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Marriage Images

All spelling is how it appeared to the transcriber.

B=Marriage Bond
R=Minister's Return

By Groom Surname Submitter
Baker, Stephen & Nannie Lovett R Brenda Woodall
Barnett, Andrew & Mary McGuire B Brenda Woodall
Blackwell, R. T. & Annie Hiatt R Brenda Woodall
Brown, Jonathan W. & Lydia Ann Denny R Brenda Woodall
Bryant, Alfred & Allie Taylor Brenda Woodall
Bryant, David L. & Sarah Denny B Brenda Woodall
Bullock, George & Fairlena Carpenter R Marvin Gregory
Chasteen, James & Nancy Kennedy B Joe Hardiman
Coffey, J. C. & Sarah F. Bryant B Brenda Woodall
Coffey, J. C. & Sarah F. Bryant R Brenda Woodall
Coffey, Ransom & Lou Mina Jane Clark B Brenda Woodall
Coffey, Thomas Calvin & Mary Dovie McGuire Brenda Woodall
Dawson, Charles & Sally Bryant B Brenda Woodall
Dawson, Charles & Sally Bryant R Brenda Woodall
Doan, William S. & Amanda J. Mink B (Transcription) Carole Disanto
Drew, Abe & Ellen Drew B Marvin Gregory
Drew, Abe & Ellen Drew R Marvin Gregory
Frederick, John P. & Minnie Burk R (Transcription) Carole Disanto
French, J. W. & Martha Doan R (Transcription) Carole Disanto
Hail, George & Martha J. Payne R New, 14 Jun William Hale
Harrison, B. T. & Georgia Ballard R Brenda Woodall
Hicks, Larkin & Sarah Woodall R Brenda Woodall
Holland, Alfred & Rilda Ballinger R Brenda Woodall
Hurd, John & Lula Wallen Webb Barbara Hutchens
Hurst, G. W. & America Rimell R Brenda Woodall
Johnson, Sammie & Myrtle Woodall  Brenda Woodall
Lair, Thomas Burke & Isabelle Coffey R Brenda Woodall
Marler, G. W. & Malinda Hamlin R Brenda Woodall
McClary, J. K. & Mollie Fish R (Transcription) Carole Disanto
McCollom, Luther & Cleo Woodall Brenda Woodall
McDaniel,Charles & Theresa Bullock B Marvin Gregory
Northern, David & Mary E. Harris R Brenda Woodall
Owens, W. A. & Eliza Jane Adams R (Transcription) Carole Disanto
Owens, William & Elizabeth Hood R (Transcription) Carole Disanto
Phillips, Morris A. & Angline Payne Brenda Woodall
Pruitt, Daniel & Amanda Pitman R Brenda Woodall
Reynolds, Dock & Ida Childress R (Transcription) Carole Disanto
Richmond, James & Mary F. Phillips B Brenda Woodall
Townsend, John & Nancy Ann BryantB Brenda Woodall
Townsend, John & Nancy Ann Bryant R Brenda Woodall
Woodall, Harry S. & Carrie Wren R Brenda Woodall
Woodall, William Thomas & Mary B. Bryant R Brenda Woodall