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Decsendants of Johann Jacob Kinser (rich-text format), Submitted by Bob Bray.

Sarah Kirk Kincer Minkwas born 22 Mar 1832 in Washington Co, VA, and died 24 Nov 1907 in RCK. She was the daughter of Andrew Kirk, born 1801 in Virginia, and Isabella Robinson, born 15 Mar 1803 in Washington Co, VA.

Sarah Kirk married Joseph R. Kincer about 1852 in Lee Co, VA. They had five children: William Andrew, Eudocia, Martha, Elizabeth and an unknown child. Joseph Kincer died of typhoid on 14 Nov 1864 in Camp Douglas Union Prison for Confederate soldiers in Chicago, IL.

Sarah was remarried to William Amos Mink on 10 Aug 1866 in Lee Co, VA. William Amos Mink had also been previously married to Sarah Snider Neatherly and had five children from this marriage. Around 1868 Sarah and William Amos Mink moved from Lee Co, VA to RCK to land owned by the Mink family.

Submitted by Bob Bray.
Three children of William Andrew Kincer and Rebecca Jane Renner.

William Andrew Kincer was born 16 Mar 1861 in Rose Hill, Lee Co, VA, and died 1911 in Blue Springs, RCK. He was the son of Joseph R. Kincer and Sarah Kirk Kincer (later Mink). Rebecca Jane Renner was born August 1864 in RCK, and died 1909 in Blue Springs, RCK.

The children shown:
Sidney Spain Kincer was born 28 Aug 1896 in Blue Springs, RCK, and died 10 Jul 1973 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH. She married Fred Lee Cromer, Sr., on 22 Jan 1921 in RCK. Fred Lee Cromer was the son of William N. Cromer, born April 1857 in RCK, and Emeliza Bradley, born 1864 in RCK. (my maternal grandmother)
Iva Rebecca Kincer was born 25 Aug 1903 in Blue Springs, RCK, and died 25 May 1995 in Middletown, Butler Co, OH. She married James Roscoe Chaney on 6 May 1922 in RCK. James Roscoe Chaney was the son of William Perry Chaney, born 22 Jan 1875 in Pulaski Co, KY, and Sarah Jane Bradley, born 23 Feb 1878 in RCK.
Wilbert Logan Kincer was born 12 Oct 1905 in Blue Springs, RCK, and died 20 Oct 1980 in RCK. He married Pauline Bustle on 13 Oct 1934 in RCK. Pauline is the daughter of William Leonard Bustle, born 1893 in RCK, and Clara Debra Cope, born 1901 in Kentucky.

Submitted by Bob Bray.