics: OBIT: Josephine Ritter Redding, 1910, Barren Co. NEWS: Breaking into the Morgue, 1920, Bell Co. DEATH: McKinley Deaton, 1920, Knox Co. MARRIAGE: J.W. Hultz to Eliza Duggins, 1920, Breckinridge & Grayson Co. NEWS: Separate Coach Law, 1920, Franklin Co. OBIT: Cora Edna Osban, 1920, Bell Co. DEATH: Florence Madden, 1920, Harlan Co. DEED: Mary Mosby to Carrie O Wagner, 1925, Jefferson Co. DEED: Carter to Williams, 1850, Cumberland Co.
9/28/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 119 Today's Topics: OBIT: Blanche Perry, 1972, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Mary Emma McCool, 1972, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Pearl Baker, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Pembrook Rowe, 1875, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Major Joseph Terry, 1877, Cumberland Co.
9/29/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 120 Today's Topics: OBIT: Johnny Coulter, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Mark Steven Craig, 2002, Jefferson & Mercer Co. OBIT: Vivian D. Crutcher, 2002, Henry & Mercer Co. OBIT: Sean Paul Dailey, 2002, Fayette, Garrard & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Charles Butler Dale, Jr., 2002, Garrard, Lincoln & Montgomery Co. OBIT: William Davis, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Mattie Murphy Decker, 2002, Casey Co. & TN OBIT: Bradley Justin Dick, 2002, Casey & Fayette Co. OBIT: Guy R. Eades, 2002, Boyle & Jessamine Co. OBIT: William Dobies, Jr., 2002, Boyle Co. & DE OBIT: Margaret Virginia Doram, 2002, Boyle Co. & FL OBIT: Julia C. Drury, 2002, Mercer & Washington Co. OBIT: Effie Mae Dorsey 2002, Mercer & Washington Co. OBIT: Mary Pearl Divine, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Mamie Bee Edwards, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Robert Bailey, 1930, Hart Co. OBIT: Ruby Purdy, 1937, Barren & Hart Co. OBIT: Winfred Owens, Hart Co. MARRIAGE: McCubbin-Cox, Hart Co. OBIT: Dixie Hogan, 1981, Edmonson Co. & IL OBIT: Irby Lee Redford 1977, Barren Co. OBIT: Rev. T.S. Curry, 1959, Green & Hardin Co. OBIT: James Kennety Bale, Jr., 1965, Hart Co.
9/30/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 121 Today's Topics: OBIT: Settie Cannon, 1981, Hart Co. LETTER: Mary Pickrell to Sarah Pickrell, 1821, Montgomery & Shelby Co. OBIT: Margaret Bell Sanders, 1973, Bullitt & Hart Co. OBIT: Eliza Jones, 1973, Hart Co. NEWS: Garett Darland Family, 1920, Mercer Co. NEWS: Trial of Dr. H.C. Winnes, 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS: Mrs. Lucy Chadwell Charged, 1921, Bell Co. DEATH: Arber B. Towery, 1921, Madison Co. NEWS: Murder near Cumberland Gap, 1921, Bell Co.

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