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Land Records

Land of William Smith Renner & Jacob Henry Renner

Submitted by Pat W. Ball

10-08-1932: Rockcastle County, Kentucky Deed, Book 53, pg 67

This indenture made and entered into this 8th day of October 1932, by and between Martha Norton, a widow, Fannie Bullock and Ossie Bullock, her husband, Tommie Renner and his wife, Minnie Renner, Maggie Gadd and her husband, Jim Gadd, Pearl "Chapnet" (sp) and her husband, Joe Chapnet, Clyde Renner and his wife, Leatha Renner, parties of the first part, and George Renner of the second part, witnesseth; That for and in consideration of the party of the second part, George Renner, taking care of the mother of the above named heirs of Jacob H. Renner, the parties of the first part, does sell, convey and grant unto the party of the second part, his heirs and assigns forever, the following described property to wit: Located in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, on the waters of Skaggs Creek and bounded as follows;

Beginning on a black oak, Joe Renners corner, or corner to his lot of the original W.S. Farm; thence a west course with the highest part of the ridge about 60 poles to a white oak and hickory corner in the original line: also a corner to G.W. Pitman: thence a S.W. course with original line about 80 poles to a stone corner, Perkin Prewitts corner: thence with said Prewitts line to a south west course about 100 poles to a chestnut oak: thence a S.E. course with said Prewitts line about 20 poles to a pine and stone in said line; thence a N.E. corner with the highest part of the ridge about 70 poles to a white oak corner to M.J. Renners line; thence with said line to a North course 70 poles to the beginning, and containing 50 acres to be the same more or less.

The above names parties of the first part are the heirs of Jacob H. Renner, and each own a one-seventh undivided interest in said land, the party of the second part owns a one-seventh interest in said land. The said Jacob H. Renner purchased said land from W.S. Renner by deed dated May 08, 1907, and said deed is recorded in the office of the County Court Clerk of Rockcastle County, Kentucky, in deed book 24 at page 604. To have and to hold unto the party of second part, his heirs and assigns forever, with covenant of General Warranty.

In witness whereof, witness our hands this ____ day of ___ 1932. Tommie Renner , Margaret Gadd, Minnie Renner, James Gadd, Martha Norton, Clyde (X) Renner, Fannie Bullock, Luther Renner, Ossie Bullock, Pearl Chatman, Joe (X) Chatman Witness; Stella Brown, M.M. Skillman, Margaret Skillman, M.M. Skillman (given again)

STATE OF KENTUCKY: COUNTY OF ROCKCASTLE; I, Oather Bullock, do certify that the persons whose names appear above subscribed same in presence and acknowledged this to be their free voluntary act and deed. In witness whereof, witness my hand this 8th day of October 1932. Oather Bullock.. C.C.R.C.

STATE OF OHIO: COUNTY OF HAMILTON; Before me a Notary Public, personally appeared James Gadd and Margaret Gadd and acknowledged the signing of the above deed to be to their voluntary act and deed.