October 2003

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Volume 03 : Issue 147
    WILL: William Moore, 1880, Montgomery Co.
    OBIT:  Harvey Sweeney, 1898, Marion & Washington Co.
    OBIT: William C. Morris, 2002, Garrard Co.
    OBIT: Ivan Lee Murphy, Jr., 2002, Boyle Co.
    OBIT: Darling J. Murphy, 2002, Casey Co.
    OBIT: Hampton Reynolds, 1980, Barren Co.
    OBIT: Glen Slinker, 1980, Metcalfe Co.
    OBIT: James C. Hicks, 1980, Barren & Monroe Co.

10/29/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 146 Today'sTopics: NEWS: Henry Hix Killed, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Items fromThe Court, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Partial List of Candidates [Edd Vanover], 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Mary Ellie Cassady, 1981, Edmonson Co. OBIT: Hallie Mae Wells, 2003, Barren, Edmonson & Warren Co. OBIT: Harvey J. Richardson, 2003, Barren & Hardin Co. NEWS: Klan Meeting In Louisville Forbidden - 1921 OBIT: Gentry Wright Martin, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Joseph E. Mays, 2002, Boyle & Marion Co. OBIT: Conrad Ray McAninch, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Jessie McCowan, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Carolyn Jean McNew, 2002, Lincoln Co. & NC OBIT: Mary Catherine McRay 2002, Mercer Co. & IN OBIT: Matilda Meadows, 2002, Garrard Co. OBIT: Kelly Meadows, 2002, Garrard & Whitley Co. OBIT: MaryTrumbo Miller, 2002, Fayette & Garrard Co. OBIT: Dorsie L. Miller, 2002, Garrard Co. & OH OBIT: Edith Money, 2002, Casey & Whitley Co. OBIT: Bobby Elwood Montgomery, 2002, Garrard Co.
10/29/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 145 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Sophie Berryman, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Deckard, 1980, Monroe Co. NEWS: Boy [Harry Glass] AdmitsTo Stealing a Watch, 1921,Bell Co. NEWS: C.T. Lamar Accident, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Mary Franklin, 1931, Monroe Co. OBIT: Samuel H. Franklin, 1930, Monroe Co.
10/27/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 144 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Susan Elizabeth Higdon, 1910, Barren Co. OBIT: Virgil Abner, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Susie M.Tinsley, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Mildred Faulkner 2002, Boyle Co. NEWS: Edward Wedding Charged With Murder, 1921, Daviess Co. NEWS: Elizabeth Johnson Dies, 1921, Bell Co. &TN NEWS: Rev. BoyceTaylor & Rev. J.L. Davis Debate, 1921, Pulaski & Rockcastle Co. NEWS: Second Suspect Held in Harlan Murder, 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS:Tip Waddle Next Somerset Postmaster, 1921, Pulaski Co. OBIT: Robert Bell, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Walter Humphrey, 2002, Lincoln Co. & IN OBIT: Lloyd William Kelley, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Juanita Latimer, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Hadgie Lewis, 2002, Garrard & Mercer Co. OBIT: Katherine Merriman Logue, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Buford Logue, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Clifford Lowe, 2002, Mercer Co. &TN OBIT: Jane Ellen Marcum, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Gentry Wright Martin, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Jessie McCowan 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co.
10/26/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 143 Today'sTopics: NEWS: James Britton Accident, 1920, Bell Co. OBIT: Florence Irene Grinstead, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary Barrick, 1935, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary Ceretha Emberton, 1968, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mary E.Taylor, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Mary S.Taylor, 1929, Barren Co. OBIT: Mead H. Bishop, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Mrs. Byrd Houchens, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: NatTerry Dove, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Sophronia Button, 1982, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Stanley Grady, 1978, Barren Co. NEWS: Amendments Explained , 1921, Bell & Pike Co. DEATH: Henry Webster, 1921, Mason Co. NEWS: Allie Nolan Vance onTrial, 1921, Nelson Co. Bernice Williams Denied License, 1921, Bell Co., KS & IA NEWS: KY Boy, Jesse Walker,To Die in NY, 1921, Henderson Co. NEWS: Letcher Co. Grand Jury Session, 1921, Letcher Co. Mary Martin Buried, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Suspects Freed, 1921, Harlan Co. Mrs. Betty Heltsley, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Pearl Redford, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Sarah Parrish Lewis, 1926, Barren Co.
10/25/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 142 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Jane Ellen Marcum, 2002, Boyle & Fayette Co. NEWS: August Dwyer Slayer Acquitted, 1920, Bell Co. & MI NEWS: Malvin Mad Davidson Files Suit, 1920, Fayette & Perry Co. OBIT: Kizzie James Duncan, 2003, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Ruth Fox, 2003, Barren & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Wallace Hatler, 2003, Allen & Metcalfe Co. NEWS: Rev. J.J. Greer Wounded, 1920, Boyle Co. OBIT: Edwina Young, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Etta Eatmon, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Harvie Gettings, 1980, Monroe Co. OBIT: Hattie Adams, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Hubert Powell, 1978, Barren Co. & IL OBIT: Idelle Evans, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Jack Bartley, 1978, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lela Garmon, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Kathryn Palmore, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Mamie Irene Rhoton, 2003, Monroe Co.
10/24/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 141 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Raymond J. Gumm, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Bobby Wright, 2003, Warren Co. OBIT: John W. Hudson, 2002, Boyle Co. &TN OBIT: Carlos Hunt, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Jerry Humphrey, 2002, Boyle Co. & IN OBIT: Clara Klipfel, 2002, Boyle Co. & MI
10/23/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 140 Today'sTopics: OBIT: E.N. Drane, 1935, Barren Co. OBIT: Ethery Leonard Davis, 1974, Monroe Co. OBIT: George W. Smith, Barren Co. OBIT: Homer England, 1974, Monroe Co. OBIT: Janie Elizabeth Young, 1935, Barren Co. OBIT: Jimmie Huffman Bowles, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Lee Crain, Barren Co. OBIT: Kenneth Grapensteter, 1998, Barren Co. OBIT: Pearl Dodd Button, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Penny Faye Lewis, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: R.E. Garnett, 1910, Barren Co. OBIT: Maud Wood, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: OtisTurner, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Robert Edwards Poynter, 1982, Barren Co. OBIT: Ruth Isenberg Savage, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Robert Lloyd Alt, 2003, Barren Co. NEWS: Youths Fined for Firing Pistols, 1920, Bell Co. NEWS: Jas. Duff Mortally Wounded, 1920, Perry Co. NEWS: Dixie Gem Mine, 1920, Bell Co. DEATH: Jack Gilley, 1920, Bell Co. OBIT: Mae Elizabeth Woodward, 1998, Barren Co. OBIT: Manuel Pete Williams, 1978, Barren Co.
10/22/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 139 Today'sTopics: Carlisle Mercury, 1913 Nicholas Co., KY continued NEWS: 2 Arrested in Ball Bros. Robery, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS:Trial of Lizzie Bennett Ball, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Fred Hobart.Taylor, 1937, Barren Co. OBIT: Amos Walton Philpott, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Lenita Zoy Williamson, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Ova Hammer Waller, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Polly Elizabeth Huff, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT:Tommy F. Combs, 1998, Barren Co. OBIT: Wesley Nichols, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Rev. James Eugene Spillman, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Romer Landrum, 1935, Barren Co. OBIT: Queeney Chapman, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: William Chester Lyons, 1974, Monroe Co. OBIT: Jerry Deem Hines, 2002, Lincoln Co. & IN OBIT: Henry Isaac Hudson, 2002, Boyle Co., CA & LA OBIT: Martha Maxwell Hudson, 2002, Lincoln Co., FL & GA OBIT: Catherine Higgins Hughes, 2002, Boyle Co. & IN OBIT: James Royce Isham, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Judy Kelley, 2002, Casey & Washington Co. OBIT: Virginia Kennedy, 2002, Mercer Co. NEWS: Police Court, 1921, Bell Co.
10/20/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 138 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Anna Wethington Henrickson, 2002, Casey Co. & FL OBIT: Georgia L. Hiner, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Henry Lee Hines, 2002, Fayette & Mercer Co. OBIT: Jerry Deem Hines, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Melvin Honaker, 2002, Boyle Co. &TN OBIT: Albert Honey, 2002, Garrard & Wayne Co. OBIT: David Ray Horne, 2002, Boyle & Grant Co. OBIT: Howard Hoskins, 2002, Garrard Co. NEWS: Attempted Holdup, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Moonshiners Caught, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Claud J. Emberton, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Dona Crawford, 1968, Monroe Co. OBIT: Ira Devord, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: James William Ellis, 1934, Barren Co. OBIT: Oral Carl Botts, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Paul W. Dunning, 2003, Warren Co. OBIT: Leroy Greathouse, 2003, Warren Co.
10/19/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 137 Today'sTopics: NEWS: Runaway Boys Found, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Anna J. Button, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Henry McCluskey, 1972, Barren Co. OBIT: Carol Ann Gass, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Damon C. Lile, 1981, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Irvin Bowman, 2003, Barren & Monroe Co. OBIT: Jamie Kane, 2003, Hart & Logan Co. OBIT: John Axsom, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Les Furlong, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Lougeanie Powell, 1934, Barren Co. OBIT: Nora Boles, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Nova Martin Edens, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Paul Franklin Adcock, 2002, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Ruby Barber, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Shannie Ethel Bean, 1980, Warren Co. OBIT: Steve Austin, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Sylvia Bernice Dilley, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: William McMillin, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Brenda Fay Conley, 2003, Knott Co. OBIT: Sam Antle, 2003, Boyle & Fayette Co. OBIT: ErmieTurner Geralds, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Raymond Louque, Jr., 2003, Boyle Co. OBIT: Aaron & Charles Wendell Wicker, 2003, Knott Co. OBIT: Ada Speaks Hendrickson, 2002, Garrard & Lincoln Co.
10/19/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 136 Today'sTopics: DEATH: Kate Carroll, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS : WinnesTrial Ruling , 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS: Winnes MurderTrial 1921, Harlan Co. OBIT: B.P. Bale, 1957, Hart Co. OBIT: Daryl Russell Bardin, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Dewey P. Buckingham, 1972, Barren Co. OBIT: Dr. Wm. Adair, 1896, Hart Co. OBIT: George Dewey Brown, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: HoustonThomas Barbour, 1974, Hart Co.
10/18/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 135 Today'sTopics: OBIT: W.R. Wheeler, 1910, Hart Co. OBIT: William P. Mouser, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: Winfred Cropper, 1974, Monroe Co. DEATH CERT: Gibson, Robert E. 1929, Metcalfe Co DEATH CERT: Sister Mary Hysanitha Peters, 1935, Washington Co DEATH CERT: Kirchdorfer, Carolyn Lee 1943 Jefferson Co DEATH CERT: Yates, Marion 1911 Ohio Co. OBIT: Coldiron, Otis; 2003, Nicholas & Bourbon Co.
10/17/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 134 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Murl Lester, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Nettie Marshall, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Mildred Rush Wood, 2003, Monroe Co. NEWS: Carlisle Mercury, 1913, Nicholas Co NEWS: Carlisle Mercury, 18Sep1913, Bath, Robertson, Bourbon, Harrison, Fleming & Nicholas Co OBIT: Kate Bolling, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS : Moonshiner Killed, 1924, Harlan Co. NEWS: Claude SalyerTrial, 1921, Montgomery Co. NEWS: Jurors Selected in H.C. WinnesTrial, 1921, Harlan Co. OBIT: Gladys Wandea Jones, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Kathryn Goodhue Coats, 1998, Hart Co. OBIT: Louise Idella Brown, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Luther Nunn, 1998, Barren Co. OBIT: Mack Dyer, 1998, Monroe Co. OBIT: Margaret Lester Andrews, 2002, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Myrtle Allen, 2002, Hart Co. OBIT: Paul G. McKinney, 1980, Hart Co. OBIT: Rodney Barrick, 1998, Warren Co. OBIT: W.E. Davenport, 1980, Hart Co.
10/16/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 133 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Herman Odell Grider, 2003, Metcalfe Co. & IN OBIT: Hubert Harrison, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Kizzie Wilson, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Mrs. Herschell Capshaw, 1981, Barren & Jefferson Co. NEWS: "Eb" Whit, KY Deputy Sheriff Shot, 1920, Pike Co. OBIT: Bessie Crain Gill, 1981, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Carl Cook, 1979, Hart Co. OBIT: Johnnie Harper, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Joseph IrvinThompson, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Kathleen Binford, 1979, Hart Co. OBIT: Mattie Green, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: Mitchell McCandless, 1980, Hart Co. OBIT: Mrs. Frank Payne, 1911, Barren Co. OBIT: Mrs. Ollie Huffman, 1980, Barren Co.
10/15/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 132 Today'sTopics: NEWS: Hearing of Evidence in WinnesTrial, 1921, Harlan Co OBIT: Francis, Addie Mae 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Houchens, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Chapman.Henry1981 OBIT: George Woodward Furlong, 1978, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mrs. Clarence Pierce, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Nannie Eula Sparks, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Nettie E. Baker, 1935, Barren Co. OBIT: R.B. Dohoney, 1909, Adair & Metcalfe Co. OBIT: WillardT. Barrick, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: William Ellis, 1908, Barren Co. OBIT: Leslie Catlin Dunagan, 2003, Barren & Hart Co. NEWS: Six Moonshiners Held on $1000 Bail, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Six Moonshiners Held on $1000 Bail, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Aline Lewis Grimsley, 1998, Barren Co. OBIT: Audy Chapman Renick, 1998, Warren Co. OBIT: Buster Gene Maness, 2003, Warren Co. OBIT: Charles P. Bailey, 1938, Barren Co. OBIT: Elzie Lee Dugard, 2003, Barren & Warren Co. OBIT: FloraTobin, 1978, Barren Co. OBIT: Helen Fields, 1979, Metcalfe Co.
10/14/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 131 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Harvey Clint Hall, 1980, Monroe Co. OBIT: Howard DilleyThompson, 1981, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Lew Franklin, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Ray Hargis, 2002, Lincoln & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Lena Arnold Harmon, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Leslie L. Harney, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: GeorgeT. Harris, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Billie Jean Hazelip, 2002, Mercer Co. & PA OBIT: John Walter Helton, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Laura Neal, 1976, Monroe Co.
10/13/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 130 Today'sTopics: NEWS: Ben Crawford Arrested, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Charles Grimes (Eloper) Returned, 1921, Mercer Co. NEWS: H.C. Winnes Indicted on Murder, 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS: Selection of Jury for H.C. WinnesTrial, 1921, Harlan Co. OBIT: Alice Britt Lewis, 1982, Allen & Barren Co. OBIT: Bunie Forshee, 1979, Warren Co. OBIT: Chevalier Chambers, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Dona Blaydes, 1979, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: David P. Shofner, 1978, Monroe Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Miller Mains, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Emma LeeTroxall, 1979, Monroe Co. NEWS: Body of Newborn found, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Charles Groves Arrested, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Mollie Belk Acquitted of Murder Charge, 1921, Allen & Barren Co. NEWS: Roy Robertson Shot, 1921, Mercer Co. NEWS:Teacher Attacked, 1921, Pike Co. OBIT: Bertie Dean Branham, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Charlene Hensley, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: duplicate post
10/12/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 129 Today'sTopics: NEWS: 3 Boys Run Away, No Clue Left, 1921, Bell Co. OBIT: Louise Kennedy Walker Hoagland, 2003, Nicholas Co NEWS: 9 Moonshiners Captured in Raid, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Ada Smith, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Billy Joe Shirley, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Bennie Day Strickler, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Flora Lyons Scott, 1981, Monroe Co. OBIT: Hobart Branham, 1972, Cumberland Co. OBIT: Lola Jenkins Marsh, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Lovice McKinney, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: Melia Pennington Spears, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mitchell Richardson, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Ollie Neal Jones, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Mary Brown, 1935, Barren Co. OBIT: Rev. Raymond Grizzle, 1979, Barren Co. OBIT: Willie Myrtle Gilley, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT:Thessalonies Parrish, 1981, Warren Co. OBIT:Trevor Michael Harper, 2003, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Billy Dewayne Francisco, 1981, Barren Co. OBIT: Allie Jessie Summers, 2003, Warren Co. OBIT: Harold Paul Branstetter, 1981, Metcalfe Co.
10/11/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 128 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Mildred Lucille Faulkner, 2002, Boyle & Lee Co. OBIT: Clara Jean Fitzgerald, 2002, Mercer Co. & IN OBIT: Mary Catherine Foster, 2002, Casey Co. OBIT: Anna Freeman, 2002, Anderson & Woodford Co. OBIT: Robinson C. Freeman, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Sybil J. Fuell, 2002, Boyle Co. & AL OBIT: Eugene J. Grubbs, 2002, Casey & Garrard Co. OBIT: Jewell Marie Griffin, 2002, Lincoln & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Hubert Ambrose Gilkison 2002, Mercer & Woodford Co. OBIT: Ida M. Godbey, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Edward James Gooch, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Esca Good, 2002, Casey & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Charles Gordon, 2002, Boyle & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Allison Guinn 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Audrey Leigh Hargis, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: James Willard Harmon, 2002, Mercer Co. OBIT: Ada Speaks Hendrickson, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: David Ray Horne, 2002, Boyle Co. MARRIAGE: BerryTo Spillman, 1908, Barren Co.
10/10/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 127 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Virginia Maxine Elliott, 2002, Casey & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Louise Burdine Farmer, 2002, Boyle & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Logan Faulkner, 2002, Lee & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Harry L. Ferguson, 2002, Lincoln Co., IN & OH OBIT: Ann Gellette Ferry., 2002, Boyle & Garrard Co. OBIT: Omar Marcus Fish, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Virginia Elizabeth Fisher, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co.
10/9/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 126 Today'sTopics: NEWS: H.A.Tiller Buys out P.L. Day, 1921, Whitley Co. OBIT: Bertha Hodges, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Christene Cobb, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Clarence "Ronnie" Philpott, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Fannie Anderson, 1917, Barren Co. OBIT: George Webb, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: James L. Reaves, 1928, Barren Co. OBIT: Evelyn Huffman Paul, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: John Moss, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Mae Puckett Morrison, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: Nathan R. Smith, 2003, Barren Co. OBIT: Neal Haley, Allen & Barren Co OBIT: Snowbell Harp, 1979, Monroe Co OBIT: Fred Howe, 2003, Pulaski Co. OBIT: Herman Clyde Craine, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: James E. Logsdon, Jr., 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: John Robert Lancaster, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Janie Krowlik, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Lena R. Shirley, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Lillie Smith, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Martha Maxey, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Myrtie Greer, 1910, Barren Co. OBIT: Nora B. Rigdon, 2003, Hart Co.
10/7/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 125 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Roy Eskridge 2002, Breckinridge & Mercer Co. OBIT: W. Phelps Evans, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Louise Burdine Farmer, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Norma Hampton Farris, 2002, Boyle & Warren Co. OBIT: Logan Faulkner 2002, Lee & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Logan Faulkner, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Archie Paul Feeback 2002, Mercer & Nicholas Co. OBIT: Hazel Carter Feistritzer, 2002, Boyle & Lincoln Co. OBIT: Harry Dunn Frye, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Natalie Harris, 2002, Boyle & Washington Co.
10/5/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 124 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Mary Helen Emerson 2002, Casey & Garrard Co. NEWS: CheckThe Spread of Smallpox, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Baby Ball Dies in Fire, 1921, Pike Co. NEWS: Dillie Jones Hoes Corn, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: H.C. Winnes Indicted for Murder, 1921, Harlan Co. NEWS: Klan Branch May be Established, 1921, Bell Co. NEWS: Lord's Prayer on a Pin Head, 1921, Calloway Co. NEWS: Sheriff Walter Deal Dies after Shooting, 1921, Pike Co. NEWS: Sallie Johnson Charged with Murder, 1921, Madison Co. OBIT: Alma Frasier, 1980, Metcalfe Co. OBIT: Andrew C. Jones, 1910, Barren Co. OBIT: Annie FordToohey, 1980, Barren Co. OBIT: Bethel Rhoton, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Carson Wilson, 2003, Warren Co. OBIT: Denton Holland, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Ellis Overfelt, 1981, Hart Co. OBIT: Elston Birge, 1979, Jefferson & Monroe Co. OBIT: Harold Kirgin, 1980, Metcalfe Co.
10/4/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 123 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Roger Likens, 1980, Jefferson & Monroe Co. OBIT: Leon Esters, 1980, Green Co. OBIT: Billy Joe Buckner, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: Myrtie Kingery, 1980, Monroe Co. & IN OBIT: Mike Dossey, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Margaret Helen Head, 2003, Monroe Co. &TN OBIT: Leon Chapman, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Clem Harden Bennett, 1980, Hart Co. OBIT: Allen Ard, 2003, Hart Co. OBIT: William Lawrence Beard, 1976, Hart Co. NEWS: Albert Alcorn, Spanish Am Vet, 1924 OBIT: Priscilla Goodin Carter, 2002, Boyle & McCreary Co. OBIT: William B. Combest, 2002, Lincoln & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Grover Cecil Combs, 2002, Lincoln Co. OBIT: Johnny Coulter, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: William Dobies, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Virginia Maxine Elliott, 2002, Casey & Pulaski Co. OBIT: Priscilla Goodin Carter, 2002, Boyle Co. OBIT: Robert Duncan, 2002, Boyle & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Jennifer Porter-Dunn, 2002, Bourbon & Casey Co. OBIT: Jim Ellis, 2002, Boyle & Casey Co. OBIT: Patsy M. Ely, 2002, Jefferson & Lincoln Co.
10/4/2003 Volume 03 : Issue 122 Today'sTopics: OBIT: Fred Dugard, 1979, Monroe & Oldham Co. CENSUS: 1860, Partial, Breathitt Co. CHURCH: History of Pleasant Run Church, McCreary Co. OBIT: Louis Curry, Green Co. OBIT: Percy Cox, 1977, Green Co. OBIT: William Curry, 1974, Green Co. OBIT: Templeman.Buel2003 OBIT: Carlie Crawford, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Walden, 1980, Monroe Co. & OH OBIT: Elva Billingsley, 1971, Monroe Co. OBIT: Elizabeth Wilcoxson, 1980, Hart & Jefferson Co. OBIT: Gladys Head Kendall, 2003, Monroe Co. OBIT: Tony Howell, 1980, Hart Co. OBIT: Paul E.Tomey, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Nathan Smith, 2003, Barren & Hart Co. OBIT: James A. Davis, 1979, Monroe Co. OBIT: Louise Wilson Ecton, 2003, Nicholas Co., KY

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