Palestine Baptist Church Records

November 1859 - December 1937

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

1859 - 1868

1869 - 1877

1878 - 1882

1883 - 1889

1890 - 1897

1898 - 1901

1900 - 1907

1908 - 1915



From the Minutes Book Vol. 2

November 1877 - Thr united Baptice Church of Jesus Christ Met at Palestine on the 3 saturday in November 1877 at Elevin oclock and after Exortation by Brother J R Barbee from the Second Chapter Philippians the Church went into Church Buisness

1 - Peace of the Church cald for
2 - Refferences cald for none
3 - moved and seconded that the Report of the Building committy be Red    Caried
4 - Report of the committy Red
5 - Moved and Seconded that the Report of Building Committy Be Recievd   
6 - Moved and Seconded to ajourn until 3 Saturday in December 1877
       J.R. Barbee   Mod
       J.E. Mains Clerk

Minute aproved


December 1877 - The united Baptics church of Jessus Christ Met at Palestine on the 3 Saturday in December at ELevin oclock and after Preaching by Brother J.R. Barbee from the 3 chapter 1 letter to Corrinthians then the Church went in to church Buisness

1 - to invite Brethern of Sister churches to Seats in council with us.
2 - Dore opend for Reception of members
3 - Peace of the church cald for
4 - Refferences cald for
5 - Moved and Seconded that the church call a Pasture for the year 1878    Caried
6 - Brother J.R. Barbee cald Vote Stands unaninous
7 - Moved and secconded to ajounr to call of chare

     J.R. Barbee    Mod
     J.E. Mains    Clerk

December Meeting 1877
Sabath morning at 11 oclock

The Church came to order at the call chare

1 - Moved and Secconded that the Report of Building Treasure Be Recieved   Caried
2 - Moved and Secconded that the church pay Miss Leony Bradford one Dollar     Caried
3 - Moved and Seccond to ajourn to the call of the chare     Caried

     J.R. Barbee   Mod
     J.E. Mains     Clerk

Sunday night at 6 oclock

1 - The church came to order at call of chare No Businese done
2 - Moved and secconded to ajourn until 3 Saturday in January at 11 oclock    Caried

     J.R. Barbee    Mod
     J.E. Mains      Clerk


January 1878 -

2 - Moved and Seconded to apoint a committy to Se Brother N.D.C. Mains and Brother Martin Vanhook to gather and try to Settle a difaculty Between them
3 - Committy is Thomas Bradford , Jas Lucas, Harry Fields
4 - Moved and Seconed that the money Raised at the 1 festivel Be Paid to Brother J.R. Barbee on his labor as Pasture for the year 1877
5 - Moved and Secconded tha the Church House Be let out to the lowest Bidder for hous keeper Caried
6 - Brother Thomas Bradford agrees to keep the house for the year 1878 for the Sum of Eight Dollars


February 1878 - Prayer by Brother Laban Mains. Brother Eliot Fishback elected Moderator

4 - Report of committy to Se Brothers N.D.C. Mains & Martin Vanhook made and Recieved and committy discharged
5 - Moved and Seconded tha the artickle of agreement Between N.D.C. Mains and Martin Vanhook be Produced and MotRed to the church    Caried
6 - Moved and Seconded that the difaculty Between N.D. Mains & Martin Vanhook be dispenced with out of the church   Motion lost
7 - Moved and Seccond that N.D. Mains and Martin Vanhook Present theare accounts to the church in writing    Caried
8 - Moved and Seconded to exclude Brother N.D.C. Mains     Motion lost
9 - Moved and Seconded to Meet at the church to night to Settle difaculty between N.D. Mains and Martin Vanhook    Motion lost
10 - Moved and Seconded that Brother N.D.C. Mains and Martin Vanhook Produce there acounts in wrighting to our next Meeting in March     Caried


March 1878 (3 Saturday) - Eliot Fishback chosen Moderator

5 - The Difaculty Between N.D.C. Mains and Martin Vanhook Reported Settled


April 1878 - 3 Saturday - Moved and Seconded to Exclude twelve members of witch the names ae as follows: (Caried)

Nicholas Hamilton Andy Miller
Luis Hamilton Wm Smith
Priseley Hamilton Mark King
Robert Mattox Alonzi King
David Steward Thomas King
Nicholas Martin Thomas Miller

Committy apointed to Se Brother Arnold to no if he will Preach for the church the Remainder of the year 1878 is Laban Mains, N.D. Mains, J.E. Mains


May 1878 - 3 Saturday - Elict Fishback Moderator.

4 - Harvey Fields committy to see John Bradford to no what he will Do with the Letter granted him
5 - Moved and Secconded to Exclude John Routt, Edward McKinney, C.B. Brown, Joseph Norris
6 - Special committee to see absent members:  Sister Palmer, Sister Mattox, Sisters Mariah Mains, Sarah Courtney    Caried


June 1878 - 3 Satruday in June at 11 oclock

4 - Moved and Second that Brother John Bradford is a member of Palestine Church    caried
5 - Moved and Second to Release the committy to wait on Brother John Bradford     caried
6 - Moved and Second to Release the committy to wait on Sister Maddox
7 - Moved to Exclude Sister Maddox    Motion lost
8 - Moved and Second to Release the committy to Wait on Sister Palmer    caried
10 - Moved and Secconded that the church call Brother Arnold to Preach for them for the Remainder of the year 1878    caried
11 - Moved and Seconded to grant Brother Levi Mains and wife and Dauter a letter    caried
12 - Moved and Seconded to change the time of meeting from 11 oclock to 3 oclock in the evening     caried
     Eliot Fishback    Mod
     J.E. Mains      Clk


July 14th 1878 Sabbath Morning at 10 oclock - F.R. Leay and Jas. N. Mains committy to Rais money to pay Brother Arnold to Preach the Remainder of the year.
       Eliot Fishback   Mod

July 1878 - the United Baptice Chirch of Jesus Christ met at Palestine on the 3 Saturday in July at 3 oclock
6 - Moved and Seccond to apoint Brother N.D.C. Mains to wright the letter to the association    Caried
7 - Moved and Secconded that Brother Eliot Fishback act as Moderator for the Remainder of the year 1878      Caried

August 1878 - 3 Saturday at 3 o'clock pm

7 - Moved and second that Brother Jas Lucas will colect all money Dew on his Subscription and Pay the same over to the church treasure
8 - Moved and second to apoint a committy to attend the church meeting at falmouth to Se if they can get seats for Palestine church Brother Laban Mains comitty
9 - Delegates to Bare the Letter to the association: Thomas Bradford, J.M Mains, Eliot Fishback, Wm Miller, Laban Mains, Wm Palmer

September 1878 - Prayer by Brother Laban Mains. N.D.C. mains act as Moderator
7 - Moved and Seconded that the church meet on the first Saturday in oct at 11 o'clock for the Purpose of Receiving the church House from the hands of Building committy  caried
9 - Moved and Second to chose a committy to get lumber for Seats and Seat the house and have house Painted   caried

First Saturday in Oct 1878 at 11 o'clock

1 - Moved and Second to Receive the church house from the hands of the Building Committy and Release the old Building Committy   Caried

Third Satruday in Oct 1878 - No meeting   J.E. Mains    Clerk

November 1878 - 3 Saturday - No meeting  J.E. Mains    Clerk

December 1878  3 Saturday at 11 o'clock

3 - That is Brother James Lucas if he can not collect the money Dew on his Subcription that he will Deliver his Subcription list to the church    caried
4 - that the chruch call a pasture for the year 1879   caried
6 - that Brother Laban Mains take care of the house for the year 1879 for the sum of $12 Dollars   caried

January 1879 - 1st Saturday at 11 o'clock

3 - Thomas Bradford, J.M. Mains, J.C. Mains, committy to get a pasture for the year 1879

January 18th 1879 - 3 Saturday at 11 oclock

5 - Moved and Second to grant Brother Thomas Bradford & wife & daughter a letter of dismisol    caried

February 1st 1879

3 - Brother M.M. Arnold cald as Pasture for the year 1879
4 - Brother James Wood, James m. Mains and N.D.C. Mains appointed a committy to take subscriptions to pay Brother Arnold

February 1879 - 2 Saturday 11 o'clock

4 - Brother M.M. Arnold granted longer time to accept call

    M.M. Arnold Mod    Laban Mains Clerk Protem

March Second Saturday 1879 11 o'clock

6 - Brother Thomas Bradford and wife and Daughter Return there letters of Dismisol Back to the church at Palestine and welcomely Recieved

April 1879 2nd Saturday elevin o'clock

Preaching by Brother M.M. Arnold

May 1879 - Preaching by Brother M.. Arnold

June 1879 - Preaching by Brother M.M. Arnold

5 - to apoint a committy to take up collection for Sabath School   Thomas Bradford Harvy Fields Jas. M. Mains   N.D.C. Mains

July 12 1879 - Seccond Saturday 3 o'clock p.m.

Eleven members met at Palestine No business transacted
Brother Arnold not present

August 1879 2nd Saturday 3 o'clock

Delegates to association - Jas Wood, Eliot Fishback, F.R. Leay, Thomas Bradford, J.E. Mains, J.M. Mains

   M.M. Arnold Mod

October 1879

5 - that the church grant Brother Thomas Bradford and Wife and Dauter a letter    caried

November 1879

M.M. Arnold Elected by a unanamous vote as Pastor for the year 1880

December 1879

8 - Moved and Second to Exclude Brother Martin Vanhook & wife Melvinia - charge - Joined Reform Church    caried
9 - Moved and Second to forgive Brother Jas M. Mains for Swareing   caried
10 - Laban Wood & Jas M. Mains a committy to Solicit money to Seat the church house at Palestine.

January 1880

3 - $14.50 subscribed to set the church
4 - to forgive Brother Joseph Blades for Neglect of Duty

February 1880 - 2nd Saturday No meeting

3 members present
   J.E. Mains Clk

March 1880 the 2nd Saturday

No meeting there was Present the following members: Eliot Fishback, F.R. Leay, Samuel W. Mains, Laban Wood, J.E. Mains, S.M. Leay

April 1880 2nd Saturday

5 - to Exclude Brother Wm. Hampton -  caried; charge - Joined Methodist Church
8 - Harvy Fields, S.A. Miller, N.D.C. Mains, committy to build fence at Palestine church house

June 1880 2nd Saturday

J.E. Mains committy to Employ a carpenter to make seats for the church so fare as Money and lumber will do to be done by the 2nd Saturday in July

August 1880

Delegates to association - Eliot Fishback, J.C. Mains, Laban WOod, Harvy Fields, Wm. Dawson

November 1880

Moved and Second to give Brother Joseph Clayton and all Christian pupils a cordiel invitation to meet with us on the 25th day of Nov 1880
To appoint 3 more Committy men to Solicit money to Buy lumber for seats for Palestine Church - F.R. Leay, N.D.C. Mains, Sister Marguet Fishback

December 1880

Brother Ekler cald as Pastor for 1881

January 1881 2nd Saturday

Preaching by Brother Ekler. No Business
    J.E. Mains Clerk

February 1881

Brother J.B. Wood apointed Treasure for the year 1881

March 1881 - 3 Saturday

Pastor present; no members; no meeting

April 1881 - 3 Saturday

No pastor; no business

   J.E. Mains, Clerk

May 1881 - 3 Saturday

To Exclude Brother Thomas Miller caried; charge - Drunkness & Swareing

   W.T. Eklar    Mod     J.E. Mains    Clerk

June 1881 - 3 Saturday

To Recind the appointment of Brother J.B. Wood as treasure; Jas. M. Mains appointed as Church treasure for the year 1881

July 1881 - 3 Saturday

Letter granted to Brother Joseph Blades and wife

August 1881

Came forrowed Brother Thomas Bradford and wife and joined by letter
Delegates to the association - N.D.C. Mains, Laban Wood, Thomas Bradford, ELiot Fishback, James M. Mains, Wm. Dawson

September 1881

The church Employ John Rice to Seat the house at Palestine for the amount of $40 dollars    caried
To grant a letter to Brother Edward hamilton   caried

October 1881 - 3 Sunday, Call Meeting

To move the pulpit from its Presant posishion to Between the Dores
Moved and Seconded to take a vote to Se how many is in favor of Brother Bell to help our Pastor hold a few Days meeting at Palestine to comence 3 Saturday in Nov 1881;
also for Brother Burgess vote in favor of Brother Burges
to make it unaniuous for Brother Burgess for first choice
All unanamous vote for Brother Bell as second choice

November & December 1881 - no pastor, no business

January 1882 - 3 Saturday

Preaching by Brother W.T. Eklar
Vote for Pastor stands thus
Brother Eklar - 11   Brother Burges - 2

February 1882 - 3 Saturday

That the members who have Neglected Attending there Regular Church Meetings be notified to come and fill there Seats and failing to do that church will exclude them    caried

March 1882 - 3 Saturday

To prefer a charge against Edward Hamilton for None Attendance
To extend longer time to those Neglecting there Regular church Meetings    caried
N.D.C. Mains to notify Edward Hamilton of the charges

April 1882

To grant Brother Edward Hamilton longer time to make acnoligement for his none atendance   caried

May 1882

To grant Brother Edward Hamilton longer time to make acknoligement for his None atendance

June 1882   No meetin; no Pastor

July 1882 - 3 Saturday

Preaching by Brother W.T. Eklar
No business transacted

J.E. Mains   Clerk

August 1882 - 3 Saturday

4 - To Eclude Brother Edward Hamilton for none attendance
5 - to accept the acknoligement of Brother Laban Woods and forgive him of Swearing
6 - Delegates to association - N.D.C. Mains, Laban Wood, F.R. Leay, J.E. Mains

September 1882

Memmorandia of a meeting Comencing with the church at Palestine on the 16th Day of September 1882 by Brother W.T. Eklar and continued by him up to the 20tth of Sept at which time Brother Mullins came to his assistance and they continued the meeting until Sept 25th and closed the meeting with one adishan namely Mrs. Molly Maddox

October 1882 - 3 Saturday at 11 o'clock

5 - Moved and Second to call a Pastor to fil out the Balance of this Presant year caused by the failure of Brother W.T. Eklar    caried
6 - Vote taken for Pastor is unanamous for Brother Mullins
7 - Moved and Second to apoint a committy to wait on absent members the names of which are as follows:
   Names of Committy - John C. Mains, N.D.C. Mains, Sam Mains, F.R.Leay, J.E. Mains, Laban Wood
   Names of absent members - John Bradford, G. Mains, L.J.Bradford, Joel Hamilton, S.A. Miller, Thomas Bradford, J.T. McCarty,    Wm. Palmer, Wm. Dawson, J.B. Wood
8 - Moved and Seconded to Exclude Brother Adam Miller for Profane swearing    caried

Memorandia of a Meeting comencing with the Church at Palestine held by Brothers S.G. Mullinsa nd Jas. Hall comencing on the 28th of Oct 1882 by S.G. Mullins and continued by him up to the 30th of same month at which time Brother James Hall came to his assistance and they continued the meeting for a series of Days and nights and there was added to the church the following Brethern & Sisters -

30 Oct Mrs. Molly Wood By Experience
31 Oct Mrs. Sarah Wood For Baptism
2 Nov Ishmal Wood For Baptism
4 Nov Mr. Mack Wood For Baptism
  Mr. John Mains For Baptism
  Miss Fanny Mains For Baptism
  Miss Molly Routt For Baptism
  Miss Lucy Routt Restored
  Mr. J.B. Wood Restored

This meeting closed on the 6 Day of November at night; the Brethern and Sisters above named was Baptised in Licking River at Waggoners Ferry on the 6 Day of November 1882 by Brother S.G. Mullins, Pastor.

November 1882

5 - Committy to wait on absent members Make a partial Report and the following Brethern Make acknolagement of there none attendance and are forgiven. The names of those are as follows: Brethern Thomas Bradford, Gilderoy Mains, John Bradford and S.A. Miller.
8 - Vote taken for Pastor for year 1883 stands thus:
   For S.G. Mullins - 25    For James Hall - 1
   Brother S.G. Mullins cald as Pastor for the year 1883

   Brother S.G. Mullins   Mod.    F.R. Leay Clerk Protem

December 1882 - 1st Satruday 11 o'clock

6 - to Exclude Brother Wm Dawson    caried
8 - to Exclude Brother J.T. McCarty for none attendance   caried
9 - to Release Brother J.C. Mains from the Duties of Deacon in Palestine Church by his request    caried
11 - to appoint Brother Laban Wood as Deacon in the church at Palestine
12 - to Release Brother J.E. Mains as clerk by his request   caried
13 - to appoint F.R. Leay as clerk of Palestine church





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