Spencer County, Kentucky

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Year of Probate Probate Researchers Name & Address
12-31-1859 Lucy Wells guardian of Benjamin H Wells, Morris H Wells, & William H Wells orphans of Benjamin T Wells
1860 Sale of Colemon E Wells, some purchasers: Mrs SA Wells, AR Wells, JC Wells, OB Bridwell, G Wells, PB Bridwell, SA Wells Mrs SD Wells  
1860 Enoch Cain guardian of Pamelia Wells heir of Isaac Bennett  
1-16-1860 Coleman Wells guardian of Mary F Wells heir of Isaac Bennett  
2-7-1860 Amos Heddges guardian of William P Benett
6-12-1860 Sale of Elija Hughes, some purchasers: Geo Wells Jr, CC Wells  
12-6-1860 Enry Hedges guardian of Mary E Barnett heir of John Hedges  
4-5-1861 Sale of Robert B Wells, some purchasers: Benjamin F Wells, James W Wells, Eliza A Wells, John B Wells by James C Wells guardian  
6-7-1862 Inventory of the estate of Sarah Ann Wells orphan of Coleman E Wells  
6-13-1863 Sale of William W Wells, some purchasers: George C Wells, George Bridwell, Sarah A Wells Sr, Abner R Wells, Sarah A Wells  
9-15-1864 John D Haddox list of sales, some purchasers: John Hughes, AK Wells, JC Wells, Amney Wells, Nancy Wells - formerly Nancy Haddox, William H Haddox , Abner K Wells and William H Haddox executors  
1-15-1865 Abner K Wells administrator of William W Wells  
1-24-1865 Sarah A Wells guardian of Sarah Ann Wells heir of Coleman E Wells  
4-28-1865 Enoch Cain guardian of Pamelia Wells orphan of Edrington Wells  
9-15-1865 Tilford B Hedges slaves appraised by grandson C Wells  
10-7-1865 James C Wells guardian of Benjamin F Wells, James W Wells, Elizabeth A Wells, and John B Wells grandchildren of Robert Potts  
2-24-1866 George Wells and John S Hughes administrators of Elijah Hughes final settlement, some names: William Hughes, Lizzie stallard, J Bridwell, JC Wells, DT Wells, HS Hedges, Jane Hedges, Ed Bridwell  
1866 Pitts Stallard provided the inventory for Amos Hedges  
1866 Sale of Amos Hedges, some purchasers: RA Hedges, D Stallard, DT Wells, HS Hedges, Jane Hedges, Ed Bridwell  

Spencer County Wills

Carter, Sarah Carter, Mashech Cochran, Robert
Dulin, Edward Foreman, Thomas Gonterman, John
Hedges, John Jones, Mildred Myers, John
Nation, John Nicholls, Sarah Francis Langsford Pittinger, Abraham
Raymond, Susan Raymond Orphans Reynolds, Robert Estate Sale
Rogers, Edward Shields, Francis Strange, John
Terrell, George Terrell Guardianship Terrell, Zachariah
Thurman, Thomas L Wells, Benjamin Wells, Coleman E
Withers King Wells Wills

Wills listed on the Spencer County Archives Site:
Ashby, Beady (Obediah), 1828
Beard, Alexander, Will Administrators, 1843
Beauchamp, Isaac, 1825
Bennett, Bazil, 1840
Botts, Seth, 1827
Bowman, Charles, 1845
Boyle, Henry, guardianship of dau. Seletia, 1847
Bridges, James, 1847, estate sale
Bridges, James estae, guardianship of children, 1847
Bridwell, Isaac, Guardianhip of daughters, 1836
Bridwell, Presley, Will, 1832
Briscoe, George C., 1826
Briscoe, John M., 1841
Brown, Joseph, 1834
Budd, John, 1836
Burditt, Benjamin, 1828
Cain, Mary, estate inventory, 1834
Carland, John, 1837
Clements, William 1826
Cochran, Robert, 1824
Collings, Benjamin, Will, 1840
Collings, Benjamin, Estate, 1840
Collings, Benjamin, Estate - dower division of slaves to wife Sarah 1830
Cornell, Elias, Estate Sale, 1837
Croake, Samuel Estate Sale 1848
Cunningham, Francis, 1825
Davis, Jonathan, will 1849
Davis, William 1834 - Iventory of slaves
Deacon, John 1839 - sale
Deacon, Sarah - assignment of dower, 1836
Dulin, Edward = dower division of slaves to wife Mary
Frohman, John, Will, 1841
Frohman, Katharine, Estate, 1849
Frohman, Joseph, Estate Appraisal, 1845
Gatton, Samuel, Estate Sale 1847
Gilbert, Stephen, Estate, 1849
Gilliland, William, Appraisal & Sale 1847
Gray, Joseph, Will 1837
Hardesty, susan - dower division of the widow of aleb Hardesty, 1844
Hedges, John, Will, 1849
Hedges, mary, estate sale, 1848
Hopewell, John, Estate Account, 1840
Howard, Samuel, estate sale 1838
Howser, Jacob 1847
Hughs, William, Will, 1842
Jackson, Frances, Will, 1840
Jewell, Sanford, Estate Sale 1848
Jewel, Sr., William, Will, 1848
Jones, Mildred, Will, 1835
King, Thompson W estate, 1848
McCallister, Robert, Estate Sale 1847
McCrocklin, Jesse, Guardianship of children 1833
McGee, Abijah, Estate, 1830
McGrew, James J - estate appraisal, 1848
Medcalf, Charles, will, 1849
Miller, Aminidab, Estate, 1842
Moxley, Danil, Estate, 1825
Newman, Henry, 1845
Nicholls, Sarah Frances Langsford 1915
Patterson, Christopher, 1842
Phillips, John, guardianship accounts, 1847
Prewitt, Beverly, 1851
Raymond, William, 1840, guardian's accounts
Raymond, William, 1841, guardian's accounts
Redman, John, estate settlement, 1837
Reynolds, Robert, estate sale, 1837
Rogers, Edward D., will, 1837
Scott, John
Shelburne, William, inventory & sale, 1847
Smith, William, will, 1835
Snider, Adam, Estate Sale, 1848
Stallard, Nancy, estate, 1847
Stark, Aaron, will - 1835
Stillwell, John - dower division for wife Eliza, 1847
Stone, Edward, Land & Slave Division from estate, 1842
Terrell, Micajah, guardianship, 1840
Thompson, Benjamin, estate, 1840
Thurman, Baze, 1841, Spencer Co, KY
Thurman, Nicholas, Partial Inventory, 1854, Spencer Co, KY
Thurman, Nicholas, 1854
Thurman, Thomas L.
Toncray, Wesley L., estate, 1846
Tucker, Thomas - dower division to wife Elizabeth, 1848
Turnham, George - inventory & accounts, 1837
Wakefield, Margaret Bell, Elizabeth & John, bond
Webb, Samuel, estate sale, 1841
Weeks, James - slave inventory, 1834
Wells, Coleman E., will, 1860
Wells, George (dec'd), hiring of slaves belonging to, 1846
West, James, 1842
Willett, Griffith, 1836
Wood, Nathaniel, 1844

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