Spencer County, Kentucky

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Company "D" 6th KY Infantry US, Spencer County Men

BROWN, ELISHA S.: 1st Sgt., m.i. 12/24/61, age 21, prom. 2/19/62 to Sgt.; wounded 9/19/63 at Chickamauga, received commission 5/31/64 as 1st Lt., Co. D., not mustered in as 1st Lt., m.o. 12/31/64.

BROWN, JACOB C.: Corp., m.i. 12/24/61, age 18, res. Mt. Eden, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, wounded 9/19/63 at Chickamauga, m.o. 12/31/64.

CONNELY, HENRY: Corp., m.i. 12/24/61, age 18, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, dis. 8/22/62 for disability - wounds.

HILL, WILLIAM H.: m.i. 12/24/61, age 25, wounded 12/31/62 at Stones River, trans. 4/19/63 to Mississippi Marine Brigade.

HORTENBURG, FIELDING: m.i. 12/24/61, age 22, AWOL 10/31/62, retn. 5/63 or 6/63, m.o. 12/31/64.

HOWARD, JAMES A.: 2nd Lt., m.i. 12/24/61, age 23, ., resigned 5/24/62 - rheumatism.

LONG, WILLIAM:, m.i. 12/24/61, age 18, m.o. 12/31/64.

MASSIE, SHEPHERD I.: m.i. 1/10/62, age 18, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, dis. 6/28/62 for disability ? wound.

NICHOLSON, JAMES W.: m.i. 12/24/61, age 28, captured 12/31/62 at Stones River, wounded 9/19/63 at Chickamauga, m.o. 12/31/64.

RAMSEY, WILLIAM: m.i. 12/24/61, age 18, wounded 12/31/62 at Stones River, dis. 5/8/63 for disability ? wound.

SUTT, JOHN: m.i. 12/24/61, age 54, dis. 4/9/63 for disability ? prewar leg fracture reinjured.

TERRELL, HENRY C.: m.i. 1/10/62, age 42, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, dis. for disability ? wound.

These names were combed from a link from the Henry County GenWeb website: http://www.geocities.com/jreinhart_us/themen.html Editor: Joe Reinhart, Author of: A History of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infanty U.S.: The Boys Who Feared No Noise

You have my full permission to post. Uley T. Washburn, Jr.

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