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Hello, my name is Suzanne Yelton Shephard, and I am the County Coordinator for this KYGenWeb site. Please  feel free to contact me at any time. However, I do not live in Kentucky any longer and can not do local research for anyone!

Anyone interested in adopting a Kentucky county, please contact Sherri Bradley, KYGenWeb State Coordinator.



Contributions of material for this site are always welcome and gratefully accepted!


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NOTICE: Should anything unexpected happen to me and I am no longer able to fulfill my obligations as Coordinator of this KYGenWeb  site, I want it known that all contributions and contents of this website are to become the responsibility of the State Coordinator of the KYGenWeb  Project. This web site's material will always remain free to researchers and will never be sold.
Suzanne Shephard, Carroll County Coordinator, 2009


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