Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Frank Easley

Thurman Eastes

William Ebersbaker

J. Lawson Eblin, Sr.

Leonard J. Eckert

Hazel Edens

Charles Dewey Edds

Luther Eddy

Edith Ann Edgerton

Cordia Edrington

Leslie T. Edrington, Sr.

Ralph R. Edrington

Roy Edrington

Trula Edrington

W. B. Edrington

William C. Edrington, Sr.

Uriah Edwards

Walter H. Edwards

Ralph Eggleston

Curtis Eldridge

James Avery Eldridge

Sel E. Eldridge

Rev. Ernest Elliott

Hugh Elliott

Alberta Ellis

Coliann Campbell Ellis

Dean Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis

Everett C. Ellis

Herbert Ellis

James Clyde Ellis

John D. Ellis

Levi Ellis

Mildred Ellis

Nancy Ellis

Nannie D. Ellis

William Ellis

Alletha Skinner Elston

Bland B. Elston

Chester B. Elston

Chester Elston

Della Elston

John T. Elston

Mariam Ford Elston

William Emerson

G. H. England

George Erskins


Bernard “Punch” Erwin

Bernard Erwin

Chester Erwin

Clarence Erwin

Floyd Erwin

William B. Erwin

Mrs. W. H. Erwin

Anna Estes

Cordie Estes

LaHella Hall Estes

Arthur W. Ethington

Beatrice Ethington

Bobby O. “Corn Cob” Ethington

James Ethington

Owen Ethington

Pearl Ethington

Roy Ethington

Roy Ethington

Thelma Ethington

Ada M. E(a)ton

Hazel Eubank

Buck Evans

David Lee "Dago" Evans

Elizabeth Jackson Evans

Elizabeth Evans

Gayle Evans

Rev. Larry Evans

Leonora Evans

Leonora Donovan Evans

Mattie Evans

Patsy Evans

Paul Evans

Jim Eversole

Lelia Evridge

Dow Ewing

Ella E. Ewing

John Ewing

Maggie Ewing

Nell Ewing

Ott Ewing