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Land Records

Heirs of Joseph Cromer to William Cromer

Submitted by Pat W. Ball

7-28-1884: Rockcastle County, Kentucky Deed Book Q, pg 490-491, Heirs of Joseph Cromer sold their share of the land of their father to their brother, William Cromer, excerpt follows:

Deed made between Henry Cromer and (wife) Mary Cromer, Adam Cromer and (wife) Jane Cromer, J. J. Cromer and (wife) Samanthy Cromer, David Cromer and (wife) Elizabeth, Andy Bray and (wife) Nancy A. Cromer Bray, William Renner and (wife) Elizabeth Cromer Renner, William Arnold and (wife) Martha Cromer Arnold, and Mary Cromer, widow of Joseph Cromer, deceased, sell to William Cromer for the sum of $500.00 all their interest in the farm owned by Joseph Cromer, and on which he lived at the time of his death, containing 140 acres more or less, located on the waters of the south fork of Skaggs Creek. (Signed) A. Bray, Nancy J. (X) Bray, Martha Ann (X) Arnold, J. J. Cromer, Samanthy J. Cromer, Henry Clay (X) Cromer, Mary (X) Cromer (Henry's wife), Mary (X) Cromer (Joseph's widow), William A. (X) Renner, Mary Elizabeth (X) Renner, Adam Cromer, Celey Jane (X) Cromer, David Cromer.

(Though David Cromer and his wife, Elizabeth are mentioned in the deed, his name is later crossed out and Elizabeth did not sign. It is believed this is because David had already sold his share to his brother-in-law, Andrew Bray in 1869. PWB).