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COOKE, JOHNSON, MARSHALL, PICKETT posted by Helen Lonsdale on Friday, April 2, 1999

Searching for William (1735-1809) and Mary Ann (PICKETT) MARSHALL. William said to be a Baptist minister. Of their eleven children, the first Martin Pickett MARSHALL was born 11 Sept 1777 and their second George (m. Vardeman) was b. Henry Co Ky. Fourth son was William b. Henry Co Ky m. Rebecca JOHNSON. Also interested in Mary Ann PICKETT MARSHALL's family. Her parents were William and Elizabeth (COOKE) PICKETT. Especially interested in finding a Mary Ann "Polly" ____ b. 1798 who is said to have been raised by this William.

BOBBITT, HALL posted by Joanne Fry on Saturday, April 3, 1999

HALL BOBBITT Georgia HALL of Lockport, Henry Co born 1888 married Willis BOBBITT born 1878 Georigia had siblings Nell, Luther,and Leslie N. Georgia and Willis moved to Ravina were he worked for the railroad. Looking for any info on these families

BAILEY, CARAMAN, CARMAN, DANIEL, MEDLIN, WOOD posted by Taleah Wilkinson on Saturday, April 3, 1999

April 3, 1999 Saturday I am searching for information on my Great Great Grandmothers family her mother was Lucinda CARMAN she was born in 1820, and have reason to believe that she was born or lived in Henry Co. Kentucky. Her father was Joshua CARMAN born in either 1784/1790,(two different sources have showed this both as his birth date), he married a Susannah,(maybe a Susannah BAILEY on Sept.5, 1809). What I do have in the records of where Joshua CARMAN settled at with some of his children was what is now Dade County, Mo., this is where I live, and appears to be where he died. I don't have any dates as to when and where Joshua and Susannah are buried, but have reason to believe that they are buried in unmarked graves in a small cemetery on private property that belonged to his daughter Lucinda CARAMAN MEDLIN; it was until about 20 years ago that the last family member sold this land, unitl then it had been owned by someone in the family. I know that Joshua's daughter Lucinda CARMAN MEDLIN, and her husband are buried there, they was the owners of the land during the time period that Joshua and Susannah would have died, it was later sold to their daughter, and continued to be owned for many years by the family. Dade County and Her People, History of Dade County shows Joshua CARMAN as being one of first land owners recorded in 1840. Dade County Families Before 1880, has the following on Joshua CARMAN and his family - Joshua b. 1790, Ky.; d. 1876 Dade Co.; m. Susannah b.1791 Children: Elmina Eleanor b. 1811, Ky.;m. John Harris; Lucinda b. abt. 1820; m. Allen Medlin Ky.; Joshua T. m Maricebly Jane Rodgers; James H. m. Vina Talbuttt; also listed is who I believe a granddaughter Lucinda Clara CARMAN b. June 11, 1855 Dade Co., d. June 8, 1934 d/o of CARMAN and Millie R. McBRIDE. Lucinda Clara was raised by a step-father who would have been a brother-in-law of Lucinda CARMAN MEDLIN's daughter Eliza MEDLIN DANIEL, who was my Great Great Grandmother. I was sent some information from Daniel CARMAN who believes that my Joshua CARMAN is a descendant of Joseph and Mary CARMAN who would have been a line that came to Kentucky from NJ. After reading some family history on the CARMAN family I believe this is very likely correct. It showed a connection to a Caleb and Elizabeth WOOD CARMAN, whose family was in Henry Co., Ky. I was told their isn't a lot of information on this line, and I would appreciate any that I can get to help fit this family line together.

LOCK posted by Jim Gardner on Tuesday, April 6, 1999

LOCK, Rebecca was in Henry Co, april 1871. Widow of William F. LOCK. Any info appreciated.

COCKRELL, HUDSON posted by Debbie Clifton on Friday, April 9, 1999

COCKRELL, HUDSON Looking for information on Cassie COCKRELL who married Owen HUDSON.

GREEN, HENDERSON posted by Gayle Henderson Ernst on Sunday, April 11, 1999

HENDERSON/GREEN From Ancestry.com I have info that Polly B. GREEN married James HENDERSON in Henry Co.,Ky on Dec 22, 1825. If anyone has information on their parents or children, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.

BERRY posted by Jim Admire on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

The book "Kentucky Baptists" has a biography of Reverend Edwin G. BERRY a prominent minister in Henry county for forty years. This is really more of an fyi than a query.

POLEN posted by Don Polen on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

POLEN, James married in Henry Co. in 1798

SCOTT posted by Bob Perry on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

I am looking for any info on Baptist SCOTT. His will appears in the New Castle, Henry Co. Court House Dec. 5, 1801-May 2, 1803. He died in Clark Co.. Would like to know where he was born , how and why he came to Henry Co.,who he married and where, and who were his parents.

HAWKINS, PERKINS posted by V. Marsh on Thursday, April 15, 1999

I am searching for the burial site of Martha (Belle) HAWKINS PERKINS. Both she and her husband, James PERKINS, were born in Owen County, but they resided for a while in the Lockport area. Their sons are said to have been born at Lockport: Hobert in 1897 and Eddie in 1900. I believe she may have died in that area sometime between 1900 and 1907. Thanks for any info you can provide.

LYONS posted by Lilllian M. Honditch on Thursday, April 15, 1999

Surname LYONS , anyone knowing Mary E.LYONS Born To Dorthy LYONS 05/09/33 , Mary E.LYONS was from the area of Henry County and the Lyndon Methodist Children's Home and her family now knows that she was looking for her family in 1957 . Please have her contact her sister born Dorthy

CARSON, OGDEN posted by Nancy Dostal on Friday, April 16, 1999

Looking for any information on Clark CARSON b 1800-1810 Ky m Jane C. OGDEN Nov 25, 1829 Henry Co., Ky. Would like to know the parentage of Clark.

BISHOP, CROW, HINDMAN, YOUNG posted by Carol Crosby on Saturday, April 17, 1999

Searching for information on families of Whitson R. BISHOP b. 1826 Henry Co., KY m. Frances YOUNG b. 1834. Whitson parents Isaac BISHOP b. 1799 Clark Co., KY m. Sarah HINDMAN b. 1801. Isaac BISHOP parents were Thomas BISHOP b. 1765/1770 m. Margaret CROW b. 1788 VA. Margaret parents James and Jane CROW.

KIRK posted by Leith B. Wyman on Saturday, April 17, 1999

I am looking for records of a distant relative, who originated in Campbellsburg, in Henry, County. His name is Thomas KIRK and he was born in 1836. I do not know his parents names.


Nelson PARISH, Sam GOODRICH, Joseph GOODRICH, Wesley PARISH, Jack JOHNSON, Robert GOODRICH, Jim KEMPER, John WEISER, Ben GOODRICH, Sheriff Thomas GRAY, John JAMES, William SMOOT, a man named BAER from Madison, IN, Jackson SIMMONS, Rev. C. H. HUMPHREY, B. G. MORGAN, Ed B. HORD, J. W. PARISH, Dr. LONG, Robert SMOOT, Susan PARISH, Robert N. LAWLER, James LINEBACK, Rena L. YANCEY, Allan TROUT, "King Jim" SIMMONS, John O'NAN, GALLIGAN from Indiana, William WAINSCOTT all mentioned in the confession of Richard SCHUCK.

RANDOLPH posted by Jodi Johnston on Wednesday, April 21, 1999

I am looking for information on someone who lived in Eminence, KY between 1921-1933. Here's what I here: Certified Copy of Nathan Albert RANDOLPH. Nathan b. April 6, 1888 in Pope County, Illinois, d. July 10, 1933 in Eminence, Pleasureville Pct, KY. His address at the time of his death was RR#2, Eminence, KY. He's buried in Pleasureville, KY Cemetery. I am looking for the name of his wife and possibly children. It has been said he married a nurse who owned a tobacco plantation and had one daughter with her. I am also looking for his will. I know he left one, because he left land to his two sons (Robert and Edward) in Illinois. The marshall came to their house and told them that their father left some land to them and that the state wanted to buy it. Their mother (Nathan's 1st wife) hired an attorney to look into it, but he said there was nothing to it and nothing was ever done about it since. Can you help or guide me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robert is my grandfather and he didn't hardly know his father, Nathan. I think he really wants to find out who he remarried, does he have any half-sisters/brothers, and was there a will?

LAWRENCE, REEVES posted by melissa hetterick on Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Jennie REEVES born in Eminence Ky. Henry County around 1874. REEVES is the first man she married. She had May, Omer and Nannie REEVES all born in the 1880's. Jennie's mother was Nancy LAWRENCE.


Posting My "Early Va. People" and looking for their desendants KELLY, VANOVER,WRIGHT,ESTES,ROBERTS,MALLORY, SMITH,PENCE,SAMS Descendants of William KELLY, Maj. 1 KELLY, William, Maj. Born: 1735 in Ireland Died: September 9, 1783 in Virginia .. +SMITH, Elizabeth {Betsy} Born: 1737 in Virginia Died: 1810 Married: 1755 in Virginia Buried: June 1804 Fayette Co.Ky. . 2 KELLY, Joseph H, Capt. Born: January 29, 1767 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia Died: October 16, 1853 in Henry County, Kentucky Buried: Cem. on McKee Farm, Pleasureville, Ky ..... +MALLORY, Elizabeth Born: March 24, 1771 in Virginia Died: March 30, 1830 in Henry County, Kentucky Married: 1787 in Ky. Buried: March 30, 1830 Cem. on McKee Farm, Pleasureville, Ky 1 WRIGHT, Willis Born: Abt. 1768 in Caroline.Va. Died: 1821 in Henry Co., Ky .. +FORTSON, Lucy . 2 WRIGHT, William Born: 1803 in Va. Died: in Daviess Co., Kentucky ..... +ESTES, Elizabeth Born: 1805 Married: 1829 in Henry Co. Ky. *2nd Wife of Willis Wright: .. +HEWLETT, Leah . 2 WRIGHT, Mary "Polly" Born: Abt. 1796 ..... +MILLER, David C., Sr. Born: 1796 in Caroline Co. Va. Died: 1865 in Va. Married: October 15, 1815 in Henry Co.Ky. 1 ROBERTS, James Born: 1766 in Va. Died: 1822 in Daviess Co., Kentucky .. +Unknown . 2 ROBERTS, Merry Born: 1799 in Va.,moved to Henry Co.Ky.then>Daviess Co., KY. Died: in Daviess Co., Kentucky . 2 ROBERTS, Henry N. Born: 1807 in Henry Co.Ky. Died: September 17, 1857 in Daviess Co., Kentucky ..... +PINKSTON, Delilah Married: December 19, 1830 in Daviess Co., Kentucky . *2nd Wife of Henry N. Roberts: ..... +DUNCAN, Mariah Jane Born: August 14, 1826 in Ky. Died: September 1897 Married: 1845 in Hancock 1 SAMS, James, Sr Born: April 2, 1785 in Orange County, Virginia Died: January 26, 1849 in Henry County, Kentucky Buried: January 26, 1849 Cem. on McKee Farm, Henry Co. Ky .. +KELLY, Permelia Born: June 18, 1791 in Clark County, Kentucky Died: July 26, 1855 in Pleasureville, Henry County, Kentucky Married: December 24, 1806 in Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky Buried: July 26, 1855 Cem. on McKee Farm, Henry Co. Ky . 2 SAMS, Joseph Born: November 8, 1808 in Clark/Henry Co. Ky. Died: Abt. 1849 in Trimble Co. Ky ..... +WHITE, Delilia Born: 1813 Died: 1877 Married: December 1828 in Henry Co. Ky. . 2 SAMS, William C. Born: January 18, 1812 in Clark County, Kentucky Died: June 15, 1900 in Trimble County, Kentucky Buried: Sulfur Fork Church Cemetery, Henry Co., Ky ..... +KELLY, Lucinda Born: May 8, 1817 in Clark County, Kentucky Died: April 25, 1877 in Trimble County, Kentucky Married: April 4, 1833 in Henry County, Kentucky Buried: Sulfur Fork Church Cemetery, Henry Co., Ky . 2 SAMS, Polly D. "Mary" Born: November 6, 1813 Died: June 12, 1896 Buried: Sulfur Fork Church Cemetery, Henry Co., Ky ..... +KELLY, James Born: 1813 Died: 1896 Married: April 10, 1839 in Henry County, Kentucky Buried: Sulfur Fork Church Cemetery, Henry Co., Ky . 2 SAMS, Sallie Ann Born: January 18, 1817 Died: May 24, 1881 in Eminence, Henry Co., Kentucky ..... +VANICE, Dennis Bice Born: February 14, 1808 in Henry Co. Ky Died: Unknown in Louisville, Ky Married: January 17, 1832 in Henry County, Kentucky . 2 SAMS, Elizabeth D. Born: September 6, 1818 Died: May 19, 1847 Buried: May 19, 1847 Kelly- Sams Cem. on McKee Farm, Henry Co. Ky ..... +DUNCAN, Austin B. Born: Abt. 1815 in Va.[maybe], or Henry Co. Ky. Died: Unknown Married: January 17, 1837 in Henry County, Kentucky . 2 SAMS, James, Jr Born: June 6, 1820 in [i need to sort kids]Henry Co., Ky Died: October 18, 1909 in Mt. Zion, Ky Buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Grant Co., Kentucky ..... +COX, Cassander Born: April 22, 1824 in Scott Co.,Ky Died: August 4, 1855 in Pleasureville,Henry Co., Ky. Married: February 11, 1841 in Scott Co., Ky Buried: Kelly-Sams Cem. on McKee Farm, Henry Co. Ky . *2nd Wife of James Sams, Jr: ..... +WELLS, Sarah Ann Wills or Born: November 22, 1838 in Clark Co. Ky Died: October 17, 1868 Married: November 22, 1855 in Henry Co. Ky Buried: October 17, 1868 Kelly-Sams Cem. on McKee Farm, Henry Co. Ky . *3rd Wife of James Sams, Jr: ..... +LALE, Angine Layle or Born: February 4, 1840 Died: March 10, 1909 Married: February 15, 1870 in Grant Co., Kentucky Buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Grant Co., Kentucky . 2 SAMS, Uriel Mallory Born: April 18, 1823 in Pleasureville,Henry Co.Ky. Died: April 8, 1863 Buried: Sams-Kelly Cem. on McKee Farm, Henry Co. Ky ..... +THOMASSON, Sarah Dupuy Born: May 5, 1829 in Pleasureville,Ky. Died: September 8, 1910 Married: February 28, 1845 Buried: Port Royal Cemetery, Henry Co., Kentucky . 2 SAMS, Nancy K. Born: July 18, 1827 Died: August 14, 1848 Buried: August 14, 1848 Kelly-Sams Cem. on McKee Farm, Pleasureville, Ky ..... +FORBIS, John M. Born: Unknown Died: Unknown Married: October 28, 1844 in Henry County, Kentucky . 2 SAMS, Jane Kelly Born: April 4, 1829 Died: 1898 Buried: Forrest Hill Cem.Chatanooga,Tenn. ..... +LUCAS, William T. Born: Unknown Died: Unknown Married: September 1, 1846 in Henry County, Kentucky . 2 SAMS, Griffin Born: May 2, 1831 Died: May 2, 1917 Buried: Campbellsburg Cemetery, Henry Co., Ky ..... +NEAL, Elizabeth Born: August 29, 1834 Died: March 5, 1912 Married: April 13, 1852 Buried: Campbellsburg Cemetery, Henry Co., Ky . 2 SAMS, Permelia Born: June 8, 1833 in Henry Co. Ky Died: March 6, 1854 in Louisville, KY ..... +MORSE, George Wesley Morris or Born: March 19, 1825 Died: February 9, 1860 in Louisville, Ky Married: January 16, 1850 in Henry County, Kentucky

SHORTRIDGE posted by Muncie Shortridge on Saturday, April 24, 1999

Seeking transcript of data contained in the 1830 Census of Henery County, KY on George SHORTRIDGE and Slaton SHORTRIDGE.

ADAMS, NICHOLS posted by Bari L. Adams on Sunday, April 25, 1999

ADAMS, Jeames. I am trying to find my Great Grandfather's father. My Great Grandfather was born out of wedlock to Eliza Jane NICHOLS and Jeames ADAMS. My Great Aunt is pronouncing it "Geems" The only Jeames ADAMS I have seen is on the Henry Co. Kentucky 1830 Census. Does anyone have information on anyone by this name?

EDGERTON, EDGESON, EDGINGTON, ETCHASON, ETCHERTON, ETCHESON posted by Marcy Roll on Friday, April 30, 1999

EDGINGTON/EDGESON/EDGERTON/ETCHERTON/ETCHESON/ETCHASON I am looking for information on a Martin EDGINGTON. He is listed as my father's father on his b.c. He is listed as dying in Henry County. His last name could possibly be spelled differently. Thanks for any lead you might have. My father was born in Letcher County, KY.

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