Pendleton County Obituaries

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Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
MAINS Gilbert H. "Gib"   6-Mar-04 87
MAINS Clara "Rose" Dunn 11-Mar-04 66
MAINS Billy G.   19-Mar-04 38
MAINS Cora Elizabeth Dunn 18-Nov-04 75
MANN Ruth Caroline Rose 23-Feb-04 56
MANN Virgil C.   8-Oct-04 91
MARSHALL Gabriel   Faust 17-Jun-04 38
MATTOX Anna Lorean Mattox 16-Feb-04 80
MATTOX Clara   Mains 2-Apr-04 90
MCCAY Ida Mae   12-Apr-04 72
MCCOWN James William   20-Jun-04 91
MCGUIRE Mary Hope Butts 30-Dec-03 84
MCGUIRE Nina Lawone Wright 8-Mar-04 76
MCLAFFERTY Steven     28-Aug-04 34
MCMILLIAN Mary Frances Lonaker 27-Nov-04 78
MCNAY Wilfred Lee   28-Jul-04 89
MEINZE Theresa   Morton 26-Aug-04 75
MERRILL Wendell Ray "Buck"   29-Dec-03 62
MEYER Hazel Caroline Meyer 22-Apr-04 60
MILES Fenton R.   19-Aug-04 83
MILLER Jay Carl "J.C."   30-Jan-04 51
MILLER Lillie Mae Couch 28-Jul-04 65
MILLER Robert "Dayle"   24-Oct-04 66
MONROE Allen Robert   4-May-04 60
MOORE Fred William "Bill"   7-Sep-04 83
MOORE William     7-Sep-04  
MORELAND Ernest     17-Jan-04 85
MULLINS Richard Lee   10-Apr-04 79
MURPHY Alma   Lea 20-Jun-04 80
MURPHY Mary Katherine Leach 29-Jun-04 69
MYRICK Agnes   Straub 17-Jul-04 69
NEAL Milford Hayden   19-Jun-04 81
NEWKIRK Harold     5-Jul-04 74
NEWKIRK Anna Mae Lodge 20-Dec-04 73
NICEWONDER Crystal Lucille "Dolly" Weaver 20-Apr-04 65
NICKELL Carrie Lee   10-Jan-04 87
NIEHAUS William F.   14-Sep-04 74
NOERTKER Anna Margaret Siry 18-Jul-04 93
NORRIS Linda Ruth Winter 1-Dec-04 53
NORTHCUTT Martha Jean Neal 22-Jan-04 72
NORTHCUTT John "Frankie" "Cutter"   22-Feb-04 62
OAKS Thelma Jean Oaks 18-Dec-04 67
OLSON Lois A. King 15-Aug-04 76
O'NAN Earl G.   17-Jan-04 72
ORME Eunice Lee Wilson 26-Apr-04 72
ORME Robert     24-Sep-04 39
OWEN Ruby   Pribble 22-Jan-04 85
PACK James     16-Jan-04 68
PAPE Karen Sue Hall 11-Jun-04 49
PARKER Paul     31-Jan-04 65
PARKER Edna Loraine Lenox 12-Oct-04 94
PARNELL, Sr. Ralph J.   8-Aug-04 94
PARSLEY Jarvis     7-Sep-04 94
PARSONS Blanche   McNees 21-Nov-04 81
PEARSON Brian Jay   16-Jul-04 32
PELFREY Alma Rhea Little 8-Feb-04 73
PENICK Larry     4-Feb-04 63
PETROVIC Constantine "Stan"   28-Oct-04 52
PHILLIPS Edna Rose Browning 26-Feb-04 71
PHILLIPS Timmy Lee   3-Mar-04 47
PIERCE Ewell L.   2-Nov-04 81
PINER Bradford H.   9-Aug-04 90
PLUMMER George Hubert "Bunk"   10-Mar-04 88
POLANSKI Daisy M. Spencer 27-May-04 70
POWELL Goldie   Powell 7-Feb-04 86
POWERS Monica Kaye Powers 16-Sep-04 25
PRESSLER Ronald Lee   4-Dec-04 50
PUGH, Jr. Quincy Everett "Bill"   22-Nov-04 78
QUINDEL Lois Carol McNees 27-Apr-04 56
RICHARDSON James     22-Mar-04 20
RIDNER, Jr. George David   14-Oct-04 45
ROGERS Elizabeth "Betty" Walls 11-May-04 63
ROSE Barbara     26-Nov-04  
ROSEBERRY Minnie   Lawson 11-Jul-04 93
RUMFORD Phyllis   Dietrich 4-May-04 52
RUMPKE Thomas B.   4-Jan-04 63
RUSS William     21-Nov_04  
RUSSELL Amanda   Roberts 23-May-04 27
SAMMONS Barbara Ann Clark 5-Jun-04 53
SAYLOR Billie     15-Nov-04 71
SCHACK Linus M.   5-Sep-04 63
SCHLUETER Cora     4-Sep-04 95
SCHMITZ Paul Albert   19-Jan-04 75
SEARS (Rev.) Charles Carl   2-Mar-04 89
SEBASTIAN Anna   Frost 26-Feb-04 52
SEITER Nathaniel David   7-Dec-04 24
SEXTON Connie   Simmons 9-Jan-04 36
SHARP Winston Barry   30-Jan-04 94
SHERLOCK Gary     13-Sep-04 37
SHOTWELL Virginia   Young 27-Jul-04 82
SIMPSON Emerson     21-Mar-04 89
SINGER Betty Jane Wellman 14-Jan-04 74
SKELTON, Sr. James Braden   23-Mar-04 57
SLOCUM Shiela Gail Griffin 11-Sep-04 48
SMITH Violette Ferne Sullivan 26-Oct-04 86
SMITH Justin Page   30-Nov-04 19
SNELL Janice Faye Murphy 24-Aug-04 56
SPAULDING Kathy   Smith 26-Jun-04 62
SPEGAL Herschel     21-Aug-04 91
SPEGAL Edna Laverne   5-Nov-04 89
SPENCE Ida Mae Coots 15-Jan-04 78
SPRAGUE Elbern     17-Feb-04 87
STAHL Samuel Gayle   13-Jun-04 65
STEELE George T.   26-Jun-04  
STEVENS Ranzy "Randy"   28-Oct-04 35
STEWART William Eric   25-Jul-04 23
STORER (Dr.) Daniel Louis   21-Sep-04 59
STORY Irene C. Dickson 8-Feb-04 94
STRAUB Harold     30-Apr-04 53
STRAUB Kenny     21-Jun-04 24
SULLIVAN (Rev.) Clyde Thomas   29-Apr-04 84
SWANSON Coleen   Swanson 22-Apr-04 39
SYDNOR Clinton "Pee Wee"   27-Sep-04 63
THOMAS Leaming     23-Sep-04 89
THOMPSON Kelly "Buck"   25-Nov-04 69
THURMAN Margaret   Race 15-Jan-04 56
TIPTON Barbara Jean Adams 18-May-04 55
TOWNSEND Garnett Faye Allender 15-Mar-04 52
TRAPP Robert "Bobby"   25-Apr-04 69
TRAPP Mabel   Jenkins 7-Nov-04 68
TRAPP Barry     24-Nov-04 49
TUCKER Carol   Tucker 4-Nov-04 61
TURNER Raymond     12-Sep-04 69
VANLANDINGHAM Michael     23-Feb-04 24
WAGNER Pauline   Morgan 9-Apr-04 73
WALLACE Anna   Dungan 17-Apr-04 82
WALTON Todd Merle   21-Aug-04 43
WARMAN Jessica Dorothy   19-Apr-04 19
WARNER Barbara Ann Brock 8-Apr-04 47
WARREN, Jr. Dennis James   23-Nov-04 25
WATSON Elsemarie   Martin 21-Sep-04 75
WAY Christine   Fields 4-Oct-04 96
WAYNE Kenneth     14-Nov-04 74
WELZ Vera LaVonne Mueller 16-Jul-04 89
WENZEL Wilda   Works 31-Jan-04 79
WHALEN, Sr. Larry A.   4-Jul-04 57
WIGGINS Michael S.   10-May-04 21
WILLETT Mary Alice Gifford 12-Feb-04 86
WILLIAMS Charles Tommy   20-Jul-04 77
WILLIAMSON A. G.   16-Feb-04 79
WILLIAMSON Eudell   Rose 20-Oct-04 77
WINKLE Merrell L. Frederick 16-Sep-04 71
WOESTE Peggy     29-Sep-04 75
WOLFE Steve     31-Mar-04 43
WOOTEN Oma   Melton 14-Jan-04 99
WYATT Larry W.   10-Nov-04 42
WYNN Hattie     20-Dec-04 90
YATES Roger L.   23-May-04 58
YEAGER Louise   Wellman 11-Apr-04 85
YELTON Stanley     17-Jun-04 77
YELTON Gertrude "Gertie" Gillespie 17-Jul-04 95
YOAKUM Roy A.   15-Nov-04 90
YORK Jane     19-Dec-04 89
ZIMMER, Jr. James M.   4-Mar-04 50
ZIMMERMAN Robert George   13-Dec-04 64


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