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Tracing the Local Thomas Family
By Tom Watson, historian

There's an effort being made by this scribe to find the family tree of Alexander W. Thomas, a resident of Spencer County during the Civil War. While that line hasn't been found yet, here's a look at another Thomas family, via Moss William Snider.

Moss William Snider, the second son of Jacob Snider and Jenny Milligan, married Eleanor (also spelled Elinor) Wakefield. From that union sprang Jacob Snider, Matthew Snider, Mark Snider, Eliza Snider, Rebecca Ann Snider, Emily Snider, Amanda Snider and Mary Elizabeth Snider.

Jacob Matthew Snider was married five times (maybe he had a difficult time getting it right). His first wife was Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Terrell, daughter of Oliver Cromwell Terrell and Louisa Dugan. Bettie Terrell was the mother of all of Jacob M. Snider's children.

They were: Mary Ann Snider, Martha Ellen Snider, Louisa Snider, William Snider, Micajah Snider, Mildred Snider and Joseph McClaskey Snider, Eddie Snider, Annie Snider and Emma Snider.

Jacob Matthew Snider, who started all this nonsense, lived most of his married life (or should we say lives) at the Spencer County home of Oliver Cromwell Terrell on Salt River, near Van Buren. Jacob Snider's second wife was Mildred Terrell, sister of Bettie, then he married Sophia Barnett, then Eddie (we presume a female Eddie) Holmes of Lawrenceburg, then Kate Wolpert of Louisville, who survived him. Jacob Snider died at the home of his son, Joseph Snider, and was buried at Van Buren. Jacob Snider and all of his wives, except Kate, were members of the Christian Church. Kate was Roman Catholic.

What happened to the children of Jacob M. Snider and Bettie Terrell? Well, Mary Ann Snider died young as did Martha Ellen Snider. Louisa Snider (b. 4-26-1865, d. 1-8-1942) married James Harrison Sweazy, son of Jesse Sweazy and

Sarah "A." (That's all my source material says ... Sarah "A".)

James H. Sweazy and Louisa Snider had a few children. Eva Emma Sweazy (b.7-28-1883), who married Allie "Bob" Thomas, son of Mark Lattimore Thomas and Mary Jane Tindal. (Bet you thought we were never going to get to the Thomas line. The birth dates are all that are listed for some.)

Bob and Eva Thomas begat Beulah Thomas (b. 1901, d. 1902); Burton Lillard Thomas (b.1903) married Jenetta Lewis in 1924. She was the daughter of Fry and Effie (Hume) Lewis.

Burton and Jenetta Thomas had Aenon Thomas in 1925, who married Christine White, daughter of Tony and Annie (Hahn) White. Aenon and Christine Thomas had Ruth Thomas, Charles Thomas and Peggy Thomas.

Burton and Jenetta Thomas also had Emma Doris Thomas (b. 1933) who married Wilmon Satterly (b. 1930) in 1949. Wilmon was the son of Robert and Evelyn (Jenkins) Satterly. Wilmon and Emma had Connie Dale Satterly (b. 11-10-1950).

Burton and Jenetta Thomas also produced Ernest Lewis Thomas (b. 1935), who married Doris Siegle, daughter of Maynard Siegle (doesn't list Maynard's wife's name). Their son was Terry Siegle and their daughter was Valerie Siegle.

Now we get to the part with which I'm more familiar, because she used to sit in front of me in class at Taylorsville High School.

Drum roll please.

Burton and Jenetta had Ruth Ann Thomas (b. 1940), who married George Brumley, son of Roy and Evelyn Brumley.

From the same limb of the Thomas family tree that produced Burton Thomas, Bob and Eva Thomas begat Orpha Thomas (b. 1904) who married Clarence Lewis, son of Sabe Lewis (That's all I have ... just "Sabe" Lewis.)

Bob and Eva Thomas also had Bessie Wakefield Thomas (b. 1905), who married Frank Thomas Burns in 1924. Frank Burns (not the same as the one on MASH) was the son of James Harvey Burns and Annie Jane Castell.

They produced Forrest Thomas Burns (b. 1926), who married Lavern Owen. Then they had ....

Tell you what, next week we'll pick it up right here and finish up.

If you have story ideas, family information, pictures (the little cardboard CDV type, tintypes or more modern) send them in or let me know where I can come and copy them. Write to: Tom Watson, 5225 Little Union Road, Taylorsville, Ky., 40071. You may phone (502) 252-9991 or email tswhistory@netscape.net.

Also, thanks to those who called this past weekend to see how I was doing after I twisted my right titanium hip redo surgery. It dislodged the metal hip from the plastic receptacle. There are all types of pain, but that's one I hope to never have to endure again. The strongest pain killer they had at the hospital wasn't enough, then they sent me to another hospital to see my surgeon. But I have to look on the bright side, I got two ambulance rides and the Taylorsville crew was far and away the best.


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