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If you would like your Web site listed here or if you are researching in Rockcastle County and would like to list your email address here with a short description of your research, please contact me.

Web Sites:
Kentucky Genealogy
Valerie Thompson
I am a professional genealogist formerly with Ancestry.com. Rockcastle, Pulaski, Lincoln and surrounding counties are the core areas of my research. However, I will research in all areas of Kentucky. Please follow me on my blog; I will post genealogical tidbits there.
Routon & Riddle Connections
Nancy Abraham
Info for families of James Riddle/Dicy Abney; William Riddle/Anna Griffin (daughter of Solomon Griffin and Mary Bull); and Aquilla Riddle/Martha Eubank (granddaughter of Solomon Griffin #2).
Burress-Graue-Koshewa-Hansel Family Trees
Roy Burress
The Carmichael's of Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Timothy Carmichael
David's Ancestors
David Dalton
My Kinfolks Of KY And Beyond
Kim Jones Dean
Southeast Kentucky genealogy
As Time Goes BySharlee Birge Farrell
Chuck's World (WorldConnect on RootsWeb.com)
Chuck Griffin
Griffin, Stallsworth, Vanhook, Bussell, Mink, and other area families.
The Hayes Clan of Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Wendell Hensley
Hayes and associated families
Barbara Hutchens
McCauley, Hankins, Hopkins & Taylor Families
Linda McCauley
Kentucky is My Home
Sue Ann Hornung Morrow
Kentucky genealogy
Kentucky Car Shows
Charlie Napier
Contains links to Rockcastle County information
Descendants of Bartholomew Owens and Richard Mullins
Charles S. Owens
Contains extensive data on the Owen/s - Mullins families who arrived from Wilkes Co., NC to what is now Rockcastle Co., about 1803
House of Proctor Genealogy
G. T. Proctor
Janine Ramsey
Ramseys, McCallas, and more
Genealogical Resources...
Jeff Renner
Mainly focuses on families on the Skeggs Creek and Line Creek watersheds in Rockcastle and Pulaski.
Rice Families of Kentucky
Cindy Vaught
Contains birth, death, marriage and census records for any Rice surname in Kentucky

Please contact the individual if you have information to share with them.
Rose Berry
Barnet Reid shows up on the tax list in 1856 when he marries Rhoda E. Slaughter, daughter of Edward and Dicey Cook Slaughter who came into Rockcastle around mid-1820s and lived on the Roundstone watercourse as a neighbor to John Hampton Slaughter, but don't know how he was related. Their house burns down in 1848, the same year that Dicey dies. Edward Slaughter is killed by a feuding neighbor in 1865 and may be due to his sons being indicted for the murder of Absalom Pollard in Garrard Co. or may have to do with the Haley/Mullins knifing that was in trial from the 1850's until after the War. Edward's son Ned may have been killed at the same time. Barnet Reid/Reed/Read moved to Garrard Co. at same time that Jos. Houck did and all left Garrard Co. around 1863. Barnet changed his name to David M. Reed and shows up in Boone Co. Ky on the 1870 census after being in Ripley Co. IN for the end of the war. Would like to see if I can piece together what happened to the Slaughters and to see if anyone knows of the Reeds that might be related to Barnet. He always indicated he was born in NC.
Valerie Thompson
An investigative genealogist interested in helping those who think they may have Native American heritage, and specializing in cold cases, I will do research in any of the surrounding counties. A Member of the Pulaski and Rockcastle County Kentucky Historical Societies.
Mike Vencin
I am researching my family tree from KY. My grandfather's name was James Wilmar Stewart, born May 30, 1909. He died on May 23, 1957. I believe his father was David E. Stewart, born February 1871; died June 25, 1942. I am trying to find information on David's father. My grandmother Mary (Rader) Stewart, gave me an article from the Mt. Vernon Signal, with a photo of David and his 2nd wife. The article revealed that David fathered 21 children from 2 different wives, it also mentioned Dudley Station, of which I am unfamiliar. I cannot locate the article; therefore, cannot remember the names of the children and/or wife(s). I would greatly appreciate any information concerning my family history.
Cora Carroll
I am trying to locate a family named Lunce. In the early 1800 somewhere I have read that their name was originally Lunsford or spellings there of. In 1876 when Nancy Lunce married George W. Wheeler in Greenup Kentucky she signed her name in the bride's book in Greenup as Nancy Lunce and right below it is Nancy Lunsford. On the website that I can no longer get information was issued that the family was trying to change the spellings. George and Nancy Wheeler did live in Greenup County, Ky and are buried on the old Wheeler Family burying grounds. They died in about 1920 and 1921.The roots I am seeking are the Lunce family and they were associated with Rockcastle County, Kentucky. According to her death certificate her father's name was James Lunsford. Very confusing. Mother's name is unknown. I heard someone in the family say she had a brother named William. Not certain but if you find a family with Wm it might be of some help. Supposedly they were a big family. Other surnames I am seeing are Clark, Sexton, Whitaker. Most of them come from my Caudill side of the tree.
Jennifer Fish
I am researching my family history, surnames: Kidwell, Barnett, Brummett, Gadd, Stevens, Pruitt, Chaney, Fish, Wolfe, Dalton, Coffey and many more.
Brenda Gail (Anderson) Rudd
I am researching my family history in and around Rockcastle County, Laurel County, and Estill County. Surnames being researched are: Anderson, Jordan, Coffey/Coffee, Dees/Dees, Depew/DePue, and Reames/Reams. Original ancestors are believed (according to family legends) from Ireland, Scotland, and England areas with migration to America with settlements in VA., NC., SC., KY., TN., GA., TX., OK., and OH. Original port of entry to America may have been PA, or VA. If you have any information about any of these surnames that you are willing to share, I would be most appreciative. Please email me, above.
Sarah Helen Krieger
I am seeking any information about Lydia Johnston (or Johnson) who was born in Rockcastle County, Ky on December 9, 1864 to Samuel Johnston (or Johnson) and Ida Kirk. I would like to know if Lydia's name was Johnston or Johnson and any information about Lydia's parents; when and where they were born and their parents. She married my husband's grandfather, Charles Edward Krieger. Any information concerning how Lydia and Charles Edward Krieger met (they both lived in different parts of Ky; Charles Krieger living in Louisville, Ky. and Lydia living [I understand] in the country in Rockcastle County, Ky), I would greatly appreciate. I have the Krieger family information.

I am also looking for Ludwig Krieger's date of birth and date of his death; also date of his wife's (Sussanna Schuff) birth and death; also the dates of their children's deaths; Maria Elisabetha Krieger, born 7-12-1819; Ludwig Krieger, born 8-13-1824; Karl Krieger, born 6-?-1826; Sussanna Krieger, born 10-10-1828; Jakob Krieger - Christening Evangelisch 4-24-1831; Maria Anna Krieger - Christening-Evangelisch 5-8-1836. I am hoping, if it is possible, to find out the names of the parents of Ludwig Krieger and Sussanna Schuff and what ship they came to America on. I also wonder how a Jacob Schuff is related to Sussanna Schuff (Ludwig Krieger's wife).
Patricia Kaye Lynn
I am trying to trace my Chasteen side. My great grandmother was Jennie Chasteen born either 1882 or 1883 in Rockcastle Co.. She had a brother Bob Chasteen and 2 others, that I know of, John and Charley. I am trying to find out the parents of these Chasteen's. Bob Chasteen had a daughter name Bessie and 2 sons, that I know of, Rob and Henry. Jennie Chasteen married Joseph Lambert. Please contact me if you have any information on this family!!
Peggy Dowell Thorp
My ancestors are from Rockcastle Co. My great grandmother Mary Ann Dowell is buried in Meyers Cemetery. She had 3 boys out of wedlock. Mary Ann's sons were William, Raymon, and John, my grandfather. I don't think that we will ever know who the father-fathers were. My grandmother was daughter of Marvel Coffey, she married John Dowell, youngest son of Mary Ann. There have been stories that Mary Ann worked for the Williams and the Millers. I have a picture of Casper Williams in the book Rockcastle Roots. Also, Mary Ann's father Tandy Dowell seems to have disappeared in 1860, and then back again in 1870, also I can't find any burial site for him or his wife Nancy. If you have any info or suggestions please let me know. I would also be interested in any known pictures of David N. Williams.
Rosa Joplin Weaver
I am researching the Joplin/Hiatt families in and around Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, KY. My GGGrandparents were James Love Joplin and Ellen Hiatt Joplin. His parents were Josiah Joplin and Mary Love Joplin. Her parents were Bennett Hiatt and Celia Bailey Haitt. Any information of these families would be much appreciated.
Bobbie Asche
I've been trying to find Grandison Burke and a few others in the census for 1900-1910 with no luck! I'm also trying to find out who Elijah Burke's parents were? Speculation is that it could be Grandison Burke & Sarah "Sallie" ? ....

I'm having a heck of a time tracing this family. My GRT GRT Grandfather Elijah "Lige" Burke {b/ @ 1873-1876} was native to Rockcastle County and the obit for my GRT Grandfather (his son) Alton Parker Burke {b/ 1904} says he was native to Bell County. Both died in Harlan Co., KY. Elijah married Bettie Dowell in 1895 Rockcastle Co. and Alton married Minnie Yeary in 1922 Harlan Co.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!! :~)
Thomas James Colyer
I am trying to extend my family tree into Rockcastle County. My Great-great-grandfather, Jesse G. Colyer left Rockcastle County for Missouri in the early 1850s (1853?). I believe his father's name might have been Richard Colyer, Sr. and his wife Martha Ann (Garland) Colyer. They were wed in TN in 1908 and soon after came to Rockcastle County, KY. They had several children, Humphry, Richard Jr., Jesse and others. Jesse changed Colyer to Collier when he left KY and then the name reverted to Colyer just before Jesse passed in 1900. Jesse's grandson, Charles Garland Colyer is my grandfather and I strongly suspect the "Garland" connection is what I have been looking for. I would like to document Richard and Martha as Jesse's parents. Of interest, Jesse married Mary M. Pew, also from RCC and I have a relative who has her family back to the Army of the Revolution in Valley Forge.
Frank Kelly
Just trying to locate James H. Kelly's fathers name. James was born in 1842, Monroe County, TN. After his father's death, his mother Malinda remarried an Elliott. James' wife's name was Sarah. He spent his remaiming years after the Civil War was in Roane Co., TN. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Brenda Youkey
My gggrandfather was George Washington Parsons (birth: 4/14/1837 VA - death: 3/20/1911) married to Elizabeth Harrison. I am needing information on his brothers/sisters and parents. Please contact me if you can help.
Joan Williams
I have been researching Rockcastle County for information on Josiah Stephenson Reppert aka J. S. aka Stephen. He was born in 1833, supposedly from Monongahalia County. He was a principal for the Madison Male Seminary during the civil war and taught in Woodstock School, Pulaski. He died in 1907 at his home called Ravenwood in Orlando. Also, I am researching Lucinda/Lucena Isaacs Owens, dob 1858 in Pulaski, died 1914 in Rockcastle. Please contact me if you have information.
Larry Ratliff
I am researching my Owens ancestors from Rockcastle Co. Elisha Owens b.June 21, 1829 in Rockcastle Co. d. Mar 11, 1901 in Russell Co. Believe he connects to the David Owens line in Rockcastle but not sure how.
Dee Hilderbrand
I am researching the Tyree's from Brodhead. My grandfathers name was Edd Tyree and he had a brother named John. He was married to Kate Henson. I also would like to find more on her family. She had a brother named John, also one named Garlan. I know they lived in Pulaski County in the thirty's. Thats all I have. I also want to know if anybody knows who the Tyree street in Brodhead was named for.
Susan Gervasi
I found an item in a collectibles mall recently that may be of interest. It is a small cardboard box addressed to "Green Proctor" in Bee Lick, Ky Rockcastle Co. I bought it because it was an interesting little box - it has an advertisement on the back "wheat & durff wholesale grocers...Louisville, Ky"

Anyway - to my surprise, inside this box was a lock of hair - apparently was saved in this - and it is such an unusual item I thought it might be worth seeing if the name "Green Proctor" is related to anyone.

I'm also a writer, and thought it might be an interesting story if this item is significant in anyway.

The little box described has a "return" address or name: B & J 24 - also just checked your website & found that "Green Proctor" was a postmaster in your area - this must have been sent to him. The little box with the lock of hair is just sitting on my mantle waiting for someone to claim it - I don't want to sell it or anything, I want to give it to someone who wants it - I paid $2 for it - cause of the interesting old box & didn't discover the lock of hair until I opened it after purchase.
Lisa Drechsel
I am looking for information on the following family names: Cottongim, my great-grandparents were Dillie (DOB 6-12-1855; DOD 1926) married to Sarah Houston Cottongim (DOB ?;DOD 1928) both are buried in the Cottongim Cemetary. They had four children: David (has two sons Embry of Covington, KY and James possibly of Pine Hill); George; Fatha Matilda Cottongim Overbay (B 1-22-1894 D 7-8-1979) married to William Edgar Overbay (1905-1983); and my grandmother Julia Ann Cottongim-Doan (DOB 9-18-1888 DOD 2-20-1972) married my grandfather William Green Doan (DOB 3-23-1886; DOD 1952) My grandfather William Melton Doan's parents were Jacob and Nancy Jane McClure (she was 100% Cherokee Indian; sister of Mary who married James L. "Jim" Doan, Jacob's brother) they came to Kentucky from Virginia. They had four children: Abraham Lincoln Doan, lived in Lebanon Junction and had at least four children, William, Ronald, James "Jimmy" and a daughter name unknown; Eula Doan Baker (married Robert "Bob" Baker) who lived in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky at the time of her death about 10 years ago, had three known children: Juanita (deceased), Kenneth (who lives in Lexington or Frankfort, KY) and a Robert "Bob" Baker (Jr.?) who lives in the Louisville, KY area; Suzie Doan married someone possibly by the last name of "Booth?" They had at least two known children, a son Carl and a daughter ?Mary Magdaline. Susie lived in Coalsburg, KY.; and my grandfather William.

My grandparents William M. and Julia A. Doan married 6-3-1909 they had 9 children. All but three are deceased. The children were Lester, Virgil (DOB 12-19-1912 DOD 10-1982) married to girl named June. Ruby, Dillie, Ira (DOB 11-8-1922 DOD ?1947), Harold, Arlis (DOB 3-23-1928, still living) married a girl named Edith, lives in Hopkinsville, KY; Dorothy (DOB 8-30-1930, still living) married a man named Frank Martin, lives in Radcliff, KY; and my mother Mildred born in Loyal, Harlan County (DOB 7-30-1933, still living) married my dad Don Neff, Sr. (DOB 2-25-1939, still living) they live in Louisville, KY.

My grandfather moved his family to Loyal, in Harlan County when I don't know. He worked for the railroad. I am also looking for information on Sarah Houston Cottongim, who were her relatives. I have no idea when my relatives on my mother's side migrated to America. I am interested in anything anyone may know about these ancestors. Thank you!!
Alexis Schultz
My grandfather Robert Lee Drew was born in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, KY 20 Feb 1911. Robert's father, John (Jack, Jackey) Lee Drew appears in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 Rockcastle census. I am researching the Drew, Townsend, and Owens of Rockcastle. My web page has sources and many other connected Rockcastle families. Any related Drew, Townsend or Owens please contact me.
Linda R. Ashley
I have forty years' experience in genealogy. I have a degree in American history from Transylvania University and a Master's in Library Science-Special Collections from the University of Kentucky. I was assistant editor of Kentucky Ancestors Magazine for the Kentucky Historical Society for several years and most recently was Curator of the John Alden House Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts, and Librarian at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I returned to Kentucky last July and am living in Richmond, Madison Co.

I do research in Madison, Rockcastle, Estill, Jackson and Garrard Counties, and will consider Fayette and Clark.
Janice Morgan
I am researching the Bullock (and extended families) of Rockcastle and Pulaski Counties. I would be interested in comparing notes or receiving new information from anyone connected to this family.
Connie King-Rosenbalm
I am researching Proctor, Leger, King, Pennington, Brewer, Howard, Campbell, Gabbard, Rosenbalm/Rosenbaum(the spelling was changed in WWI, long story) and Metcalf's. That is just some of the families I'm looking for; there is many more. I have heard that Peter and Robert aka: Robin, Bob: lived and died in Rockcastle County. They are half or step brothers of my Great grand paw John Flem King.
Charlotte Hull
I am researching Cynthia Denney who married Daniel Miller. She was born in Rockcastle Co. Ky. m. 1828. Daniel was born in N.C. 1802. They lived in Virginia to Ill. to Oregon in 1852. One of Daniels brothers married Docia Carson. Their father was Christian Miller. I have nothing on Cynthia's family. Any held would be much appreciated.
Julie Owens
I am trying to find someone willing to sell me copy of the Rockcastle County Kentucky Family History Book published sometime in the mid-70's. The publisher will not reprint this unless he receives 75 orders. Thank you.
Shirley Dunn
Lets all join together and do the DNA test and get connected and find our lost family of Robbins. Any questions please email me. Thanks!!

Robbins-Robins-Robens DNA GROUP PROJECT
Since a Surname project in essence traces members of a family that share a common surname, and females (a) don't carry their father's Y-DNA and (B) acquire a new surname by the way of marriage, in order to be relevant to the surname project the tested individual must be a male who wants to check his paternal line (father's) (father's father) females should look for a brother or cousin with that surname to be. I would like to have Robbins from various states Carolinas, Texas, Tenn. Va, KY, Ohio, OR, MI or any state please join us. Lets find our line of Orgin.
Frances Embree
Looking for any information on Juliann [Julia Ann] Thompson, b. 1830 Rockcastle County, KY. m. 11 July 1854 to John Robertson Wheeler in Pulaski County, KY. Looking for her parents and siblings