Palestine Baptist Church Records

November 1859 - December 1937

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

1859 - 1868

1869 - 1877

1878 - 1882

1883 - 1889

1890 - 1897

1898 - 1901

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1908 - 1915



From the Minutes Book Vol. 2

January 1883 - 3 Saturday 11 o'clock

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mullins

6 - to Exclude Miss Elisa (or Eliza) Atwell for Joining Reformers
9 - Moved and Seckond to call on Willow Creek and North Fork and new Zion churches to assist in ordaining Deacon    caried

February 1883 - 3 Saturday

6 - to appoint brother J.E. Mains church treasure    caried
8 - J.E. Mains and F.R> Leay comity to revise church books

March 1883 - 3 Saturday 11 o'clock

4 - comity to revise church book . . . it find 7 names on the old book that was not on the new one names as follows: Eliza Parmer, Lusindia F. Mattox, Mary Luden Burg, Saley A. Maddon, Bell Grove, Faney Dogget, George Bent
5 - Moved to grant brother Thomas Bradford & wife a letter of Dismissal

   S.G. Mulans Moder.    F.R. Leay Church Clerk

April 1883 - 3hird Saturday 11 o'clock

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulans
5 - to apoint Brother Joney N. Mains Supertendant of sabeth school

June 1883 - 3 Saturday 3 o'clock

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens
4 - dore open for reseption of members and Brother Fance Powl came forward
5 - to take Brother Fonso Powl under the watch care of the church till next meeting   caried

July 1883 - 3rd Saturday

4 - to dismiss the case of Brother A.T. Powel   caried
7 - to Exclude Brother Joel Hamilton for none attendance   caried
8 - N.D.C. Mains, Laben Woods, John Rice comity to take subscription to fense in church house - either money lumber or post

August 1883 - 3rd Saturday 3 o'clock

4 - Delegates to carry letter to association - J.7 E. Mains, F.R. Leay, Laben Woods, N.D.C. Mains
6 - to grant Brother L.J. Bradford with a letter of dismilel   caried
7 - to grant Brother Harvey Fields a letter of Dismissle,   caried

September 1883

4 - to apoint 2 comites one on orphan home and one on sundy school - Margret Fishback & Sary Courtney, Nancy Mains
   comity Margret Mains, Sarah C. Mains, Aney Courtney

October 1883 - 3 Saturday 11 o'clock

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens
5 - Names to be erased from the church book for non attendance - Bell Grove, Saley Maden, Mary Luden Burg, Moley Tayler, Margret Craychraft, Sarah King, Cathren Atwell, Faney Oldham, Clerendy Mattox, Mary A. Day, Jula A. McCarty, Mariah King, Sary T. Hamelton, Elizabeth Marten, A.E. Ramsey, Margret A. Giford, Rhodey Frailix, Alice Nichols, Percilla Fields, Eliza Palmer, Faney Dogget

November 1883 - 3 Saturday 11 o'clock

Preaching by By Brother S.G. Mulens

6 - Brother S.G. Mulens called as paster for 1887; Laben Woods, Saml Mains, Thomas Courtney comity to raise salary for Brother Mulens
8 - to Exclude Brother James H. Cumans   caried

   F.R. Leay, Clerk

December 1883

6 - that the church grant sister Allice Nichels a letter of Dismissel
7 - the church employ Brother James L. Mains to keep the church house for the year 1884 for ten dollars

January 1884 - 3 Saturday at 11 o'clock

6 - that Brother James L. Mains be releast from keeping the church house for the year 1884
7 - that the church pay brother James L. Mains 75 cents for wood that he halled for the church

February 1884 - 2 Saturday 11 o'clock

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens

March 1884 - 2 Saturday at night

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens

April 1884

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens

May 1884

Preaching by Brother E.O. Ware
To rase the amount of $10 to pay balance on church lot   motion caried

June 1884 - 2 Saturday 3 o'clock pm

Gilderoy Mains Moderator

July 1884 - 2 Saturday 3 o'clock

J.E. Mains Moderator
5 - to grant Brother Harvey Bishop a letter by his request    caried
6 - to Exclude Brother Sweeden Miller for non attendance   caried

August 1884 - 2 Saturday 3 o'clock

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens
Delegates to association - Thomas Bradford, J.N. Mains, S.H. Mains

September 1884

4 - that the church continue the case of Brother N.D.C. Mains, Brother John Bradford, Brother Wiliam Palmer & Brother Edward Merrill till our next meeting for non attendance

October 1884

4 - that the church Exclude Brother N.D.C. Mains & Brother John Bradford & Brother Nimrod Wrout & Brother Willima Palmer & Brother Edward Merril for non attendance    caried
5 - to grant sister Lucy M. Wrout a letter of Dissmissil by her request

   S.G. Mulens, Mod.    F.R. Leay, Clerk

November 1884

The United Baptise Church of Jesus Christ met at Palestine November the 2 Saturday at 11 o'clock and after singing and preaching by Br. S.G. Mullens the church Proced to reglar church business

1 - Invite Brothers of sister churches to seats & counsel with us
2 - Pease of the church call for    all at pease
3 - Reforances call for    non
4 - Moved & seckoned that Brother John Rice be released from Being comity on fencing church lot
5 - Moved & seckoned that Br. J.E. Mains make a partial report on Minerst salery    caried

  S.G. Mullens, Mod     F.R. Leay, Ch. Clk

December 1884

5 - Brother S.G. Mulens called as pastore for the year 1885
6 - that the church restore Brother Edward Merril & grant him & wife a letter of Dismissel by there own request    caried
8 - that the church restore Brother John C. Mains back as Deacon    caried


January 1885

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens

5 - to grant Sister Lisibeth Luther & Sister Bell Ramsey a letter of Dismissal by their request
6 - Moved to adjorn

February 1885

4 - comity to soliset money to pay Brother Mulens for the year 1885- Ishmeel Woods, John N. Mains, Laben Woods, Laben Mains, Mck A.(?) Hamilton, John Rice
5 - that the church pay brother S.G. Mulens $84 dollars and all over that they can collect for to preach for the year 1885    caried

March 1885

Preaching by Br. S.G. Mulens

June 1885

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens
6 - to receiv request of the North Fork Church and send our Pasture & Deacons to sit in counsel with them to set apart Brother J.C. Homes as a minister of the gospal
7 - to restore Brother Alonzo King back as a full member with us    caried
8 - to grant Brother Alonzo King a letter of Dismissel by his request

July 1885

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens

August 1885

4 - Delagates to the asoation - Brother Johney N. Mains, Brother Laben Woods, Brother Jim Woods, Brother John Rice, Brother J.B. Woods are the Delagates to bare leter to the asoation
5 - to Exclude Brother James R. Clam and wife for joining Reformers    caried

September 1885

5 - comity to wait on some absent members - Mack Hamilton, Laen Woods, James E. Mains; absent members - ther maims are as folows - Gildroy Mains, John Cumans, James A. Browning, Samuel H. Mains, James L. Mains
6 - Motion to Adjourn

October 1885 - 2 Saturday

Preaching by S.G. Mullins
4 - to receive report of and release comity on church lot fence
5 - that the church forgive Brother J. Cumins   caried; Brother Sam Mains, James Browning    caried
6 - the case of J.L. Mains to be continued till our next Meeting
12 - that the church meet on thanks given for to thank the lord for his many Blessings    caried

December 1885 - 2 Saturday

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mulens
4 - to Exclude Brother J.L. Mains for non attendance    caried
8 - to Exclude Elizia A. Courtney and Sister Faney Mains for joining reformers
10 - to elect Br. John N. Mains church treasure for the year 1886
11 - to apoint Alexander Mains church clerk in the plase of Br. F.R> Leay as he resigned the clerk ship

December 26 1885 - Called meeting

2 - A vote taken to give Brother Mullins $100.00    caried

   Laben Mains, Mod     A.M. Mains, Ch Clerk

January 1886 - 2 Saturday

Reading by Bro. F.R. Leay, prare by Bro. Andy Miller
7 - to receive Bro. Bren Saugh (or Brew Saugh) in full fellowship with us
8 - Bros. J.N. Mains & S.H. Mains to wait on Bro. Thos. Bradford
9 - to apoint F.R. Leay & J.M. Mains to wait on Bro. Gilderoy Mains

February 1886

7 - to release comity that was to wait on Bro. Bradford for non attendance
9 - that the church forgive Bro. Mack Hamilton
10 - that the church forgive Bro. Sneed Miller
11 - that the church bare with Bro. Bradford until next meeting
12 - that the church bare with Bro. Mains until next meeting
13 - to restore Bro. N.D.C. Mains back to the church in fellowship with us

March 13 1886

Preaching by Pastor S.G. Mullins
3 - case of Bro. Thomas Bradford for non attendance continued to next meeting
4 - the case of Bro. Gilderoy Mains for non attendance was taken up & a letter read from Bro. Mains requesting that the church to bar with him & expressed a desire to remain in the church - the charge was discharged

April 10 1886

Preaching by Pastor S.G. Mullins
2 - Motion to forgive Bro. Bradford for non attendance caried by him being present

August 1886

Preaching by Pastor S.G. Mullins
4- Delegates to the association - J.E. Mains, C.C. Wright, N.D.C. Mains, Laban Wood

October 1886

Preaching by Pastor S.G. Mullins
5 - Moved the church forgive M.M. Hamilton for Dancing & restore him in full felowship with us
6 - Moved to exclude J.B. Wood, James Wood, Ishmel Wood, Santford Bruin for nonattendance - Thomas Smith for dancing, George Bruin for swearing
7 - Moved to exclude Nancy Polly from the watch care of the church
8 - Moved to exclude Tillie Hamelton & Ellie Courtney for Dancing

November 1886 - Second Saturday, 3 o'clock p.m.

Preaching by S.G. Mullins
4 - to receive report of comity and restore Sister Ida Atwell     caried
5 - to forgive Brother Alexandra Mains for violating the 16th Rule of Decorum     Caried (Play parties & dancing)
6 - Brother S.G. Mullins almost unanamously called as Pastor for 1887
8 - Comity to solicit money to pay Pastor for 1887 - F.R> Leay, J.E. Mains, J.M. Mains, J.N. Mains
9 - Moved and seconded to exclude Sister Mollie Routt; charge - Joined Reform Church
10 - to grant Brother Alexandra Mains a letter     caried and J.E> Mains elected clerk to fill the vacancy

December 1886

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mullins
7 - to restore Sister Elisabeth Martin to full fellowship    caried

January 1887

Elected Brother James M. Mains Moderator
5 - that the committy on finance be instructed not to pay for Pastorial services over $75.00 for the year 1887    caried

February 1887

Brother F.R. Leay elected Moderator
4 - Moved to exclude Brother John Hardin for Drunkness and Larceany
5 - Moved to exclude Brother Wm. Gifford for Swareing
6 - Moved to forgive Brother Thomas Bradford apon a confeshian made by hi to the church for Swareing
8 - Brother Holmes called for regular pastor for 1887

March 1887

Reading and prayer by Brother J.R. Barbee
4 - Brother Holmes did not Except the Call and the same committy is continued for to solicit money to pay Brother J.R. Barbee for 1887
5 - Brother J.R. Barbee cald

April 1887

Preaching by Brother J.R. Barbee
4 - to restore Brother John Hardin back to full fellowship    caried

July 1887

Preaching by Brother J.R. Barbee
1 - Brother John Lucas came forward and took membership

August 13th 1887

Preaching by Brother J.R. Barbee
1 - Sister Sally Cookendoffer came forward and joined by letter
5 - Delegates to association - N.D.C. Mains, F.R. Leay, Laban Wood, John N. Mains

October 1887

At a meeting on the 8th Day of October 1887 and continued 10 days by Brother J.R> Barbee there was added to the Church the following names:

Charley Smith   Was not Baptised
Betty Mains   Was baptised by J.R. Barbee in Licken River Tuesday
Alice Mains Oct 18th 1887  
Josie Wood Oct 18th 1887 Baptised by J.R. Barbee in Licken River
William Martin   Came under watch care of church until he could procure his letter

November 1887

4 - Brother William Martin and wife came forward and joined by letter
5 - to grant Sister Mary Routt a letter    caried
6 - Brother S.G. Mullins unanamously called as Pastor for 1888
8 - moved to exclude the names as follows:

Alice Galloway Joined Methodist Church
Rose Miller Joined Methodist Church
Elen Dawson Joined Methodist Church
Nora Vicroy Joined Methodist Church
Liza Smith Joined Reformers
Lucy Steward Joined Reformers
A.J. Miller Joined Methodist Church
J.O. Hardin Joined Methodist Church

December 1887

Reading prayer and Exhortation by Brother J.R. Barbee
5 - Moved to forgive Sister Nora Vicroy on her own acknowledgement for Dancing
6 - Moved to recind the action of the church at our last meeting of Excluding Sister Nora Vicroy for Joining Methodist Church as she did not Join as was reported to the church.


January 1888

Brother James M. Mains elected as Moderator
5 - Finance committy reported $93.00 subscribed
7 - Moved to imploy Brother S.G. Mullins to preach for 1888 at salary of one hundred dollars    caried
8 - C.C. Wright elected treasure for 1888

February 18 1888

S.G. Mullins Moderator
4 - Moved to apoint a Relief Committy of six to visit the sick and afficted of our church t asertain thear wants and report to the church; committy namely Brethern N.D.C. Mains, F.R. Leay, James M. Mains, Sisters S.M. Leay, Lizy McKiney, Fannie Mains

April 1888

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mullins
Sister S.S. Mains was imployed to keep the church house

May 1888

Preaching by Brother S.G. Mullins
4 - that the Union Sunday School institute be invited to hold a meeting at Palestine on the 16th day of June 1888    caried

August 1888

S.G. Mullins, Moderator
6 - Delagates to the association - Laban Woods, N.D.C. Mains, Wm. Martin, Jas. E. Mains; alternages - F.R. Leay, S.G. Mullins, Mack Woods, Wm. Miller
9 - the church by her vote for Pastor for 1889 has called E.J. King

December 1888 - 3 Sunday 11 o'clock a.m.

Levi Mains as Moderator
7 - to Grant Sister Clarenda Mattox a letter of Dismissel

January 1889

Preaching by Brother E.J. King
5 - to exclude Brother C.C> Wright for non attendance    caried

February 1889

Call meeting 3 Sunday
E.J. King moderator
1 - to Restore Brother C.C. Right to full fellowship with us as he was Excluded for non attendance at Regular meeting in January 1889

March 1889

Preaching by Brother E.J. King
4 - to grant Brother Thomas Bradford & wife a letter of dismissal.    caried

April 1889

4 - to apoint one of teh Deacons of Palestine to go to New Zion to assist in the ordination of a Deacon at that Church. N.D.C. Mains apointed

July 1889

Preaching by Brother E.J. King
4 - to grant Sister Sally Rice a leter of Dismision    caried
7 - J.E. Mains appointed to Right the letter to association

September 1889

At a meeting held with the Church at Palestine comencing on the 15th of September and continued up to the 29th of Sept 1889 by Pastor E.J. King and S.H. Burges - there were added to the church the following:

Sept 21 Willis Mason
Sept 22 Mat McKinney
  Osker Shaffer
  Miss Caroline McCain
Sept 23 Willie Wyatt
  F.N. Mains
  Leslie Morse
Sept 25 Isaac McClanahan
Sept 29 Robert L. Mains

This list of members was Baptised in Licking River by Brother E.J. King, Pastor on the 29th Day of Sept 1889

Also, Joseph McCain came under the watch care of the church until he could procure his letter from the Baptist Church at New Zion.

November 1889

4 - Invitation given for Reception of members. Then came forward Brother Joseph McKain and wife and joined by Letter.
5 - That the church build a rick flew for the pipeing from the stoves.  F.R. Leay, J.C. Mains , J.M. Mains committy to attend building of flew.

     E.J. King, Mod      J.E. Mains, Clerk

Thursday November the 28 1889

2 - Voat taken for Pastor wich resulted in a unanamous call for Brother E.J. King. F.R. Leay Mod. J.E. Mains Clerk
5 - S.H. Mains, F.R. Leay, Levi Mains, Sisters Fannie Mains, Mollie WOods, Evvy Mains comittee to solicit money to pay Brother E.J. King for his labors as pastor for the year 1890.





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