Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Bertha Oakes

Charlie O達rien

Cordie O達rien

Deloris O達rien

Eugene 添ellow O達rien

James O達rien, age 83

James O達rien*, age 23

John O達rien

Kenneth O達rien

Lelia M. O達rien

Robert O達rien

Robert O達rien

Ruth O達rien

Tom O達rien

Michael O辰onnell

Pat O奪onald

Amos Ogden

Billy Ogden

Orville T. Ogden, Jr.

Jesse O辿aver

Bruce Oldham

Edith Oldham

Bro. Richard Oldham

Zetta Oldham

Geneva Roberts Oliver

Leslie Oliver

Lew Oliver

Orbin Olsen

Adelyn O誰an

Bessie O誰an

Cecil O誰an

E. O誰an

Grace B. Downey O'Nan

Lewis O誰an

Ollie O誰an

Dr. Martha O誰an

Betty Oliver

Lew Carroll Oliver

Jessie Orem

Joseph Orem

Laura Orem

Mary R. Orem

Moses C. Orem 

William Oscar 展. O. Orem

Anna Ort

Ginger Ortega

Joseph Mason 笛oe Ott, Sr.

Donnie Owen

Emma H. Owen

James Owen

James William Owen

George H. Owens

Glenn Owens, Jr.

Glenn Owens, Sr.

Jeff Owens

Marrietta Owens

Marvin Owens

Nelson 笛unior Owens

Gary Owsley