Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Mrs. Antonia D’Agostino

Arthur Dailey

Johnnie Dailey

Ethel Hamilton Dale

Hazel Danner

Robert Danner

Joe Daunhauer

Roberta Daunhauer

Bobby Joe Davidson

Taylor Davidson

Walter Davidson

Bertie Hall Davis

Clara Davis

Gatton Davis

Harold Morton Davis

Jacqueline Davis

Jesse Davis

Junior Davis

Letha Davis

Lurlie Davis

Nannie Davis

Nettie Davis

William Dawkins

Catherine Dawson

Joyce Day

Randolph Day

S. J. Day

W. K. Day

William M. Deakin

Eldora Yount Dean

Ethel Dean

Margaret Dean

Presley G. Dean

Robert “Bobby” Dean

Russell Dean

Sophia Dean

Beatrice Dearinger

John Decker, Sr.

Curtis Dees

Patsy Dees

John Deetan

John Deetan

Lela Delaney

Lucille Delling

Docia Demaree

Jennie Demaree

Kate W. Demaree

Leola Demaree

Minnie Dempsey

Stella Dempsey

Ida B. DeNu

Sue Steger Denu

Bruce David Derossett

Eric David Derossett

Mary Carter Detwiler

Clara Devary

James “Jimbo” Ray Devary

Mrs. Richard Devereaux

Harold Devine

Mary Devine

Claude H. Devore

Ida F. Devore

Sarah Jane Devore

William C. Devore, Sr.

Robert  Diederich

Herbert Didier

Lola Dills

Mary Disken

Idamae Smith Ditto

Beatrice Dixie

Curtis Dixie

James Dixie

Aileen Dixon

Elie Dixon

Fannie Dixon

Joe Dixon

Infant Dixon (s/o Peggy M. Harvey and Johnnie Sullivan Dixon)

Harold Doane

Homer Doane

Mildred Doane

Della Doll

Ben Ed Doll

Carrie Doll

John Doll

Chester Douglas

Gene A. Douglas

Irvin Douglas

J. C. Douglas

John Douglas



Opal Douglas

Rodney Douglas

E. D. Douthitt

Laidley E. Douthitt

Lorene Douthitt

Alice Dowden

Charles V. Dowden

Edith Dowden

J. C. Dowden, Jr.

John Dowden

A. J. Downey

Bill Downey

Billy Downey

Carroll Downey

David Downey

Edna C. Downey

Edna E. Downey

Eli Downey

Estil Downey

Eva Downey

Eva Downey

Floyd M. Downey

Floyd T. Downey

Gary Downey

Ida Downey

John Downey, Jr.

John Willis Downey

Linda Downey

Maggie Ireland Downey

Martha Downey

Martin Downey

Mary Downey

Marvin Downey

Norma Downey

Oel Lee Downey

Press Downey

Rebecca Downey

Robert Downey

Samuel Downey

Sherman Downey

Shirley Downey

Sophia J. Downey

Sue Downey

Tiffany Downey

Tom Downey

Walter Downey

John W. Downs

Estelle Doyle

Mary “Rannie” Doyle

B. S. Drane

Christine Drane

Dora Drane

Maude Pearce Drane

Robert H. Drane

W. S. Drane

Clyne Drew

Helen Drew

Reba Druin

Larry Drury

Adam Duchscherer

Frank Duff

Myrlin L. (Nana) Duggins

John Dunavan

Belle Dunavent

Lottye Dunavent

Margaret Dunavent

Bertha Dunaway

Clara Dunaway

Hazel Dunaway

Kathryn Dunaway

Mattie Y. Dunaway

Myra Dunaway

Vera Dunaway

Velma Faye Dunaway

Vernon Holmes Dunaway

Arthur Duncan 

Harvey Duncan

John Duncan

Lelah W. Duncan

Mrs. Richard Duncan

Patsy Dunlap

Cecil Dunn

Edith Dunn

Lucy Jane Thomas Dupuy

Carlos Durham

Clarence Durham

Everett Durham

Mary Lucille Durham

Iris Durrett

Lena Durrett

Lewis Durrett, Sr.

Lou Durrett

Adam Dushscherer

John Dutton

Laura Dutton

C. Allen Duvall, Jr.