Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Mrs. Atha Cain

Peggy Cain

Mable Caldwell

Marvin Caldwell

Mrs. Hubert Caldwell (Nellie)

Bette Calhoun

Joseph H. Callaway

Virginia Callaway

Carl Callis

Garnett Jack Callis

Miss Lillie Callis

Parham Calloway

Frank N. Calvert

Gene Calvert

Robert N. Calvert

Mrs. Ruth Flood Calvert

Lorenzo Camp

Mrs. Bertha Campbell

Beulah Campbell

Gracie Campbell

Guy L. Campbell

Helen Campbell

Justine Campbell

Robert Campbell

Wilma Campbell

Mrs. Mamie Capito 

Price "Cap" Capito

Robert Milton Capito

Virtie Capito

James T. Caplinger

Sue Caplinger

Mrs. Lora Carder

Jerry Carlisle

Robert “Bobby” Carlton

Mary Ann Carman

Floyd Wayne Carnes

George Carpenter

Guthrie Carpenter

Louis Carpenter

Elza Carr

Isabel Carr

Ben Carroll

Judge John D. Carroll

Monica Carroll

Mary J. Carroll

Dr. Owen Carroll

Mrs. Sarah Carroll

Howard Carson

Nealan Carson

Alberta Carter

Charles Carter

Earlean Carter

Georgia Carter

Jeff Carter

Kenneth Carter

Louis Carter

Randy Carter

Robert Carter

Mrs. Velma Carter

Mrs. William Carter

Arvie Case

Arvie Landon Case

Lucien Case

Thomas Case

Mayme Caseldine

Forrest Casey

James Casey

Mrs. Stella Casey

James P. Castleman

Mrs. Flossie Chadwell

Mrs. Jane Chadwell

Ova Chadwell

Albert S. Chandler

Mrs. Sallie S. Chandler

William Chapman, Jr.

Mrs. Emily Jane Chappell

Emily Jane Chappell

Kenneth Chase

Carl G. Chasteen

Gene Chesher

Guy Cheatham

Rev. A. O. Chilton

Affie Chilton

Mrs. Belle Chilton

Chester Chilton

Claude Chilton

David Chilton

Eddie Norman Chilton

Eieleen E. Chilton

Gayle Chilton

James L. Chilton

Janis Chilton

Mrs. Josie Chilton

Kim Chilton

Leslie K. Chilton

Maggie Chilton

Mamie Chilton

Major Lloyd Chilton

Mrs. Lucy Chilton

Oscar Chilton

Parthenia Chilton

Paul G. Chilton

Paul R. Chilton

Robert D. Chilton

Robert Chilton

Troy Chilton

Charlie Chisholm

Darlene Chisholm

Eller Chisholm

James Chisholm

John Chisholm

John Chisholm

Mrs. Leota Chisholm

Mrs. Mary C. Chisholm

Phyllis Chisholm

Raymond Chisholm

Ruth Chisholm

Ralph Chism

Jack Chowning

Mrs. Stella Chowning

James Christie

Dr. M.M. Cinnamond

Joe Allen Cissell

Mrs. Lula P Claggett

Noble Claggett

Albert (Bill) Clark

Mrs. Alpha Clark

Mrs. Anna Clark

Mrs. Bertha Clark

Mrs. Bettie Clark

Caroline Clark

Charles "Charlie" Clark

Earl Clark

Edward Clark

Edward Clark

Emma Gilbert Clark

Ervin D. “Hank” Clark

Esther Clark

George Clark

Gill Clark

Hillis Clark

Joe Clark

Joseph Clark

Larry Clark

Mamie D. Clark

Mrs. Martha Clark

Minnie Clark

Otis Clark

Ricky L. Clark

Robert Samuel Clark

Russell Clark

Seth Thomas Clark

Mrs. Thelma Clark

Waldo Clark

Willie Clark

Willie D. Clark

Edith Claspill

David Claxton, Jr.

David Claxon, Jr.

David Claxon, Jr.

Will Claxon

Juanita Clem



Lena Clem

J. M. Clements

Katie Bruce Clements

Mary Mitchell Clements

William B. Clements

Doris Cleveland

Robert Cleveland, Jr.

Mark Clifford

Clarence “C. M.” Clubb

Cora Clubb

Ethel Faye Clubb

Euphenia Clubb

Joseph A. Clubb

Kenneth Clubb

Lois Whaley Clubb

Marshall Clubb

Nell Coates

Florence C. Coblin

John R. Coblin

William Cockrell

Juanita Coffey

Thomas Coffey

Iva Coghill

Sophia Coghill

Vernon Coghill

Landa Coke

Carrie M. Coleman

Doris Morgan Coleman

Guthrie Coleman

James D. Coleman

Jerry Coleman

Jesse James Coleman

John Coleman

Rollie Coleman

Sallie M. Coleman

William O. Coleman

James Collette

Nannie Collett

Ruby Jean Collette

Stella Collett

Bessie W. Collins

Ellen Collins

James Collins

John J. Collins

Mae Collins

Mary Collins

Rachel Collins

Glenna Colston

Press Combs

Anna M. Compton

Georgia M. Congleton

Guy Congleton

Ella Cook

Faye Dunavan Cook

Lewis Cook

Mrs. Lewis Cook

Martha Cook

Shirley Cook

Carl Coombs

Creed Coombs

Margaret Combs

Mote Scott Coombs

Peggy Coombs

Lola Coomes

Mildred Coons

Willard Coons

Davis Cooper

Davis Cooper

Elizabeth Berry Cooper

Essie Coppersmith

Eli H. Corbin

George Corbin

Virginia Peniston Costel

Jamie Cottrell

Bertha Couch

Jonathan Couch

Laura Couch

William Courtney

Jeptha M. Covington

Lynden E. Cowherd

Ballard F. Cox

Christine Cox

Eleanor Cox

Garry Cox

Gayle Cox

Gilbert Cox

Ida Cox

Ive Cox

James Cox

Joe Cox, Sr.

Joseph W. Cox, Sr.

Judy Taylor Cox

Kenneth B. Cox

Kenneth Cox

Lucille Kingston Cox

Lula B. Cox

Mary B. Cox

Martha Cox

Matt Cox

Sid D. Cox

Thomas F. Cox

Thomas F. Cox

Vernon Cox

William Cox

Zachary Cox

Marjorie Crabb

Mary P. Crabb

Melissa A. Crabb

Lewis C. Crabb

Mary Craig

Hallie Craigmyle

Richard Craigmyle, Jr.

Roy Craigmyle

Virginia Craigmyle

Julia Clark Cranfill

Roland Crask, Sr.

Mrs. Clyde Cravens

Eldon Cravens

Jason Cravens

Mrs. Jessie Cravens

Kerry K. Cravens

Raymond Cravens

Thomas Cravens

Pvt. William T. Cravens

Chester Crawford

Della Crawford

George Crawford

Hallie Crawford

Hazel M. Crawford

Jeannette Crawford

Rachel Crawford

Mae Creech

Randolph Creger

Nancy Crim

Annie Crouch

Mrs. Guthrie Crowe

Michael Croxton

Mrs. W. T. Crum

Mrs. A. J. Cubbage

Evelyn Cubbage

Hieatt Cubbage

Margaret Cubbage

Marie Cubbage

Xavian Cull-Munoz

John C. Cummins

Calvin Cunningham

Emma Day Cunningham

William Cunningham

Infant Curd

James W. Cureton

Nell Roberts Cureton

W. M. Cureton

Timothy Curry

H. H. Curtright

H. K. Curtright

H. K. Curtright

Elizabeth Curtright