Pendleton County Obituaries

2004 Index

A - L

Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
ABBOTT Janet Lou Elliott 7-Jul-04 64
ADAMS Jonathon Melik Finley   20-Jun-04 U/1
ADAMS David E.   11-Oct-04 49
ALLEN, Jr. Frank "Les"   12-Jul-04 75
ALLPHIN Kelly Sue Spaw 16-Jul-04 32
ANTROBUS Leland Roscoe   27-Sep-04 68
APOLLONI Sondra Jane Mellene 20-Jul-04 65
APPARICIO Donald R.   6-Mar-04 55
ARNOLD Rubye   Arnold 28-Apr-04 86
AUCHTER Frances M. Klaber 24-Mar-04 88
AULICK Edna Mae Coleman 30-Oct-04 96
BAIRD Hannah   Hume 31-Mar-04 64
BALDWIN Andrew F.   19-Oct-04 68
BARNES Audrey Hope   5-Apr-04 80
BARNETT John David "Dave"   29-Jun-04 49
BARTON James Herbert   16-Apr-04 78
BECK Marilyn   Riggs 12-Sep-04 49
BECKETT Eva Jewel Beckett 7-Dec-04 63
BEYERSDOERFER Donald Ray "Donnie"   15-Nov-04 53
BICKEL Dorothy   Hatton 8-Aug-04 84
BINKLEY Mary Evelyn Caldwell 21-Mar-04 81
BISHOP Ada   Allender 19-Sep-04 84
BIVENS, Jr. Russell Elwood   7-Apr-04 76
BLACKABY Marie   Elliott 24-Mar-04 87
BOWLING Marie   Spicer 4-Feb-04 65
BRADFORD David Alvin   26-Mar-04 52
BRADFORD Josephine H. Hupp 29-Sep-04 82
BROOKS Randy     14-Feb-04 43
BROWN Larry N.   19-Dec-04 55
BROWNFIELD Izetta   Gosney 25-Feb-04 88
BRUIN Mabel Dean Mains 14-Mar-04 94
BRUIN Roseina   Mains 13-Jun-04 91
BUERKLEY Freda Allen White 15-Nov-04 76
BURKE Millie     10-Jan-04 86
CAIN Anna   Collins 20-Mar-04 72
CALDWELL Minnie   Dearborn 19-Dec-04 102
CALLEN Ada Elizabeth Earles 17-Jul-04 86
CAMERON Juel Ann Sargent 24-Feb-04 62
CARL Gregory Thomas   25-Oct-04  
CASEY, Jr. George Dewey   28-Jan-04 81
CHANDLER Margaret   West 30-Sep-04 60
CHAPLIN Betty   Bohn 9-Dec-04 77
CLIFTON James Edward   15-Mar-04 81
CLOE James William   23-Mar-04 82
COLEMAN Thomas Kelly "Tommy"   11-Apr-04 68
COLEMIRE Robert Leon   2-Jun-04 60
COLLINS Bill     28-Feb-04 69
COLLINSWORTH L. B.   5-Aug-04 66
CONLEY Hattie Louise Conley 8-Mar-04 62
CONRAD Ernie W.   4-Jan-04 52
COPENS Elizabeth Frances Nash 1-Jan-04 87
CORDRAY Harvey Richard "Joe"   21-Oct-04 93
COURTNEY Harriett Martina Ingles 13-Dec-04 93
CRADDOCK Jerry Franklin   13-Sep-04 57
CROUCH Ruth A.   16-Jul-04 68
CUMMINS Audrey   Marquette 19-Jan-04 92
CURTIS Dortha   Blake 1-Jan-04 80
DAVIS James     15-Jul-04 89
DAWSON Douglas W.   15-Jan-04 22
DEATON Donna Sue Yelton 17-Apr-04 63
DETISCH Robert William   16-Apr-04 65
DOUGHTERY Leroy C. "Pete"   18-Jan-04 70
DRAKE Mildred   Yelton 27-Jan-04 99
DRAPER Sylvia   Smith 14-Dec-04 64
DUNN Ronald Lee   30-Apr-04 58
DUNN Harriet   Duncan 25-Aug-04 68
EARLE Georgia Lee "Penny" Penn 4-Apr-04 82
EARLE Aleene   Perkins 8-Aug-04 87
ECKERT Wanda   Pribble 20-Dec-04 74
ECKLER Nancy   Campbell 12-Aug-04 63
ELLISON Gerald D. "Jerry"   16-Oct-04 66
ESHMAN Imogene   Prince 22-Jan-04 72
EVERSOLE Ronald     25-Feb-04 65
FARDO Ida Mae Phillips 25-Feb-04 82
FAULHABER Pauline   Kremer 10-Feb-04 79
FAULKNER Jean   Brewer 19-Nov-04 69
FERGUSON Zelma Marie "Mee Maw"   24-May-04 69
FIELD Lula V.   24-Apr-04 82
FIELDS Frances   Florence 28-Dec-03 97
FIELDS Karen   Hitch 14-Oct-04 49
FIELDS Betty Ruth Fields 10-Oct-04 70
FISHER (Rev.) Richard Elemuel   18-May-04 65
FITTERER Timothy Joseph   4-Dec-04 44
FLETCHER Geneva   Jenkins 6-Jul-04 65
FLORENCE, Jr. (Rev.) Frank     10-Jul-04 82
FLOWERS Elaine Marie Richinski 11-Feb-04 52
FORSYTHE Jesse Reed   4-Feb-04 97
FOUTCH (Dr.) William Curtis   15-Jan-04 70
FRONK Clarice   Stahl 29-Aug-04 88
FULLER Harriet Belle Riggs 21-Aug-04 75
GARRISON Odella   Hill 15-Oct-04 84
GODMAN William Keith "Billy"   19-Dec-04 51
GOODAN Elizabeth   Ware 5-Jan-04 89
GOODRICH, II Donald  Franklin   26-Jun-04  
GOVAN Eric Bradley   8-Dec-04 21
GRAVES Kirk "Butchie"   3-Jun-04 47
GRIZZELL Katherine "Kate"   13-Feb-04 17
GULICK Loretta   Ashcraft 17-Oct-04 73
GUNCKLE Elizabeth   Beal 4-May-04 82
HALEY David     11-Apr-04 68
HALL L. G.   5-Feb-04 76
HAMILTON, Jr. Clyde     11-Feb-04 77
HAMILTON Vicky Jean Hamilton 16-Dec-04 44
HAMPTON Alice Ann   20-Dec-04 66
HARGETT Tyler Ross   30-Jul-04 16
HARRISON Geneva   Tiery 15-Oct-04 77
HELPHINGSTINE Anthony     2-Feb-04 19
HERINGER George Christopher   17-Apr-04 63
HICKEY Alta L. Harrison 2-Oct-04 81
HITT Catherine Diane Hitt 10-Jan-04 54
HOBBS Vincent     15-Jan-04 80
HOLLERAN Selma Louise Fossitt 18-Feb-04 73
HUGHES Erma Katherine Huston 8-May-04 85
IGNATOVICH Timothy Edward   9-Dec-04 58
ILER Ruth B. Zwilling 18-Nov-04 83
JACKSON Dorothy   Roseberry 28-Apr-04 77
JENKINS Raymond M.   18-Feb-04 86
JETT (Judge) Newell Pete   18-Mar-04 81
JOHNSON Charlie     16-Feb-04 83
JOHNSON Raymond     15-Sep-04 88
JOHNSON James Lee "Jimmy"   9-Oct-04 58
JOHNSTON Connie   Roseberry 24-Oct-04 46
JONES Edwin Gerald   11-Mar-04 80
JONES Helen D. Collins 23-Oct-04 53
JONES Rufus     15-Dec-04 98
KEITH William Oliver   9-Jun-04 55
KELLY Raymond A.   28-Jan-04 63
KELLY Marcella   Wilson 9-Oct-04 90
KENNEDY Jeanne Maree   14-Jan-04 28
KENNEDY Raymond Edward   8-Feb-04 63
KENNER C. Kenneth   1-Aug-04 77
KING Flossie   Weaver 12-Jul-04 95
KING Edwin E.   14-Aug-04 76
KIRK Mary Hanna Ayres 13-May-04 79
KISKADEN Jodie     15-Aug-04 U/1
KLEINSCHMIDT Anne Elizabeth Hoffmann 12-Dec-04 52
KLUMP Mary Lucille   27-Jun-04 81
KNEUP Christopher H.   27-Jul-04 65
KRAMER, Sr. David Allen   10-May-04 52
KRATZ (Dr.) Virginia   Daugherty 17-Jan-04 80
LAMBERT Beulah   Ihrig 31-Aug-04 87
LAWSON Archie Earl   18-Jun-04 78
LEADINGHAM Belva   Adkins 21-Nov-04 96
LEE Mary Lela Howard 2-Mar-04 95
LIGHT John Barlow   16-Oct-04 68
LINVILLE Ethel Jane Welch 1-Jan-04 85
LIPPERT Russell "Rusty"   25-Sep-04 38
LITTELMANN Charles "Papa"   17-Feb-04 91
LOVENSHEIMER James Lawrence "Jamie"   10-Apr-04 40


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