Sports in Hopkins County

Thanks to Rick Thorpe who suggested this section and has been so instrumental in getting it up and running by sharing the photographs he has in his possession. Thanks also to Ann Gipson who shared some of her photographs several years ago [they are still linked on the Earlington page as well as here].

It is our hope that if you have any sports photographs [basketball, football, baseball, soccer, cheerleaders, wrestling, swimming, etc] from any of the Hopkins County schools or other organizations such as Little League, that you will share them with us.

Send your photo to me. Please -- one photo per email and tell me in that email who, what, when, etc. Please reduce the size of your photos prior to emailing me since I no longer have high speed internet. Thanks and we hope you enjoy "Sports in Hopkins County"!

History Of Some Of The Schools
Charleston, Dalton and Nebo consolidated in 1962 to form West Hopkins High School. Half of Earlington [west side of railroad tracks] attended West Hopkins High School and the other half of Earlington [east side of railroad tracks] attended South Hopkins High School. This was when the city closed Earlington High School and it became a Junior High School in the county system.

Nortonville High School and Mortons Gap High School consolidated about 1956 to form South Hopkins High School.

In 1968 North Hopkins High School was established with the combining of Madisonville and Rosenwald High Schools.

Hanson High School became part of Madisonville High School, date unknown.

Earlington High School and Earlington Million High School [Black] were consolidated in 1965 to form one school which continued to use the name Earlington High School, Yellow Jackets. Earlington: John B Atkinson Memorial Bldg was built 1902. The separate Jr/High School across the street from the JBAM -- EHS was built in 1928. The first class to graduate from 12th grade was in 1913 with 4 graduates: Kress Sisk, Connie Fenwick (Foard), Agnes Lynn (Thompson), & Margaret Kemp (Ryan). The next year there were also 4 (one of these was Edgar Arnold later of the Messenger). The 3rd year there were only 3 (one of these was Fern Stokes who would soon teach there for 40+yrs). EHS athletics was known by many names before it was "named" Yellow Jackets in a school contest (won by Elizabeth Coffman's mother). Elizabeth taught 40+ years also and is the mother of well-known Yellow Jacket Wes Coffman, Jr.

Dawson Springs has always been an Independent School System.

Charleston High School
  • nothing available at this time.

Dalton High School
  • nothing available at this time.

Earlington High School
Earlington Million High School [Black]
West Hopkins High School
Hopkins County Central High School
  • Lady Storm ~ This is a link to the Hopkins Co. Central Lady Storm basketball and softball site. This site is not affliated with the high school.

Madisonville High School
Nebo High School
  • nothing available at this time.

Madisonville-North Hopkins High School
  • nothing available at this time.

Rosenwald High School [Madisonville, Black]
South Hopkins High School
Dawson Springs High School
Western Kentucky
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