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Will of William S. Renner

Submitted by Pat W. Ball

8-30-1891: Rockcastle County, Kentucky Will Book, Book E, pg 290-291, Will of William S. Renner, follows;

State of Kentucky, Rockcastle County; To all whom it may concern- I, W.S. Renner of Rockcastle County, Kentucky, being feeble in body but sound of mind and memory, realizing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and desiring to dispose of my worldly affairs do make and publish this my last will and testament.

First- I will that my executrix have ---- ----- shall pay all my just debts - that I may be owing at my death and all my funeral expenses out of the personal property that I may own at my death.

Second- I will and bequeath to my wife Martha J. Renner, all my real estate and all the personal property that I may now own or may own at my death after the payment of just debts and funeral expenses as before stated.

Third- I appoint my wife, Martha J. Renner as my executrix --- bond to ----- effect this my last will and testament. Wherefore I have this the 30th day of August-1891, subscribed ------ my name in the presents of this witness.

Signed W.S. Renner
Witnessed by; M.G. McKinney & W.H. Renner

State of Kentucky} Rockcastle County}
I, M.C. Miller, Clerk of the Rockcastle court do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purposing to be the last will and testament of W.S. Renner, deceased was on the 28th day of Nov 1891. That day being the first day of the Rockcastle Court produced in said court and W.S.

Renner one of the subscribing witnesses to same instrument - stated under oath he was present and saw the ---- W.S. Renner sign his name to the foregoing instrument of writing ---- that he disclosed that the same was his last will and testament- he further stated that said Renner was at the time he signed said writing of sound disposing memory wherefore the same was ordered to record which is now done.

Given under my hand, Nov 24, 1891, M.C. Miller, C.R.C.C.