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Unidentified Photos

Photos added 12 Jan 2002

Bonnets Photo Leann Guthrie Sawyers
Elizabeth Looper Sawyers Sawyers Group Photo #1
Elizabeth Looper Sawyers Sawyers Group Photo #2
Frederick Hartwell Sawyers Sawyers Group Photo #3
Grace Sawyers Smith and Elizabeth Looper Sawyers Nora Sawyers, Mary Sawyers Avery and Elitha Jane Sawyers Smith
Homer, Charles and Roy Sawyers Wheat Threshing Photo #1
Homer Sawyers and Paul Smith Wheat Threshing Photo #2
James A. G. & Nettie Sawyers

Photos added 23 Feb 2002

Elijah Brown Family Leann Guthrie Sawyers
Rev. & Mrs. George Washington Brown Litha Sawyers Smith and Allen Keen
Allie Smith Keen Sawyers Group Photo #4
Clevis Sawyers Leveridge & Grace Sawyers Smith Sawyers Group Photo #5
Clevis Sawyers Leveridge, Grace Sawyers Smith and Georgia      Cummings Sawyers Sawyers Group Photo #6
Ev Sawyers South
Bible School, 1939  

Photos added 12 Apr 2002

Mertie, Vilna & Sallie Lou Andrews John Lafayette Andrews
Frethias Andrews Milton D. Andrews
Henry B. Andrews William C. & Lucinda Stailey
Jacob Jackson & Shelby Granville Andrews John & Malinda Wells

Photos added 4 May 2002

Emma Lee Looper Clevis, Grace & Rose Sawyers
Anderson Malone Family Sawyers Ladies 2

Photos added 18 June 2002

Herbert Guffey Jim & Nettie Sawyers family
Will & Allie Keen "Pappy" Jim & Nora Sawyers
Maggie Moyers & Kids Leta, Colleen & Avinell Sawyers
Bill & Irene Sawyers Lila Gay Sawyers
Erbon Sawyers Lila Gay, Neva & Eva Sawyers
"Pappy" Jim & Leta Sawyers Neva Sawyers
"Pappy" Jim & Nettie Sawyers Grace & Madge Smith

Photos added 8 September 2002

4 Generations of the Barbers The Guffey Family
Bessie Barber Johnson and Sons John Biggle Barber
Eva Jane Barber John Ephriam Barber
Frank Wolford Barber Martha Hoodenpyle Barber
Richard G. & Matilda Guffey Thomas & Parasetta Barber family

Photos added 12 February 2003

F.H. & Leann Guthrie Sawyers Leander & "Frankey" Booher Sawyers

Photos added 9 March 2003

James Walker & Mary Olive Sawyers James & Mary Olive Sawyers Family
Bertha, Everett & Bill Mac Sawyers Everett & Charles Elmer Sawyers
Flossie & Bertha Sawyers Everett Sawyers House
Charles & Catherine Asberry Family Charles & Eliza Guthrie McKinley
George Alexander McKinley Ottilda Ballenger McKinley

Photos added 9 April 2003

Elza & Lotaine Duvall Asberry Family

Photos added 10 April 2003

Willie & Eunice Bowlin Family
Willie & Eunice Bowlin Family
Hall & Melvin Bowlin
Willie & Melvin Bowlin
Bowlin Family Dinner
Willie & Eunice Bowlin Family

Photos added 30 June 2003

Dean & Kretichel Bowlin
Eunnice L., Willie, Hettie, Paul, Eunice & Homer Bowlin
Isaac Catron Family
Ruby Wright & Eunice Bowlin
Tom Wright
Willie & Eunice Bowlin

Photos added 23 July 2003

Students of an Albany school, circa 1907-1908

Photos added 7 Nov 2003

Diana Pittman Extended Family
Francis Marion Pittman Family
Family of John Butler
Reason & Ann Emaline Pittman
J.M. Pittman & Teresa Looper
Speck School

Photos added 27 Dec 2003

Stanton Prader Brown Family  

Photos added 21 Feb 2004

Henry Tuggle  

Photos added 10 Mar 2004

1910 Pinegrove School 1912 Pinegrove School

Photos added 12 Apr 2004

Oren Hutson & unknown man

Photos added 7 Jun 2004

Sarah Ethel Sheckels Holbrook

Photos added 10 Jul 2004

Siblings of Carrie Compton Brown
Speck School Students, 1920
Speck School Students, Date Unknown
Speck School Students, 1912

Photos added 29 Sep 2004

Wells Family Homecoming, 1954
Andrew J. & Amie Grace Stailey
James Edward Stailey
Jonathan and Maggie Booher Smith
Willie K. Stailey

Photos added 30 Oct 2004

Sutton Brown
Sutton Hunter Brown
Carrie Compton Brown
Sutton Brown & Kids
Carrie Brown & John Compton

Photos added 18 Dec 2004

Jeremiah Stailey Family
Jeremiah & Nancy Stailey
John & Arminda Andrews
Daughters of John & Arminda Andrews

Photos added 3 July 2005

Curley Gabbard/Gabbert
Kittie Gabbert/Gabbard
William Gabbard/Gabbert

Photos added 25 September 2005

William Charles Wray
William Floyd Wray Family
Elisha & Elmer Wray
Speck School - who are they?
Carolyn Shelley Teel

Photos added 29 October 2005

Cave Spring School, c. 1943-1946
Cave Springs School, c. 1942-1948
Edgar, Lester & Joe Elmore
Cave Springs School #3
Cave Springs School #4
Cave Springs School #5
Cave Springs School #6
Cave Springs School #7
Cave Springs School #8

Photos added 19 November 2005

Eli Brown

Photos added 5 March 2006

1909 Savage School

Photos added 7 April 2007

Mystery Couple
Frank & Mollie Dicken
James Alexander and Otilla Lowhorn Dicken

Photos added 23 August 2008

Sophia & Garland Davis
John Adams Cross
Guy, Hester Chester & Jimmy Cross with Dimple Evangeline Cross    Brown
Guy Cross, a KY Colonel
Hester Leona Smith Sheckles Cross
Chester G., Walter Stovall, Kenneth Kimball & Preston Kay Cross


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