Spencer County, Kentucky

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Flood of 1909

February 1909 saw one of the most devastating floods in the history of Taylorsville. Water was eight feet, eight inches deep in the Public Square. Headlines of the next issue of the Spencer Courier were: "Story of the Greatest Flood--Graphic Description of the Worst and Most Destructive High Waters That Ever Visited the Little City of Taylorsville. People Flee for Their Lives From the Rushing Waters That Poured Into the Town with unprecedented Fury Carrying Ruin, Distress and Desolation in Their Path. Total loss was estimated at $200,000. Over 100 horses and cattle drowned. Three thousand acres of land were under water to a depth of from 2 to 18 feet. The entire plant of the Spencer Courier was under water 5 feet, 1 inch deep. Water came into town at the rate of three feet an hour. Over 200 refugees stayed at the Graded School building for 20 hours."

Wood MILLER is credited with saving the life of Jack EGGEN, for which he received a Carnegie Award, and $1,000 in cash. This rescue occurred in front of the hotel operated by Eggen's father. The hotel, located on Main Cross Street, later was operated by the family of Louis LUKE. Mention is also made in this issue that Salt River Tom (Van Buren resident remembered for his dairies) had called at the office and extended sympathy. "In addition he gave the Editor two handsome twist of fine old long green tobacco, grown by him. It was highly appreciated and much enjoyed."
Taken from Spencer County History by Mary Francis Brown

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