Casey  County Cemetery Newsletter



VOL. 9   MAR/APR 2008



Well the time is almost here when we will again photograph cemeteries. We have quite a packed schedule to get everything done. The Casey County researchers are the BEST. I have been given directions to so many small cemeteries and we plan to try and locate all of them. A detailed description of our accomplishments will appear in the June newsletter.

In the meantime, thanks so much to VICTOR LEE who photographed the Old Atwood Cemetery and posted it on Find a Grave. Here is the link:

Also, CAROL HOCHSTETLER has photographed the MAYS Cemetery on US 127. We will check but this may also be known as Reed Cemetery. Carol gave me the driving directions and I will post the map once I have the GPS cooridinates. Thanks Carol. Here is the link:

The “giant family tree” project is progressing very well with so many contributors. MARK MURPHY, JACKIE ZORTMAN and CHRISTY CAMPBELL have done a fantastic job of contributing family photos and stories. I receive between 30-50 emails a day on our Casey County projects. I am running behind on answering but am trying hard to get caught up.

Hopefully the next newsletter will be loaded with successes!!!