Spencer County, Kentucky

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Spencer County Biographies

Allen, Joseph N.

Alloway, M.C.

Anderson, George W.

Barker, Thomas J.

Beckham, Beverly M.

Black, David

Boston, Jesse M.

Boswell, Jacob N.

Bridwell, E.L.

Brown, Perry

Buskirk, P.A. s/o Alfred & Letitia (Dayhoff) Buskirk

Bryan, S.P.

Cain, Enoch

Campbell, Theo B.

Carrithers, Adam P.

Collier, Isaac T.

Collings, James O.

Collings, Sallie A., Mrs.

Cox, Joseph B.

Crume, J.W.

Crutcher, James M.

Crutcher, J.W.

Downs, Joseph S.

Foreman, A.D.

Gilbert, George G.

Heady, J.M.

Henry, Eliza, Mrs.

Henry, Fielding

Hickman, Rebecca W., Mrs.

Holloway, William B.

Holloway, W.G.

Howard, John S.

Hume, Lewis N.

Huston, Mark Elliott

Jesse, Andrew J.

Jewell, Isaac F.

Jones, R.J.

Kincheloe, A.C.

Kincheloe, J.B.

Kurtz, L.R.

Lloyd, S.T.

Marattay, J.J.

Marshall, George

Massie, A.J.

McCrocklin, John

McGrew, Robert

Miller, Ben

Muir, T.R.

Norman, Solomon R.

 Pierce, Eleazer J.

Pierce, George H.

Rouse, J.T.

Ruble, Jacob C.

Russell, Spencer

Seeley, W.D.

Shields, Benjamin Franklin

Smith, Reuben

Speed, John

Stallard, James R.

Stallard, Pitts

Stark, Jonathan

Stilwell, Charles B.

Stone Family

Stone, G.H.

Stone, Jesse

Stone, Melinda, Mrs.

Stone, Teressa E., Mrs.

Stout, H.H.

Stout, William

Stratton, W.H.

Sutt, J.W.

Taggart, R.D.

Tichenor, R.D.

Van Dyke, J.G.

Wakefield, James H.

Walker, Joseph

Walker, Presley

Wallace, Arthur F.

Watson, J.F.

Wigginton, Elijah


The Kentucky Biographies Project is a collection of biographies from all over Kentucky. They are input by volunteers from various sources, mostly turn-of-century biography books and collected in one location.


BIO: Gilbert Griffin, Spencer/Bullitt Co. KY
BIO: R. J. Jones, Spencer/Bullitt Co., KY
BIO: Joseph S. Downs, Spencer/Bullitt Co., KY
BIO: J. W. Sutt
BIO: Llewellyn Jones
BIO:John Breckinridge Overall, MD
BIO:Elijah Wigginton
BIO:J C Stout
BIO: Thomas I. Kinnett


We would like to add your biography (or your KY ancestor's)


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