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Morgan's Boys from Spencer County

Morgan's Boys from Spencer County
By Tom Watson
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Confederate Army was known for its colorful leaders, as was the Union of course, but there may not have been a more colorful leader of cavalry than Rebel Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan.

As his troopers rode, and marched when they didn't have enough horses, country boys would fall in line. Spencer County had Morgan recruits and Uley Washburn provides the following list. The last few weeks, we've published information that takes a yeoman's amount of work to put together. Be sure to thank Uley when you see him.

John Hunt Morgan's Cavalry Unknown Regiments

Ash, Benjamin W: NRG; res. Spencer County; NFR; (Unidentified Kentucky Cavalry; Anderson Co.) [Rank In: Rank Out: Film Number: M377 roll 1]

Ash, William: Pvt.; res. Spencer County; NFR; (May be the same as Benjamin W.) (No listing in S. & S. Index)

Briggs, Robert: Pvt.; res. Spencer County; NFR; (Murphys Company) [Rank In: Pvt.; Rank Out: Pvt.; Alt. Name: Film Number: M377 roll 2]

Collings, James O.: Pvt.; enl. 1861; res. Spencer County; captured unknown; escaped unknown; NFR; born 1836; son of Reuben Collings and Mary Johnson; married Feb. 29, 1876, Miss Sarah A. Wells, daughter of Coleman Wells and Sarah King; marriage produced the following children; William O., Mary A. and Roy Johnson Collings; resided Indiana and Illinois after escape from Federal prison; returned to Spencer County about 1865-1866; lifelong farmer; owned 265 acres in Elk Creek. [Rank In: Pvt.; Rank Out: Pvt.; Alt. Name: James/Collins; Film Number: M377 roll 3]

Hage, Shelburne: Pvt.; res. Spencer County; NFR; (No listing in S. & S. Index for this unit.)

Hill, W. Downey: Pvt.; res. Spencer County; NFR; (No listing in S. & S. Index for this unit.)

Buckner Guards

a..k.a. Buckner's Body Guards

Briggs, Joseph: Pvt.; res. Spencer County; reenlisted with 8th Kentucky Cavalry; NFR;

[Rank In: Pvt.; Rank Out: Pvt.; Alt. Name: Joseph/Briggs Film Number: M377 roll 2]

40th Illinois Infantry, U.S.A. Company "F"

Jewel, S. M.: Pvt.; age 29, 5' 7", dark hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, unmarried, occupation: artist; NFR; born Spencer County, Ky.; [Rank In: Pvt.; Rank Out: Pvt.; Film Number: M539 roll 45]

43rd Indiana Infantry, U.S.A. Company 'C'

Wigginton, William T. Budd : Pvt.; res. Virgo County, Indiana; NFR; born 1840, in Spencer County, Kentucky; married Lydia Ann Bennett; marriage produced the following children: Bertha, Albert, Della, Mattie, and Charles Julian Wigginton; moved to Virgo County, Indiana by 1860; in Prairietown, Indiana in 1876; moved to Mt. Vernon, Illinois, worked as superintendent of the Railroad Car shops; died Dec. 15, 1906; buried Mt. Vernon Oakwood Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Illinois. [Rank In: Private; Rank Out: Private; Alternate Name: William/Wiggleton; Film Number: M540 roll 83]

17th Alabama Infantry

Tichenor, Isaac Taylor: Chaplain; Staff; NFR; born Spencer County, Kentucky, Nov. 11, 1825; son of James Tichenor and Margaret Bennett; entered Taylorsville Academy at the age of 15; 1844-1847 taught at Taylorsville Academy, last year being principal; licensed to preach Dec. 19, 1846 at Taylorsville; appointed agent for the American Indian Mission Association in 1847; ordained pastor of the Baptist church in Columbus, Miss., 1848; left there to evangelize in Texas in 1850; pastor of Baptist church in Henderson, Ky. 1851-1852; pastor of the First Baptist Church, Montgomery, Ala., 1852- 1868; served with Bragg's Army just over a year (chaplain, later as a missionary of the Domestic Board); besides his ministerial position, Isaac earned renown as a sharpshooter, and rallied the 17th Alabama at the battle of Shiloh/Tichenor became one of the owners of the Montevallo Coal Mining Company in Shelby County, Ala., in 1863 after leaving the Army; resigned his pastorate in 1868, to further material gains "in the best interest of the state."; after death of his wife, was pastor of the First Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn., in 1871, in 1872 returned to Alabama as the first president of the State Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Auburn University) a position he held for ten years; in June, 1882, resigned his collegiate position to become secretary of the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, a position he would hold for the next seventeen years; his efforts in large part, made the S. B. C. what it is today; he retired in July 1899, and was made Secretary Emiritus; Isaac died Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 2, 1902, after a painful, lingering illness.

(Editor's note: We had written about Isaac Tichenor in recent weeks, but it's good to have this additional information)

Unknown Unit or Army

Foreman, Thomas: NRG; res. Spencer County; KIA; NFR; (poss same as John T. Foreman, born Sept. 27, 1840; died Oct. 2, 1862) (poss. Captain, Company 'A,' 5th Ky Infantry, U. S.)

Linderman, Henry R. (H.): NRG; res. Spencer County; NFR; born June 6, 1838; married Anna E. Unnamed (Oct. 5, 1845 - Aug. 2, 192?); died Feb. 7, 1920; buried Valley Cemetery, Spencer Co., Ky. (may have moved to Kentucky after the War, no listing of Linderman in Index from Kentucky)


Burnett, Theodore Legrand: Civilian; born Nov., 14, 1829, in Spencer County; graduated Transylvania University (general studies), Law Dept. in 1846; service in the Mexican war, returned to Kentucky in 1847; elected county attorney for Spencer County, 1847, ; married in 1852, Elizabeth S. Gilbert, of Spencer County; marriage produced (at least) one son, John C. Burnett; delegate from Kentucky to the Confederate Provisional Congress, 1861-62; Representative from Kentucky in the Confederate Congress, 1862-65; became corporation counsel of Louisville, Kentucky, 1870, re-elected six times; chairman of the state Democratic committee in 1876; died in Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky., Oct. 30, 1917; buried Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky.

(Editor's note: We also had a previous article on Burnett, who was, as noted, Kentucky's delegate to the Confederate Congress).


Rank: Pvt. - Private; Corp. - Corporal; Sgt. -Sergeant; Lt. - Lieutenant; Capt. - Captain; Maj. - Major; Lt. Col. - Lieutenant Colonel; Col. - Colonel; Br. Gen. - Brigadier General; Maj. Gen. - Major General; Lt. General - Lieutenant General; Gen. - General.

Military records: disc. - discharged; KIA - killed in action; m.i. - mustered in; m.o. - mustered out; trans. - transferred; V.R.C. - Veteran Reserve Corps; WIA - wounded in action; Genealogy: res. - town and / or county of residence; G.A.R. - Grand Army of the Republic.

If anyone reading this column the past few weeks has a picture of anyone mentioned, please give me a call at 502-252-9991.You may write to: Tom Watson, 5225 Little Union Road, Taylorsville, Ky., 40071 or email apwriternews@yahoo.com.


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