Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Mary Tipton Gabhart

Mrs. Ernest Gaillard

Annie K. Gaines

Darlene Jones-Gaines

Emma Roberts Gaines

Harry Charles Gaines, Jr.

Merritt Gaines

Nancy Gaines

Dora Galbreath

Esther Galbreath

William Galbreath

Betty Gales

Shirley Ganser

Patricia Gorbandt

Polly Garbitt

Antoinette Gardner

Irene Gardner

Lillian Bryant Gardner

Mary Gardner

Prentice Gardner

Prentice C. Gardner

Willie Gardner

Eula Mae Garrett

Hettie B. Garrett

Mrs. Paul L. Garrett

Sarah F. Garrett

William Garrett

William Garvin

Gladys Garvey

Myrtle B. Garvey

William J. Gatewood

John "Jack" Quinten Gault

Stewart McIntyre “Mac” Gaunce

Elsie Gayhart

Richard Gentry

Benny Gibbs

Cletus Lee Gibson

Maria Gibson

Joseph Dean Gilbert

Lola Dean Lynch Gilbert

Sylvan Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert

Ben Gill

L. Leon Gill

William Fairleigh Giltner

William Fairleigh Giltner

Fannie Arnold Gipson

Alice Gividen

B. T. Gividen

Deborah Gividen

Henry J. Gividen

James Andrew Gividen

Colonel Joe Gividen

Joe Gividen

John Gividen

Koss Gividen

Louisa Gividen

Lucille J. Gividen

Maggie Gividen

Mary Leslie Gividen

Mary Gividen

Mary Adcock Gividen

Paul Gividen

Robert Gividen

Roy P. Gividen

Mrs. S. H. Gividen

Sarah Mildred Gividen

Della Glascock

Lawrence Glass

William Goble, Sr.

John C. Godfrey

Elizabeth J. Godfrey (Mrs. J.C. Godfrey)

Elizabeth Ann Goins

Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Goins

Raymond Goins

Roger Golden

Ruth Golden

Thomas K. Golden

Grace Graham Good

Graham Good, Jr.

Elzy Goodloe

Frank Goodloe, Sr.

Frank W. Goodloe, Sr.

Mary Goodloe

Andy Goodlow

Harry Goodlow

Al Goodman

Eugene Goodridge

Lillian H. Goodwin

Lillian H. Goodwin

Bertha Gordon

Cornelia Gordon

Ebb Gordon

Nannie Gordon

William Gordon

Mary Kemper Gotos

N. W. Gould

Mona Goulet

Gladys Gowin

Alberta Graves

Christine Graves

Clara Graves

Ella Graves

Ella Graves

Kate Graves

L. C. Graves

Lawrence Vernon Graves

Mary Graves

Logan K. Gray

John Ed Green

Sarah J. Green

Vivian Greene

Mrs. E. J. Greenwell

Helen Hudson Greenwood

Rev. Clinton H. Greer

Beatrice Gregory

John Gregory

Sim Gregory

Hillis Griffin

Rosie Griffin

Wade Griffin

Margaret Grigsby

Rosetta Harlow Grigsby

Valerie Grigsby

Harold Gross, Sr.

Josh Grugan

Atha H. Gullion

Ben Gullion

William Gullion

Dee Gunnell

Mike Guse

James Guthrie