Palestine Baptist Church Records

November 1859 - December 1937

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

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From the Minutes Book Vol. 2

January 1890 -

5 - moved that the church grant Brother N.D.C. Mains Ministeral Licens.    Motion voted down.
6 - Motion withdrawn
7 - moved and Seconded to defer the case of Brother N.D.C. Mains in regard to granting him Minesteral Licens for 2 months to be cald a gain at our Regular meeting in March    Caried
8 - Brother Levi Mains is elected trustee
10 - to restore Brother James L. Mains to full fellow ship with us on a Ritten confession sent to the church by him.    Caried

March 1890 -

Singing and prayer by Brother Harvey Sharp; preaching by Brother E.J. King
5 - to solicit monney to Pay Sister S.S. Mains a Ballance dew her for house keeping for 1889
6 - Moved to grant Brother N.D.C. Mains Minesteral License     Lost

May 1890 -

5 - Moved to grant Sister Cookendoffer a letter of Dismishan.     Caried

August 1890 -

9 - to releace Brother J.E. Mains from wrighting Letter to association; Brother F.R. Leay to right letter.

November 1890 -

Singing and prayer by Brother Wm. Miller
6 - Brother E.J. King cald as Pastor for the year 1891; N..D.C. Mains moderator; J.E. Mains Clerk
10 - Moved and seconded to reconsider the call of Brother N.D.C. Mains for Minesterial Licens    Caried
11 - Moved to grant Brother N.D.C. Mains Minesterial Licens    Caried

E.J. King, Mod     J.E. Mains, Clerk

December 1890 -

At a meeting held at Palestine by Brother E.J. King, Pastor, assisted by Br

Brother S.H. Burgess, comenceing Dec the 1st of 1890 and continueing up to Dec the 21st 1890, on the night of Dec the 16, 1890 came forward Henry H. Mains, William M. Mains, and John W. Mains for Baptism, also Lewis Hamilton Restored to fellowship. And on Dec the 21, 1890, H.H. Mains, W.M. Mains, J.W. Mains was Baptised in Licken River at the mouth of Willow Creek by Brother E.J. King, Pastor of the Church at Palestins.

Atest     J.E. Mains, Clerk

January 1891 - Saturday before the 3 Sunday

Reading by Brother E.J. King; prayer by Brother Robert Fishback

February 1891

6 - to grant Sister Kate Vanhook a letter of Dismisll     Caried
7 - Resignation of N.D.C. Mains as Decon    Caried

March 1891

5 - to forgive Brother F.N. Mains on his confession to Disciplen committe

April 1891

5 - to Exclude Brother Mack Hamilton - charge joind Reform Church
6 - to Recieve Brother Alonso Rice by letter as amember with us
4 - to receive Report of committee on inviting the Deacons of the WIllow Creek and North Fork Churches to be with us on the 3 Sunday in April at the ordination of Brother Wm Martin (as Deacon)

August 1891

At a meeting held with the Church at Palestine by E.J. King Pastor and Henry O (?) Aulick comenceing on 1st of August 1891 and continued up to the 16th of August 1891 thear was added to the church the following members: Miss Sarah F. Browning,, Miss Josie King, Miss Leana McKinney, Miss Lucy McKinney, Miss Annie McCarty

The above list of members was Baptised in Licking River at the mouth of Little Willow Creek by Brother E.J. King Pastor of the Palestine Church on the 16th Day of August 1891. Also Mrs. Hulday McKinney By Experiance making a total of six additions to the church during the above meeting

October 1891

5 - to exclude Brother Osker Shafer for swearing    Caried
6 - to exclude Brother Matt McKinney for swearing
8 - to forgive Brother Lewis Hamilton on his confession for drinking to much whiskey

December 1891

Brother Wm. Martin elected Moderator
6 - to Recieve Report of committy to wait on Brother Matt McKinney
7 - Moved and seconded to exclude Brother Matt McKinney  Vote stands to not exclude Brother Matt McKinney
8 - N.D.C. Mains and F.R. Leay committy to wait on Brother Matt McKinney
11 - to forgive Brother Wm. M. Mains on his own confesion for Drinking

January 9 1892

Call Meeting 7 1/2 o'clock pm N.D.C. Mains Moderator, J.N. Mains Clerk
Moved and second to see how many of the members present is willing to pay Bro King $100 for the coming year and make up the defisit for last year    lost

February 1892

Preaching by Brother E.J. King
9 - Brother Lon Rice special committy to collect subscription
10 - James L. Mains and Fannie Doggett committy to raise the ballance dew Brother E.J. King as Pastor for 1891
13 - Brother E.J. King is cald for the year 1892 and Excepted the call provided the church can pay him eighty dollars
14 - Jas. L. Mains, H.H. Mains, Fannie Doggett, Lon Rice, Jas. R. Mains committy to raise money to pay Brother E.J. King

February 20th 1892 Call Meeting

5 - Committy to confer with Brother A.J. Gooch to No if he will preach for us this year and to no what amount he will demand as salary

March 1892

6 - Brother F.R. Leay ecected clerk - J.E. Mains resegnation

April 1892

Singing and prare by Br. Gooch
6 - to exclude Sister Any McCarty for joining Metheds church    caried

    N.D.C. Mains,   Mod    F.R. Leay,   ck

July 1892

The united baptise church met at Palestine Satur before the first Sundy in July at 3 o'clock and after singing and preaching by Br. Gooch. The church proced to business
6 - Moved and seckoned to forgive Br. F.N. Mains
7 - Moved and seckond to forgive Br. Wily Mains
8 - Moved and seckoned to apoint a comity to wait on some members that has bin dancing and going to them and getting drunk Comity Wm. Miller, Jon N. Mains, J.E. Mains, J.L. Mains

August 1892

5 - to give Br. Will Wyatt till next meeting to come and make his confession
6 - to forgive Br. Lues Hamilton for dancing
7 - to exclude Br. John W. Mains for dancing
8 - to exclude Br. Nick Hamilton for dancing
11 - to grant N.D.C. Mains & wife a letter
12 - John N. Mains, F.R. Leay & Wm. Martin delegates to association
13 - to grant Sister Josey King a letter

September 1892

The united baptise church of Jesus Christ met at Palestine on Saturday before the first Sunday at 3 o'clock and after exertation & prare by Br. J.A. GOoch the church proced to business
2 - that Br. J.M. Mains be apoined Moderator for the remainder of the year    Caried
4 - Reforances call for and red
5 - to forgive Br. Wily Wyatt for dancing and drinking    Caried
6 - Br. J.E. Mains, Br. W. Marten, Lues Hamilton & J.M. Mains agreas to ieep the house

November 1892

Exortation by Br. J.A. Gooch
4 - to forgive Br. Luas Hamilton for swaring    Caried
5 - to call a paster for the year 1893; Br. J.A. Gooch was call    Caried
8 - to adjorn till Saturday before the first Sunday in Dec at 2 o'clock

  J. M. Mains, Mod    F.R. Lay Ch Clk

December 1892

6 - to pay Br. J.A. Gooch six dollars a trip for the year 1893    Caried

February 1893 -

'Exortation by Br. J.A. Gooch
5 - to exclude Br. James Harden for non-atendance     Caried
6 - to appoint a comity to get a list of the members that ahs not bin here for a number of years. Comity is F.R. Lay, W. Marten, J.M. Mains

March 1893

After singing and prare & exortation by Br. J.A. Gooch the church proced to business
5 - to exclude the absent members that the comity names there naes are as following: Gildroy Mains, T.B. Fralis, Frank Vanhook, Geo Beley, ___ Hamilton, Nan Mason, Mat McKinney, Lesly Morris, Isac McLahan, Joseph McKane

June 1893

4 - to grant Wm. Angel & wife a letter of dismissal    Motion lost

August 1893

5 - delegates to the asoation - Levi Mains, Laban Wood, Wm. Marten

November 1893

5 - Movd & seckoned to grant Sister Mary Hedge a letter of dismissal by her request    Motion caried

  J.A. Gooch, Mod     F.R. Leay Ch Clk

November 1893 - Call Meeting 2 Saturday at 3 o'clock

Wm. Marten Moderator
2 - to call a paster by secrot balet and Brother West was called for 1894
7 - Movd and seckoned that we call a paster Br. Burges was call
8 - to apoint a comity to confer with Br. S. Burges
9 - to exclude Sister Cap Courney for joining Meathod Ch    Caried

February 1894

6 - to forgive Br. J.R. Mains, Br. J.L. Mains & wife for going to play partes

March 1894

5 - that a comity be apoint to se if they can fond some won to preach for us the balance of the year and report next meeting  Caried
6 - to call a paster for the remainder of the year & Br. Hickman Deniny was call
8 - Movd & seckoned that there be a comity sent to se the members that are going to partys and havenging them at there houses; comity S.H. Mains, Br. W. Marten, Br. William Miller, Br. J.E. Mains

May 1894

8 - to forgive Br. Mack Wod
9 - to exclude Br. William Mains and wife and Sister Any Wood & Br. Alonsey Rice and Lee Mains    Caried
10 - to exclude Br. Lues Hamilton & wife & Br. WIlly Wyatt     Caried
12 - to exclude Sister Idey Mains for joining the catholic church
13 - to restore Br. WIlliam Mains and grant him and wife a leter from us

June 1894

S.H. Mains Moderator
5 - to forgive Sister Moley Wod for having a play party

July 1894

H. Dening Moderator
4 - Delegates to the assoation J.M. Mains, F.R. Leay

   F.R. Leay, Clk

September 1894

H. Dening Mod
6 - to grant Br. Leavey Mains a leter from us by his request

December 1894 - no meeting

January 1895

Br. Wm. Marten Mod.
5 - to apoint a new comity to se absent members; comity J.M. Mains, Wm. Miller
6 - to exclude Br. William Angel & Br. Jo Mains     Caried

February 1895

Wm. Marten Mod.
6 - to forgive John Hamilton for non atendance & S. Miller for same
9 - to forgive Br. Jam Lucas for non atendance & Br. C. Hamilton
13 - that the church bind it self to pay Br. Gooch     Caried
15 - to call a pastur for this year.    Caried  S. Bilerter was call

March 1895

Wm. Marten Mod; preaching by Br. S. Bilerter
7 - to release comity of finance on raising money for Br. J.A. Gooch
9 - Comity to solicit means to pay Br. S. Bilerter for this year namely John Hamilton, McWood, Wm. Miller, Mrs. Fanny Mains, Sister Nancy Mains

F.R. Leay   Ch Clk

April 1895

S. Billirter Mod
5 - John Hamilton elected trustee

July 1895 - no meeting

August 1895

Reading and exortation by Br. S. Billerter
6 - to recv Sister Mary Hedge leter back to the church
7 - Delegates to asoation F.R. Leay, J.M. Mains, J.E. Mains

Septmber 1895 - Saturday before the first Sunday of Septmeber

6 - to exclude sister an rice for joining the reform church

   S.H. Mains, Mod    F.R. Leay, Clk

October 1895

Preaching by S. Bilerter
2 - that we exclude Sister Leny McKinney for joining the Metheds church     Caried
3 - to restore Sister Jarey (?) Mains and grant her a leter of dismissal

November 1895

S. Billerter Mod
4 - Moved and seckoned to call a paster for next year, Br. John Powel was call

December 1895 - Saturday before the first Sunday in Decembr

5 - J.M. Mains was chosan Deacon

January 1896

Preaching by Br. J. Powl
4 - May meeting set for the time to ordain Br. J.M. Mains
5 - that the church throw away there rules of decorum and take the Mother church rules at Willow. Motion with drawn till next meeting
6 - finance comity Wm. Miller, Naney Mains, J.L. Mains

February 1896

J.Powl Mod
5 - vote to continue the old rules    vote 16 for the rule, 10 against

March 1896 - Saturday before the first Sunday of March

Singing and exortation by Br. J. Powl

April 1896

Singing and prare by Brother Wm. Miller
4 - Br. Wm. Miller chosen Deacon
5 - Comity to se the deacons of the North Fork church & the Willow Creek church & the Falmouth church to come and asist in ordaining deacons on the first Sundy in May
6 - Br. J.E. Mains apoint treasure

May 1896

Preaching by Br. J. Powl
J.M. Mains and William Miller was ordained as deacons on Sunday May 3rd; brethern from North Fork, WIlow and New Zion asisted in ordeenation. Rev. E.J. King conducted ordeenation

August 1896

J.E. Mains Mod.
4 - Delegates to asoation are Br. J. Hamilton & Br. J.M. Mains & Br. H.H. Mains

   F.R. Leay, C. Ck

November 11 1896

Memorandum of a meeting that was hel at Palestine November 11 and continued up till the 25 of the month by Br. Powl, Br. King and resulted in the folowons names atching them selves to the church

Mack Hamilton Restored
Rachel Frances Woods By Baptism
Elery Woods By Baptisl

December 1896

S.H. Mains, Mod.
5 - E.J. King was called as pasture for the year 1897
6 - apoint a comity to wait on Br. King to se if he wil preach for us & wat at; comity John Hamilton & Br. Henry Mains

January 1897

J.Powl mod
6 - to grant Br. Mack Wood and wife a leter of dismissal from us
7 - Br. Powl was cal as paster

February 1897 - No meeting

March 1897

Exortation by Br. Powell
5 - to apint a comity to wait on Br. Frank Courtney to tell him to come forward at our next regular meeting and make some acklolgment for having play partys
6 - to apoint a day to revise the church book; the day is the reglar business meeting in June

       F.R. Leay, Clk

Aprin 1897

Preaching By Br. J. Powell
4 - to receiv report of comity and release comity on Br. Frank Courtney
5 - to continue Br. Frank Courtney case til next meeting    Caried

May 1897 - no meeting

June 1897

Preaching by Br. J. Powell
4 - to exclude Br. Frank Courtney for going to partys     Caried
5 - to grant sister Faney Hamilton a leter of dismissal     Caried

July 1897 - Saturday before the first Sundy in August

5 - Delegates to the asoation - F.R Leay, John Hamilton, Mack Hamilton, J.E. Mains

   J.E. Mains, Mod.     F.R. Leay, Clerk

September - no meeting

October 1897

Exortation by Br. J. Powl
5 - to receiv Br. Thomas Miller back in the church and grant him a letter from us   Motion lost

November 1897

Preaching by Br. J. Powell
4 - to renstate Sister Moley Wright   Caried
5 - that Br. W.E. Miller have a leter from us by his request    Caried
6 - to call a paster for the year 1898    Caried; Br. Race was call, Br. John Hamilton Comity

December 1897

S.H. Mains Mod
4 - to except Br. Leays resignation as church clerk
5 - that Br. Henry Mains be apointed




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