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This page contains pointers to an assortment of images of people and places in Henry Co., KY. Because it takes a while to load these pictures over a 56K connections, I have split them up into smaller groups from what they originally were. I hope this helps those of you who are interested in viewing the pictures. If you have a scanned image (jpeg  only) from Henry Co. that you would like to share, please email it to Suzanne Due to space restrictions, please scan your image at 100 dpi and save it as a JPEG file.


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Kentucky Photos (Lots of Henry County photos here!)

Kentucky Postcards (all counties!)

Page 1 contains Ernest Jones, Della Brock, James Pendleton Jones, Eula Jones, Althea Jones, David Casey, Woodford M. Casey, and Elizabeth Ann "Betsey" Adams.

Page 2 contains David A. Casey, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Raisor Dearman, Ernest Jones and son William, and Beverly Jane O'Nan.

Page 3 contains the Henry County Courthouse ca. 1951, Plaque in New Castle on courthouse square, and Mt. Gilead Historic Landmark (was church and school).

Page 4 contains the "Dell" along Drennon Creek, Drennon Ridge, and the Drennon Springs Chapel (Drennon Christian Church).

Page 5 contains the Franklinton Baptist Church, Drennon Springs (Drennon Lick), Sylvanus Tingle, Gertrude Tingle, and their family, Mamie, Nancy Jane, Roy Becham, Raymond, and Clyde Tingle.

Page 6 contains Amanda Walker Hill, James and Lucy Tingle Hicks, Horace William Hill, and Mattie Lee LaMaster Hill.

Page 7 contains Walter LaMaster, Clay Meal Hill, Mattie Van Cleeve Hill, Richard Tidrick, Elizabeth Arminta Hill Tidrick, George Elzy Hill, Fitzhugh Watkins Hill, Mattie LaMaster Hill, Horace William Hill, and Marie Winburn.

Page 8 contains the Henry Co. History Center, Horace William Hill, and George Elzy Hill

Page 9 contains Clay Meal Hill, Parthenia Catherine Hill, and Elizabeth Arminta Hill Tidrick

Page 10 contains five generations of Smiths starting from Abraham Smith, Benjamin Franklin Browning, JR and Sarah Elizabeth Gividen, and Elizabeth Ellis Bishop.

Page 11 contains Nancy Bishop Tingle, James Tingle, and Elisha Tingle.

Page 12 contains pictures of James Onan and his descendants.

Page 13 contains a photo of Robert Lee Jackson, World War I soldier. Also, Susan Stucker Brock, and Pearl Jackson with Elise Smith Stafford.

Page 14 contains pictures of The log home of George Jackson, Presley Dean and Gayle Hawkins.

Page 15 contains a photo of the clean-up crew following the Mill Creek Railroad disaster in 1914, a photo of the Packet Boat, Falls City. Also, a photo of Mattie Hundley Daniels.

Page 16 contains a photo of Aaron Carl Hieatt, WWI veteran. Also, a Wedding photo of Elzie Raisor & Mary Chapman - 1893. Also Joseph R. Fears & his mother, Elizabeth Hickman Evins Fears.

Page 17 contains photos of the 1912 First Christian Church Sunday School class, 1939 Eminence Basketball Team & the 1900 Henry County Football Team.

Page 18 contains photos of the McCarty families of Henry County.

Page 19 contains photos of the Hutchison family.

Page 20  contains Cemetery photos from Newcastle Cemetery, Grub Ridge Cemetery and Pleasureville Cemetery.

Page 21 contains a photo of the Foree family in front of the Homestead in New Castle. The 1927 First Grade Class of Eminence Independent School and Stanley McCarty and sisters, 1947.

Page 22 contains a photo of Jesse Fears, Author of the Richard H. Shuck Confession, a photo of Silas Foree and Ethel Thompson.

Page 23 contains a photo of the McCarty Family of Henry County, Bertha Constantine Light & Ms Mary Elizabeth McCarty and  Aleene Constantine McCarty.

Page 24 contains photos of the 1934 & 1938 Eminence High School Football Teams & the 1938 Eminence High School Junior Class Officers.

Page 25 contains a photo of Thomas Blackaby of Eminence . Also his daughter, Lena Blackaby Constantine.

Page 25 contains two photos of Lena Constantine and grandchildren.

Page 26 contains a photo of Lena Blackaby Constantine and her grandchildren

Page 27 contains photos of Wanda & Mac McCarty & Mac McCarty

Page 29 contains a photo of the 1936 Eminence Senior Class

Page 30 contains a photo of William Smoot and sister, Julia Ann Smoot Raisor, 1929-30, Port Royal Elementary School & Old Store at Drennon

Page 31 contains a photo of John James, also a photo of his gravestone 

Page 32 contains unknown Henry countians. Any help identifying these folks would be appreciated!

Page 33 contains photos of George & Sarah Johnston Montfort, James & Elizabeth Pyles Vories and Pve. George Drane Montfort, Jr.

Page 34 contains photos of Nathaniel & Katherine Vories Johnston, Owen Montfort and Francis & James Vories.

Page 35 contains photos of John Calvin Montfort, Sarah Johnston Montfort & James Vories.

Page 36 contains photos of Benjamin Montfort and two family reunions.

Page 37 contains photos of the Bethlehem Methodist Church, James General store & Kelly's Grocery.

Page 38 contains photo of the Thomas M. Bruce home in New Castle, the W. C. Martinie Store & home in Port Royal and Sally Hundley Berry & Lindsey Berry.

Page 39 contains photos of the Thomas M. Bruce family.

Page 40 contains photos of Victoria Rayburn Perry Hawkins Chilton, Henry Lee Hawkins and Pearl Hundley Hawkins.

Page 41 contains photos of John T. Swafford, Gayle Donald Swafford; Maurice Lee Hawkins NEW

Page 42 contains photos of Mary Ada Hundley & Tholley Taylor, Dudley Hundley and Pearl Hundley Hawkins, Mary Jane Hawkins Hopkins & Mrs. Beverly

Page 43 contains photos of Christian Church in Port Royal, Joseph McCallister Whaley & wife, Clio Frances Robert NEW

Page 44 contains photos of the Whaley & Arnold families

Page 45 contains photos of the Whaley & Arnold families

Page 46 contains photos of the Whaley & Arnold families

Page 47 contains photos of the Whaley & Arnold families

Page 48 contains photo of Dr. Samuel Presley Oldham, Jay T. Williams and sister Ludie William Johnson  NEW