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The Napier Clan

Submitted by Jean Ranshaw

I am the 10th sibling of the Napier clan. I live in Houston, Texas, I have two grown children, Thomas William and Eva Catherine, they have gifted me with three beautiful grandchildren. My son gifted me with Evan William and my daughter with Sarah Elizabeth and Nathan Daniel. I love my children but I never knew I could love twice as much until I had those beautiful little grandbabies.

I could go on about the gb's but would like to share about another love in my life. Charlie Napier, my youngest brother, who has gained a lot of respect and notoriety from a lot of people back home. Charlie's life has reflected the hard work, endless hours of study, raising children, being a husband, friend, son, brother and a messenger to many about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. The latter is all well and good, but as his youngest sister I must say what I feel his biggest achievement has been in life. Pursuing his life with Jesus Christ. What an awesome brother God chose to give me. I know a lot of you are very proud to have him as a friend, but I am proud to have him as a brother. Charlie not only will have spent a life here with me, but eternity will hold us together forever. Can you imagine loving someone forever? Life here has offered many ups and downs in the Napier family, but I often saw our dear mother down on her knees praying for her children. I can remember her talking to herself, talking to God about taking care of her children. Mother's heart always wanted her children to know and serve God. Mother only had a second grade education, but the wisdom in which she made choices for our lives and hers far outweighed having a formal education. My brother, Charlie, has it all and in the right perspective. He has a formal education, but his wisdom to choose God to be his master gives him a degree higher than anything here on this earth. So am I proud of him? Yes. It takes a big person to acknowledge Jesus Christ in a world we live in today where so many are ashamed to say they know Him. Earthly accomplishments? In the end do they matter?