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Sallie Hatter

All spelling is how it appeared to the transcriber.

Death Certificate: Jan 1911

Hatter, Sallie
Kentucky #864
Female, White, Widowed
Born: January 13, 1833, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Occupation: Domestic
Died: January 13, 1911, Grant County, Kentucky
Age at Death: 78 years
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis
Attending Physician: J. W. Abernathy
Father: W. Isaac, born Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Mother: Polly Baker, born Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Informant: Odel Isaac, Williamstown, Kentucky
Buried: Wonco Burying Ground, June 14, 1911
Undertaker: R. H. Elliston, Williamstown, Kentucky.