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Will Book 1 Index

Adams, Leven 1837

Barnett, Susanna 1859

William Blankenship 1892

Caldwell, John C. 1862

Cathers, Elizabeth 1832

Champlin, Jeffrey 1834; recorded 1837

Chesnut, Benjamin 1872, probated 1874

Chestnut, Jacob 1862

   Chestnut, Lucinda 1895

   Crews?, Edward - 1838

   Edwards, William - 1862

   Elam, Peter 1864

   Ellis, Martha, 1828

   Farris, Dicey 1858 or 1859

   Farris, George 1830, proven 1833

   Forbes, Isaac, 1831 & Revocation by Elizabeth Forbes 1832

   Freeman, Christopher C. 1853

   Gunn, James 1892

   Hackney, Jacob 1854

   Hugi, Mary 1892

   Jackson, John, Estate Record 1833

  Jackson, Mary F., 1846

  Jones, Allen 1842

  Jones, Frances 1877

  Jones, John H. 1911

  May, John 1855

  McFadden, Jesse 1854

  McHargue, William, 1833, proven 1836

  Nickelson, Rebecca 1851

  Ohler, Elizabeth 1852

  Ohler, Reuben 1842

  Payne, James 1859

  Pearl, James 1875

  Phillips, Aaron 1843, proven 1855

  Pitman, Nelly S. 1853

  Roberson, Charles 1854

  Robinson, Thomas 1839

  Simpson, John 1840

  St. John, Samuel, 1828

  Stansbury, Samuel 1854

  Storm, Jacob 1853

  Thomas, Samuel, 1930

  Turner, Shadrack 1872

  Watkins, Chapman 1850, probated 1855

  Weaver, Samuel 1826

  Wiggins, John 1860

  Williams, John 1874, proven 1879

  Young, Rev. John Franklin

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