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Death Certificate Images

All spelling is how it appeared to the transcriber.

Certificate Submitter
Barnett, John Carter Jennifer Fish
Barnett, Vergie Brummett Jennifer Fish
Boone, Darcus (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Boone, Julie Linda J. Dykes
Boone, William Riley (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Brummett, Green H. Jackie Miller
Brummett, James Jackie Miller
Brummett, Lucy Perlina Jackie Miller
Brummett, Matilda Jackie Miller
Bryant, Alfred Brenda Woodall
Bryant, David L. Brenda Woodall
Bryant, Robert Brenda Woodall
Bullock, Fairlena Carpenter Marvin Gregory
Bullock, John Clark Marvin Gregory
Bullock, Nancy Kinser Marvin Gregory
Bussell, Rebecca (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Carpenter, Lydia Bowles Marvin Gregory
Cromer, Rebecca (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Doan, Joseph (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Doan, Lola Bell (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Doan, Nathaniel (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Doan, Samson Cole (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Gentry, Eliza M. (Pitman) Linda J. Dykes
Kidwell, David Jennifer Fish
Kirby, William Gary Allmyer
Langford, Elza Shiron Wordsworth
Langford, James Leonard Shiron Wordsworth
Langford, James S. "Tip" Shiron Wordsworth
Maples, John H. Jennifer Fish
Maples, Nancy Hurd Barbara Hutchens
McDaniel, Charles Marvin Gregory
McDaniel, Grace Morris Marvin Gregory
McDaniel, Ned Marvin Gregory
McDaniel, Theresa Bullock Marvin Gregory
Murray, Henry (Note) Kate Rigsby Cain Bynum
Owens, Carrie Wren Brenda Woodall
Cornelius Parrett Terry McDaniel
Donald Parrett Terry McDaniel
Joseph Parrett Terry McDaniel
Joshua Parrett Terry McDaniel
Lincoln Parrett Terry McDaniel
Orlena Roach Parrett Terry McDaniel
Pitman, Harrison Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, Joel (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, John T. Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, Jonas (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, Mary Anna (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, McCager Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, Mike Linda J. Dykes
Pitman, Rachell (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Prewitt, Stephen W. Linda J. Dykes
Price, Richard Anne Price Pritchett
Pruitt, Lusinda (Chaney) Linda J. Dykes
Rice, N. D. (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Roberts, Henry Brian Cox
Seals, Anderson Charles F. Seals
Seals, Frank Benjamin Charles F. Seals
Seals, Sara Alice Charles F. Seals
Seals, William L. Charles F. Seals
Smith, J. A. (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Smith, W. H. (Transcription) Linda J. Dykes
Suttles, Daniel Linda J. Dykes
Thompson, Squire (s/o James Leonard "Moses" Thompson and Elizabeth Jane Adams) Pam Bennett
Wilson, Elizabeth Jackie Miller