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Will of Jarvis Jackson Cromer

Submitted by Pat W. Ball

9-16-1899: Rockcastle County, Kentucky Will Book, E, pg 354-355.

Jarvis Jackson Cromer, September 16, 1899: I, J. J. Cromer of the County of Rockcastle and state of Kentucky, This the 16th day of September 1899 do make this my last will and testament, First of all calling to memory the frailty of life and being of sound mind recommend my soul unto to God and the burial of my body to the entire discretion of my friends. Second; I give and bequeath unto my son C.C. Cromer, after all my just debts and funeral expenses, all my property both personal and real for and in consideration that C.C. Cromer is to take care of myself until death and my beloved wife and little ones. I further give unto my beloved sons and daughters, namely Rachel Emeline Doan, Angeline Mink, Benjamin Franklin Cromer, Charley Andrew Cromer, Joseph William Cromer, Martin Owens Cromer, Elizabeth Caroline McClure, John Haschew Cromer, Samuel Roscoe Cromer, Mary Cordelia Cromer, to have the sum of one dollar each out of my estate this the remainder to be the property of the aforesaid C.C. Cromer, witnesseth my hand this date aforesaid. J.J. Cromer Witness; J.L. Price, W.M. Southard - State of Kentucky, Rockcastle County I., M.C. Miller, Clerk, Rockcastle County Court do certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of J.J. Cromer deceased, was produced in open court on 27th day of May 1901 that being the first day of the May term 1901 of the Rockcastle County Court. The same was documented and called and proven by the oath of the two subscribing witnesses there to J.L. Price and Wm. Southard who stated that they were present and saw testator sign his name to the foregoing instrument and that he declared same to be his last will and testament, The same was also acknowledged before W.J. Renner, my deputy clerk by the testator to be his act and deed. Whereupon the same was ordered to record, which together with this my certificate is now truly recorded in my office. Given unto my hand this 18th day of June 1901. M.C. Miller, C.R.C.C. By J.J. Cook R.C.