Bibliography of Hopkins County Resources & Lookup Volunteers
Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple. Information given will be minimal, for example if it is a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed; the volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests.

Our lookups will extend to searching the book to determine if the book would be helpful to you in your research. Should the book prove useful, we can provide the authors address and ordering information.

I have listed many of the Hopkins County books that are available, although certainly not all. If you have published any books on Hopkins County, won't you offer to do lookups in them, or give us permission for others that own them to?

Feel free to request a look-up from the following books.

  1. Put HOPKINS COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your message
  2. In the first line of the message please put the name of the book you are requesting the lookup in.
  3. Only 1 name in 1 book per request.

NOTE: Failure to follow these simple guidelines will result in your request being ignored.

If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time. All books were compiled and published by the HCGS unless otherwise stated.

Hopkins County Cemetery Books
Vol I Vol 2 Vol3 Vol 4 Vol 5 Vol 6
Oddfellows Cemetery, Madisonville KY 1902, Typed notes, Author Unknown
To see a list of the cemeteries included in each book, click here., Compiled by Nancy Trice.

Hopkins County Vital Statistics Births, Deaths & Marriages Deed Books, Minute Books, Tax Lists

Hopkins County Tax List 1807 and Marriages 1807-1868 Nancy Trice
Hopkins County Will Books 1-2, 1807-1829 and Minute Book 3. Carole Palmer
Hopkins County Deed Book 1, 1808-1816, Order Book No. 1-A, 1807-1808, Hopkins County, Kentucky/copied, prepared and distributed by Evelyn M. Cox and Lalla F. McCulley Shirley DeLosie
Hopkins County Deed Book 2, 1816-1819. Nancy Trice
Hopkins County Records Part 1 & 2, Cox.  
Hopkins County Records Vol 4 and Minute Book 1816-1818. ?
Hopkins County Records Vol V. ?
Hopkins County Records Vol 10. ?
Hopkins County Deaths 1911-1920. Nancy Trice
Hopkins County Deaths 1921-1927. Nancy Trice

Hopkins County Census Records
Hopkins County 1810-1840 Census. Carole Palmer
Hopkins County 1860 Census. Patricia H Johnson
Hopkins County 1870 Census. Patricia H Johnson
Hopkins County 1880 Census Nancy Trice
Hopkins County 1900 Census is being transcribed at this time.
Hopkins County 1898 School Census Sharlet LaBarbera
St. Charles School Census 1916-1917 school year. (Hand copied notes). by ?  

Madisonville City Directories

1932-33; 1947; 1958; 1962; 1965; 1967; 1969; 1971. ?

Hopkins County Church Records

History of Liberty Baptist Church 1840-63, 1871-74, 1883-1983.Mather 1983. ?
History of Richland Church 1837-1947. Jesse Brown. ?
History of Grapevine Christian Church, Madisonville. ?
The Twins of Little Bethel. ?
Christ The King Catholic Church. ?
Master Key-History of Madisonville First Baptist Church 1870-1976. ?
First Baptist Church, 1972-73. ?
First Baptist Church, 1982. ?
First Baptist Church, 1987. ?
Manitou Christian Church Records. ?

Hopkins County Histories, Atlases, etc

History of Hopkins County, Gordon. Shirley DeLosie
Hopkins County Biographies, W H Perrin. Carole Palmer
HISTORY OF KENTUCKY, William Elsey Connelley and E.M. Coulter and edited by Judge Charles Kerr; published by The American Historical Society in 1922. 5 Vols Betty B Card
Hopkins County Kentucky Heritage, Vol I. ?
Madisonville First Hundred Years, Cantrell. ?
Just The Other Day-A History of Madisonville Kentucky, Gooch. ?
Original Atlas and Historical Data of Hopkins County Kentucky. HCHS. ?
Earlington 1870-1970. ?

Miscellaneous Hopkins County Records
William C Thomasson's Book 1840-1857.
Notes about his friends and neighbors in Hopkins County Kentucky and Chariton Co Missouri.
Available in Hopkins County Genealogical Society Library
A Collection of family and friends obituaries, funeral cards, etc.
from Mrs Amzie (Dorothy Dixon) Hill of Hopkins County.
Available in the Hopkins County Genealogical Society Library.

Hopkins County Family Histories

Kindred Families, by Irene Aldridge Williams
Some of the predominant surnames appearing with connections to Hopkins, Henderson and Webster Counties: Aldridge, Allen, Brewer, Brooks, Chandler, Day, Dixon, Duncan, Gibson, Gordon, Grayson, Hopson, Liles, Melton, Orsburn, Parker, Sammons, Talbot, Tapp, Williams, Yeargan/Yeargain.
Shirley DeLosie
Some Early Pioneers of Western Kentucky, Their Ancestors and Descendants
Helen E Hart Peyton, Anundsen Publ. Co., Decora, Iowa, 1984. The families covered are Parker, Hart, Jennings, Smith, Rowley, Porter, Perrin, Cardwell, Hibbs, O'Bryan, Sisk, Wyatt, Kirkwood, Loving, Franklin, Croft, and Jackson.
Patricia H Johnson
Samuel Craig of Kentucky and Virginia , Robert Craig, 1996.
Samuel Craig and Mary (Hughes) left Loudoun Co., Virginia, in 1814 when Samuel was about 38 years of age. A few years later they settled in Hopkins Co., KY, where Samuel married his second wife, Polly Major. Most of Samuel's children were married in Hopkins Co. Chapter 1 gives a pedigree chart for the ancestors (two generations) of Samuel Craig who are traced to Delaware in 1733. Chapter 2 includes all known descendants of Samuel Craig. Chapter 3 has information on 1 or more generations (sometimes many) of the following forty-two related families: Adkins; Bell, James; Bell, Samuel; Cardwell; Casebier; Combs; Cox; Craig, Capt . James; Earle; Fogle; Gibbs; Bulick; Hancock; Harralson; Holmes; Howell; Hudson; Hughes; Lovell; Major/Majors; McMaster; Mohon; Monson; Oates; Plouzek; Poole; Posey; Randolph; Shrewsbury; Smith, John; Smith, Arthur; Stuart; Taggart; Vaughan; Vick; Vodicka; Warne; Welborn; Wilkins; Winstead; Witcher; Wood; Zitek. The appendix includes transcripts of many court records, copies of vital records, census records, etc. A soft bound copy of the 324 page indexed book is available for $30, which includes postage, from Robert Craig, 5350 Johnson Terrace, Farmington, NM 87402-4817.

Lookups and additional information about the book can be obtained by sending e-mail to the author Robert Craig

John S. and Nancy W. HUTCHESON CROW of Virginia and Hopkins Co., KY., 1992, Ann Hecathorn
Their daughters married into the CATES, HENRY and BROOKS families. The Crows lived in the Nebo area.

Lookups and additional information about the book can be obtained by sending e-mail to the author Ann Hecathorn

Descendants of John Veazey, 1647-1995, Maryland, North Carolina and Hopkins County, Ky, by Ann Veazey Davis
Descendants of Samuel Winstead (1701-1774) * Samuel III * 3, by Martha Winstead.
Jim Powell
Oates-Earle and Related Families by William Lloyd Winebarger
Joyce Wilson
The Furgerson et ux Bruce Connection by Rupert Henry Furgerson II.
Surnames include: Fox, Clark, Furgerson, Wiggins, Sisk, Murrah, Lantaff, Dillingham, Gill, Jones, O'Bryan, Donaldson, Lantrip, Oates, Cates, LaRoy, Wilson, Phelps, Merimee and others.
Joyce Wilson
A History of Muhlenberg County by Otto A. Rothert
The genealogy of Hopkins and Muhlenberg Counties are so connected that it would appear these books might contain information of interest to researchers from both counties.
Joyce Wilson
Whitfield Family History, Vol. 1: William Whitfield of Bertie Precinct by Bryan Whitfield.
This book gives a history of the area, the Whitfields, various birth, marriage, tax, court, land, wills and estate records of the area but does not give an account of the descendants of William and Elizabeth Whitfield.
Joyce Wilson
There have been many books about Hopkins County residents published. Do you own one you would be willing to do lookups in???
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