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Old Lead

Submitted by Ray Evans

(This article first appeared in the January 19, 1906 issue if the Mt Vernon Signal.

Charles Hurt's favorite coon dog "Old Lead" passed away last Saturday morning, which was to the regret of his many friends, more especially the Young Men's Club. Following is a piece of poetry composed by Charlie in commemoration of: "Old Lead":


It's with the saddest regrets for me to say,
That I your best friend, Old Lead is passing away;
A many a tear over me you have shed,
With a string many a time you have led.
O'possums and coons, I have caught my share,
Rabbits and squirrels, I had them to spare
And in the fox chase, I won many a prize,
A small picture of me you have, please get it life size
When I was one year old and just a pup,
With the other dogs I would always clean up;
But times have changed now. I am sixteen years of age,
And now here I lay in a dying stage.
To the Young Men's Club I will bid adieu,
And Charley it breaks my heart to leave you;
Altho my time has come and I must go.
And after you again, I can never follow,
But on my tombstone I want you to cut,
You, myself, a gun and a picture of my hut.
I know well you will remember the last words I say,
And in my little bed never let another dog lay.

Note: Charlie Hurt (born Aug. 22, 1884; died July 22, 1968) was the well-respected L&N Railroad Passenger Agent at Brodhead for many years. I was not fortunate enough to know the poetic side of him. He was famous in the area for being able to painlessly remove cinders or whatever from peoples eyes. I knew his son Charles Eddie well and attended school with his daughter-in-law "Corrine Bussel Hurt". No doubt, Charlie missed his dog "Old Lead", but the greater loss in that Charlie Hurt is no longer with us.